I’ve always made the most money, and had the best damn time doing it, when I was entirely NOT thinking about the outcome and instead?

Just doing what I darn well pleased.

I remember one time in Bali (that one time … lol … there were about 89 times like this in Bali, actually!) when I’d come off the back of a strategy-orientated trip to the US, and had somehow agreed to launch NOTHING NEW FOR 90 DAYS AFTER.

It was a great plan … concocted with one of the GREATS of marketing; a revered mentor … and it ‘made sense’. Instead of continual new stuff, I would go all in on the thing that had made the highest impact and income for me over time, and which I also loved to do!

I mean … where is the problem with THAT?!

Well, 10 days post said meeting I sat in my villa in Bali feeling plain SORRY for myself. I know. Poor little internet rich girl, butlers at the ready and the best surrounds a girl could want, and just feeling – BLEUGH.

When I left the US I was committed to the plan, excited about it, and I really believed I could do it. ‘Please God, let me reign myself in for the first time in 10+ years and STOP MAKING NEW SHIT FOR THE INTERNET.’

It was time to settle down. Right?!

Except, well, – hmm.

As I said 3 months later when I returned to the US to report back –

“it just made me so SAD. I was becoming grumpy Kat. Everything felt devoid of hope and, well, me”.

“Well, I get it”, he said. “NOBODY likes grumpy Kat”.

True words ^

And the thing is … meanwhile … I had once again done the ‘impossible’ (if you’re talking standard internet marketing rules), and I had made a MOTHER truckload of money whirring and twirling and just being in the dance of being me and ABSOLUTELY making and launching new stuff. A TON of it. Starting with a bubbling up that day in Bali which became so strong I could by sundown no longer ignore it and I almost tore pages off of my DIGITAL journal writing the offer up. Before immediately throwing it out to the world using a paypal link (to hide it from my team, duh) and launching live from the back of a Bali cab on the way to Finns. IYKYK.

I made 50k from that offer in the next 5 days.

I made several MILLION off of the back of it in the months that followed.

I absolutely did NOT, and indeed some years later have STILL not, consistently just ‘go all in’ with the one offer that had produced the most income in my biz.

Side note: that one thing nonetheless produces like a MOFO to this day, STILL with minimal to no promotion. It sells itself, ALWAYS off of the back of me just being me and rocking my Kat energy. Can you guess what it is?!

Now here’s the thing with the ‘one’ thing approach.

Which my afore-mentioned dear mentor and friend does ultimately back me in, even though I’ve oft been a true make-you-tear-your-hair-out client, refusing to follow through on things I earnestly in a moment believed I would. And I’ve taught this for years –

The one thing?

It is and only ever was or COULD be you just being you. But ALL of you.

As I journaled this morning, asking myself ‘where is your heart right now, Kat?’, almost INSTANTANEOUSLY the message came through loud and clear, smacking me in the face:

My heart wants to be where it always has wanted to be. Since I was a little girl hiding in the bushes and spying on the neighbours, dreaming up ideas in my journal (+ taking notes Harriet style obvs), or hiding in the bushes at school reading and imagining.

I want to write. Speak. Create. Show up. And know I am doing GOOD in the world, the good of being ME though.

I want to have fun with it all.

Be in a happy lit up creative vibe of making things. Be doing what I am meant, SOUL meant, to do each day.

And most of all?

I want to access, daily, continually, perpetually, as a way of BEING, the fuck yes flow and certainty of me.

The thing with going all in on biz-niz things … on good or even great ideas … is that if it requires you to turn away from the fuck yes flow and certainty of you being fully caught up in YOU?

It’s never gonna be anything except a hard fucking fail.

The thing with that is …

It is ALWAYS as simple and as true as this:

Go all in on being YOU.