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Success Mindset


The thing or things that will sell, call your people to action, enable you to start a revolution, if you like, or simply get some pretty new pennies in your bank and a feeling of yes! I’m finally DOING the damn thing, I am IN this bitch, wow, is this –

YOU being turned on by the whole thang.

Whatever gets you high right now.

Whatever fills your cup right now.

Whatever lights you up right now.


It’s also not the worst way to live your life.

Following that inner flow, that inner fire, that inner fuck yes, that inner gold, that trail of soul-led breadcrumbs within, which, up til now, you’ve just been ignoring ignoring ignoring, pushing down or away, making little moves towards now and then, when you have time, like a leftover sort of a thing, but really –

not so much.

I mean –

What were you actually planning? That you’d keep on following that hum-drum path sort of a thing you’ve got going on? Morosely woe-is-me-ing your way through life? A half smile on your face which you sometimes force bigger, but it never meets your eyes,

they never light up,

we never REALLY see you sparkle with that irresistable YOU-ness we so long to see.

The thing that’s CRRRRRRAAAZZZZZY is, the sparkle is always there, it’s always available, there is always a way in which you can be so.freaking’.high.on.YOU right now,

and let the world feel and see that.

There’s something you’re drawn to, and yet you keep saying no …

There’s something fun to play with, and yet you don’t have time …

There’s some little nudge within about what would be cool, or funny, or fancy, or silly, and you say –

not yet.

Why? I don’t know why!

Perhaps you legitimately think this stuff has nothing to do with business, and that you gots to be SERIOUS right now.

Perhaps you’re worried about looking foolish, immature, you feel self-conscious, wouldn’t want people to think … things.

Perhaps you believe there’s a time and a place, and you don’t get that, in this day and age more than ever before, no matter your brand or company, whether it’s a personal brand or a big ass important product or service that’s ‘not about you’, PEOPLE STILL RESPOND TO REAL.

People respond to and indeed CRAVE – people.

Real, whole, messy, interesting, dynamic, diverse, yes even ‘all over the place’ people.

And more still than all of that – people respond to people or things which are lit up with that magnetic inner fire we all have sought, longed for, craved, almost desperately, since we first arrived on earth.

We’ve all just been searching for God the whole entire thing.

And for anything that REFLECTS God back to us.

Your boring ass join the dots ‘but I did it right and followed the PLAN’ marketing does not reflect God back to us.

You being an Important and Serious Person Who Teaches the Things does not reflect God back to us.

Your company or brand being all about product quality and delivery and that is it does not reflect God back to us.

Wanna know what reflects God back to us?


Which can (and should) obviously change pretty continually in some way shape or form, because guess what?

This ain’t no one-step two-step sort of a thing, this dance with God and soul and life.

It’s ever changing.

Ever shifting.

Ever moving in this direction or that.

Ever unfolding into ever deeper layers, levels, mystical what-not.


aren’t you?

Why are you taking the things which would most result in you feeling ALIVE right now, most YOU right now, most HIGH ON FIRE AND GOLD AND GOD AND LIFE right now,

yep –

even the silly, the random, the all over the place,

(let’s just remember that people is gonna think things regardless, yeah?!)

and why aren’t you just saying YES to them.

Do you actually believe that you can’t produce the work you need or want to if you get distracted by … um … your LIFE?!

When will you understand that saying yes to whatever life is guiding you to is what will GIVE you life,



creative flow,

and even,


Look –

the ONLY possible reason you could reasonably be concerned that handing yourself over to that inner flow would be a bad idea is if your foundation is planted in bullshit.

If you’ve grounded yourself on the values and ideals of the world,

or some sort of fear-led NON-God and soul connected version of you.

So by all means,

if that’s a concern,


(and don’t forget to draw breath now and then, but probably less often than you think you need ;))

But then,

or even at the same time – !

Relax baby! TRUST! Choose that you can let go,

that you can trust yourself not only to make the right important decisions or moves but to make ANY and ALL moves.

The whole entire point of saying yes to God,

to soul,

to life,

aside from eternal life,

is that you get to live life free now.

And that indeed this is the thing which will unlock everything you’ve been waiting for and which still seems OH so far away,


or hard.

And yet there you are,

Sooner or later you’re going to need to acknowledge that you’ve been giving your life looking for a magic access pass that you’ve been holding the whole time.

