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The feeling of fuck yes is unmistakeable, it’s a sensation which you INSTANTLY recognise and know, which lights and expands and fuels and elevates you in a way that simply can’t be FAKED, and if you’re not feeling it through every part of who you’re being and what you’re right now allowing in?

Then girl you on track to somebody else’s dream maybe but sure as heck not YOURS.

Let’s get real here:

NONE of what you’re chasing is the outcome you think it is.

You allow yourself to be seduced day after day by ideas of what will get you money, or already is –

Of what will get your body a little leaner or tighter, or already is –

Of what will get you attention and something resembling intimacy, or already is –

Of all of the different ways in which you can check the boxes, climb the mountain, receive critical acclaim from people you respect or think you should, get a gold fucking star for having ACHIEVED and ‘done life well’ –

And NONE of it is what you’re actually looking for anyway!

You think money is going to fix your issues of not feeling free?

You think dropping a few, or even having the hottest bod going around is going to result in you FEELING hot?

You think that having EVERYONE screaming your name and lovin’ on you, or even collecting an inner circle of pretty damn cool friends or clients or lovers is going to mean you feel SEEN, loved, heard?

You think that if you are the first and the best and the top at EVERYTHING and the whole world agrees that it will come close to fulfilling even a teeny percentage of what you’re longing for, craving, YEARNING after?


It won’t.
It won’t.
It won’t.
It won’t.

And if you continue to chase after this stuff, certain that getting there will get you somewhere INTERNALLY, then you’re even crazier than you think you are. And not in the good way. You’re so damn off the track of your purpose-driven life you don’t even know there IS a track, and you are chasing.the

No need to feel bad, it’s an easy mistake to make … and one that pretty much everyone does … but when awareness kicks in, if you don’t then do something about it, well –

I guess it’s just that when push comes to shove you choose fear over faith.

Fear over fulfilment.

And worst of all, fear over fuck yes.

Because here is what we know about what you ACTUALLY want.

You want fuck yes, in all areas.

You want to feel lit up, expanded, MORE of yourself, and free.

You want to feel like you’re floating on a cloud of awesome, fuck that you ARE the damn cloud of awesome!

You want to feel giggly and playful and as though you’re dancing with life itself.

You want to be dropped so damn deep into the truest essence of you and your divine feminine or masculine, so deep in that there was never even a QUESTION that you were being all of you.

You want to feel CERTAIN.

You want to feel SAFE.

You want to feel HELD.

You want to feel seen, and known, and heard.

You want to feel as though life itself has your back and you’re just along for the ride; all you need to do is be you and that everything, EVERYTHING, is just.fucking.perfect.

And if this is all true (and I know it is) then I gotta tell you that NONE of this.

NONE of it.

Not a single little bit.

Has anything to do with:

How much money you earn, or debt you get rid of, or ‘wealth’ you build.

What shape or size your booty or any other bit of you is, and whether or not it fits what Instagram says it should.

How many people think you’re badass and awesome.

Or even how many of ’em want to be extra close to you and love on you!

It doesn’t matter how many gold stars you pin to your life chart baby if most or God forbid all of ’em came at the cost of feeling that unmistakeable feeling of FUCK YES.

The feeling which, when it shows up, makes you suddenly realise how little ANYTHING else matters and how you don’

You don’t care how much that guy wined and dined you or how ‘hot’ he was or good on paper, he didn’t make you feel like THAT.

You don’t CARE how much money that other shit made you, it didn’t light and lift and excite you like THIS.

You don’t CARE how many people thought you were the hottest shit ever, you weren’t being even a SHADOW of who you were really!

All those years fighting to get your body to look right in God knows whose eyes but yet never actually loving her or allowing her to breathe, to even BE.

All that time spent fighting so hard to build a business but the foundation was anything BUT you.

All that time spent work work working your way to be safe with money when SAFETY –

Was not and never could be reflective of money in the bank but can ONLY be reflective of yes.

This is where I am supposed to be.

And YES.

This is who I AM supposed to be.

And YES.

This is HOW it is supposed to be.

You KNOW what I’m talking about.

And you know,
where right now,
you’re saying yes to ‘fuck, MAYBE’
and trying to pass it off as fuck yes.

I’m not talking about the areas where it is WILDLY obvious you’re off track (although sure, I’d probably do something about them as well!!), I’m talking about the ones where you are, in theory, close enough to the track that you can almost ALMOST convince yourself that you’re on it.

Where you’ve done a damn good job at calling in or creating or allowing or believing and showing you can have ‘it’, but what you’ve actually created or allowed is a shadow of what you really dream of.

And maybe it’s been so long since you felt true butterflies, true OMG, true how could I not, true FUCK yes, that you’ve nearly forgotten.

And you nearly believe your own bullshit.

The thing is though,

even when we close our eyes real tight and squeeze everything and wish upon a star that we’re creating the right life and list out 1000 things that prove we are –

If we’re not?

We know we’re not.

And that’s just how it is.

There ain’t no lying to soul baby, and there NEVER WAS.

So maybe you’re scared that you can’t have what you really want, that life couldn’t be so good, that YOU couldn’t get there, be that person, have it like that; I get it.

But aren’t you more scared that it was always there the whole entire time waiting for you –

That all you had to do was say no to anything that’s not that –

And that you’ll end your life knowing you never even really tried?

The truth is you know it’s there, and you’ve always known.

And as for when you’ll see it?

When you refuse to see anything else.

Stop trying to pass ‘fuck, maybe’ off as fuck yes. It does NOT look good on you.


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