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I nearly missed my flight to the US this morning, came ‘that close’ by just a whisker. Maybe a sliver of a whisker! Not because I was late to the airport, but because when I updated my passport last year it didn’t occur to me that my ESTA (US visa) would also need updating. I got to the airport well early, took my time moseying up to the check-in counter, and then as I got there – freeze-frame! Or whatever the live person version of that is! It hit me! Was my visa up to date? The lady quickly checked and farrrrkkkkk …


It was not.

Which means you are not allowed on the plane. Panic stations! All systems red alert! Go go go go goooooooooo! Well, I had a moment of that before quickly resetting myself because, really, what can you do?

As with all things, it is what it is and that’s all it is, so check in on what action you can take, if any, and then hand it over.

I walked briskly to the Flight Centre to get them to do a speed application for me, knowing full well though that the stated wait time for approval is up to 72 hours. I had … less than one of those hours to get it done in.


But also, oh well! Already in my mind I was envisioning myself of COURSE being on the plane, whilst at the same time surrendering, handing it over, and thinking of how fabulous the day would be in Brisbane city if it didn’t pan out. I’d get a room at the W, walk along the river, go to the gym and spa and then fly out the next morning no doubt! Not ideal as that would leave me less than a full day in the US before beginning my Inner Circle client retreat, but again – oh well. *shrug*, right? No point melting down over shit. And I realised I was truly more than fine with either option, while at the same time I was DECIDING that it would somehow just magically manifest and work.

After the guy lodged the application, I went to the bathroom and then came back to wait and started refreshing my phone obsessively to check the application.

“Stop that”, I said to myself almost right away.

“He already told you he will refresh for you, firstly (of course; all men always love to take care of me and help me), and secondly – how TF will it help you doing that? If anything it’s contractive energy which will push what you want away from you!”

I stopped refreshing, handed it over again (the situation, not my phone lol), answered a client message, and then posted a small note in my Purpose Passion Flow Academy members group asking for prayer. I then text my best friend Kelly, popped back in the members group and read the swift prayer responses which had come through, started to reply back to Kelly about how long it’s ‘supposed’ to take for the visa to process and before I could even finish the text?

“Katrina?! Your application just got approved!”

It took about 12 minutes. And it came through literally within 2 minutes after I let it go, and asked for and also received prayer.

As I walked (okay hustled lol, it was nearly close of check-in time!) back to the counter, I couldn’t help but think to myself, I lead a blessed life.

The truth is I didn’t doubt for a second it would magically work for me. I was fine with it not, as I said, because what point is there in NOT being fine with what is, and besides – allowing what is to be is what also allows you to springboard into something else! Can’t very well go someplace else if you refuse to be here! But yeah – I didn’t doubt it. I saw myself on the plane. I knew it would be fine. Because things ALWAYS work for me. And I lead a blessed life.

Hehe, just as I typed that my wine arrived to my suite here on my flight. Yes, thank you, more receiving, always!

Something which it took me a while to learn, to even be aware of, let alone to employ as an internal compass of sorts, is that you really do get to choose whether or not everything is always working out for you, and your expectations WILL dictate your reality.

Not just in the sense that you truly will shift space and time, bend the world to your will, and in a very practical sense you will see outcomes occur that other people just do NOT expect and do not GET.

Money will rain down upon you, show up in rivers and rivers, out of nowhere.

Your body can shift to what you desire in a day, or less even. (Amanda Frances bears witness to the fact that I am more than capable of walking in to the gym bloated and puffy as fuck after a night of indulgence and then walking out 22 minutes later with RIPPED abs and fully 2 sizes smaller. She watched me do it, AND we took photos! Also I didn’t even sweat that day so it wasn’t from that. PS this is not a one off thing).

You can snap your fingers and call in the EXACT person or people you were desiring to have in your space even if prior to that it felt like there were NO good clients / friends / men / etc.

You can turn your sales on a dime and see your program sell out when it was dive-bombing.

And you can sure as shit manifest your way out of any sort of sticky or unfortunate situation life throws at you, just by DECIDING how things have to be for you, and then handing it over.

You will ALWAYS get what you are available for, and what you ‘have’ to have. Wanna change your life? Simple, change your baseline expectations of what MUST be.

But yes, or no, it’s NOT just because of the actual physical outcomes this belief system will create. It’s also because you have decided, in choosing to demand and expect of life in this way (demand in the ONLY expansive and positive sense, you understand!) that NO MATTER WHAT, IT IS ALWAYS WORKING OUT FOR YOU.

Would I have failed to write this blog of celebration, had my visa not come through? Would I have trundled off to the W in Brisbane to wait for the next flight feeling deflated, upset, worried, or as though life hates me and is trying to mess with me? Would I have gone into a spiral around all the extra pressure it would have put on me once I arrive in LA, with minimal time to recalibrate before hosting my client retreat?


Very simply, no.

I would most likely have felt annoyance, frustration, worry for a second for sure. I’m still human! But, because of what kind of human I’ve chosen to be and how I’ve trained and conditioned my mindset, and what I just know about how life WORKS, I would have reframed it in a heartbeat.

“Wow!”, I probably would have thought. “How interesting! I wonder why I wasn’t meant to be on that flight? What awesomeness is waiting for me in Brisbane today? Maybe I just needed a day of reflection alone with myself before I leave!”

And then I would have gone INTO that day and no doubt written something inspired for you about THAT!

Because everything is ALWAYS working for me and I lead a blessed life, so I trust that no matter what happens it is precisely what was meant to happen and so I accept and begin to enjoy the blessing instantly. Even when I can’t yet see it! I await it with curiosity and gratitude.

What you have to understand, and what I suggest you develop a practice around, is that gratitude, positivity, calm, and an expectation of ONLY receiving blessings and abundance; all these things are not something you have if you feel life served it up or proved it to you, they are things you CHOOSE.

You see what you’re looking for! And you WILL see it.

I used to be one of the most stressy and ‘woe is me’ type people ever. I felt like things were constantly going wrong, or ‘against’ me. And so they were! Have you ever met someone like that? Have you BEEN that person? Gosh! A person like that is exhausting to be around. Well, I guess if you chose to be around ’em you’d also wanna choose that it is for your benefit, and a blessing. A growth opportunity, no doubt! Haha. Mostly I’d choose NOT to be around them though. And in the end I became conscious enough to notice and then choose not to be around MYSELF like that anymore.

And so I opted out. And I subscribed to a new way of thinking, one in which everything is always working out for me, for my greater good and the good of others. (It’s definitely for the greater good of LA that I am coming when I’m meant to come, #obviously! My energy shifts people).

Maybe you look at a woman like me, when you come across one, when you observe me perhaps, or my clients, my friends, and others who also have remembered what and who they always were, and you feel jealous –

Or frustrated –

Or as though it’s not fair.

Why does SHE have such great clients / income flow / abundance and receiving in all areas / abs / happiness / hair?!

But maybe we look at you and wonder –

Why doesn’t she get she’s choosing all of this? How can she not see how easy it would be to just re-write the codes, and have life ONLY work FOR her?

Honestly, that’s if we even notice you at all.

Because mainly? The better it gets the better it just keeps on getting, and part of this of course is you learn to only attract in those who get this, and live accordingly.

I trust that if you’re reading this, then actually THAT is you.

So, let’s shout it to the heavens then – !


It’s JUST how it is.

Everything is always working out for me, and good things ONLY come my way!

And then?

Get to looking around with wide-eyed curiosity and glee.

Your gifts and magic are waiting for you, and everything you always wanted? Was always right there in the wings. Just gotta keep thanking it for showing up.

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