Make it sooner.

Make it now.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


🔥🔥 FIRED UP & FINANCIALLY READY TO EXPLODE is here! Eeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk and a HALF! I have not been this, well, FIRED UP & READY TO EXPLODE in a LONG while.

You know when something just comes through you?

And it’s HOLY FREAKING FLOW YES and all the things?

And you FEEL the fire and the gold and the energy and the NOW?


this is that.


I’m so proud to invite you in to this brand new course with me! I will be teaching this in a LIVE Facebook group with twice weekly livestream trainings (+ more!) – something I have not done in a very long while.

When you say yes to soul-

life says yes to you.

Fired up and Financially Ready to Explode is the NEXT level wealth and mindset strategy for the already successful woman who is done playing small!

Here’s the thing –

There are very clear reasons why you never quite get to that FULL inhale-exhale state of money freedom, even as your income and lifestyle goes up.

You can bet your sweet ass we gonna talk about those reasons. Understand them. And learn how to roll with them. BECAUSE YOU GET TO BE ABLE TO BREATHE FULLY BEING YOU.

And OMG. So much more. And a LOT of it comes down to understanding that the MONEY WORKS FOR YOU WHEN YOU UNDERSTAND HOW TO ROLL WITH YOUR OWN CHANGING NEEDS.

And? That there are a million freakin’ ways to make money and there is ALWAYS money there that gets to come from flow. So for women like us … one of the biggest FOOLHARDY AF things we can do .. is try to make our business flow respond to things we think should work, things that did work, things that are working for others, etc!

What we need instead is simple:

A clear freaking understanding of where today’s money is at. This week’s. This months. The long-terms. And how to do it all in a way where true wealth growth becomes automated and inherent to who you are. Where you can breathe fully in your creative needs each day. AND, where it’s ALL fun and yes whilst making a crazy impact on those you want to help!

In short?


And that’s what we’re gonna do here:


– Next Level Wealth Mindset & Strategy for the Already Successful Woman Who is Done Playing Small –

We begin Thursday Feb 18th, US time.

30 days together.

Bi-weekly livestream trainings in our closed Facebook group. (Yes! I have not done this in absolutely AGES!)

Q&A sessions after each live training (times will vary to account for the multitude of timezones, all sessions recorded)

Daily conversation and asskickery and added learning in the Facebook group (I can’t wait!)

Journal prompts + homework to follow each training

Complete understanding of the different ways money should be coming in, covering over 30 different considerations for where money comes from and why it’s NOT coming in when it’s not!

Tailored to you pathway for understanding your blocks, setbacks, why you would NOT want what you say you want, and exactly where the biggest ‘bang for your buck’ moves are to be made in order to open up receiving.

Tailored to you pathway for understanding how to flow with the above based on your changing needs, energies, goals, and desires!

I’m teaching you exactly how I always know how to roll with my OWN ebbs and flows, and the exact way that I do that. This is why it’s tailored! I teach you how to design the process for YOU, and how to always know when things need adjusting or fine-tuning

Here is my all in all purpose and intent for you with this brand new course:

1) You understand how to get money to show up from you via automated and systematic ‘cash machine’ sources, in a way that is fully aligned and flow yes for you and your brand AND your peeps

2) You understand how to roll with the day to day living breathing moving changing multi-passionate VIBE of the thing, namely how to pluck down money from the great beyond like the supernatural badass you are DEPENDING ON WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE AND WHAT IT IS YOU NEED TO BE DIALED IN AND SWITCHED ON THAT DAY. Etc.

I can’t wait to spend these 30 days with you! We begin We begin Thursday Feb 18th, US time.

This? Is the fire and gold and holy freakin’ rainfall you’ve been waiting for. LET’S GO.


The pre-work is hands on and practical AF! 🔥 Join today and receive immediate access to a 1 hour+ previously private client only audio I recorded on the 11 Ways We Make More Money Consistently in my company. You can implement all of this now, it’s one of the most powerful trainings I ever recorded.


I’ve included a Join Today Bonus!

Every day up til our start date I will be emailing out a photo of my journaling from that day, and an insight into why / what I journaled, plus a prompt or three for you. This is a join today bonus on TOP of the pre-work! Fun!

Psssst there are other badass bonuses as well. But you’ll have to read the page to see 😉