“It’s always just going to be the thing that you wish it could be.”

^^ I said this to a client of mine last night during a conversation about what she’s calling in to creation in her business. What she WANTS it to be, as opposed to, well –

what she thinks it has to be.

As I said it, I came to a sudden internal stop because I started to think about my relationship. My upcoming re-marriage to my ex-husband.

In the 5+ years we were apart I existed at every point on the spectrum from “I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!” to “could we / would we ever”, but one thing I remember coming back to again and again, every so often, and it would never fully go away, is that I would find myself thinking –

“I just wish. I just wish there were some way it COULD have worked”.

And then I would shake my head, wipe away a tear, feel the heavy sadness in my heart and get back to what I was doing, back to trying to convince myself again into whatever half-hearted maybe dating situation I had going on, or even the more maybe serious ones.

I don’t think a single friend of mine who also had split from their spouse or co-parent EVER related to my thoughts of “I wish there COULD be”. Quite the opposite, they were horrified when I expressed this. “No way would I EVER!”

What’s funny is … it’s not as though I walked around wishing we could get back together, because I GENUINELY believed we had screwed it up beyond un-screwing.

“The only way this could ever work would be a straight up miracle of God”, I said.

But I didn’t really believe that would happen, at least not on the surface of things.

So no. I wasn’t WANTING, and I certainly wasn’t TRYING. But,

I was wishing. In some part of me. That what I believed already WAS done could have played out a different way.

Once or twice I got so ANGRY about it. “This wasn’t how it was meant to go!”

“But, it just is”.


As I mentored my client last night on one of the things I so DEEPLY know to be true, that what gets to come to life for you if only you’ll claim it, hand it over, tether or anchor it in and then refuse to be available for anything else and also surrender the HOW,

is always in the end THE THING YOU JUST WISH IT COULD BE,

I found myself dumbstruck.

In this whole time of our RE-coupling, getting engaged again, now on the precipice of our second wedding to each other, it never hit me that, once again, it WAS just ‘the thing I wished it could be’.

Even though I didn’t act on it,

nor actively claim it!

But on some level, I obviously did tether it in and the miracle I kept wondering about did happen. A gradual adjustment, the way it always goes in the end, because I EXPECT it to, in all areas of my life, back.to.soul.

To God’s will.

To truth.

And it just got me eyes-wide-open EXCITED, you know. About everything ELSE in my life – and yours! – that is being WISHED for, maybe with sadness or ‘that wouldn’t work’, that is actually THE thing.

With Enzo and I, I didn’t really directly claim it but I absolutely was on some level open for it. Open, whilst largely disbelieving, because there were just too many reasons why not and I had NO idea how!

But God doesn’t care about your reasons why not, and He doesn’t need your how.

He just needs that opening.

In business I’ve seen again and again that when I also lean INTO that opening and say, “you know what? I WILL say yes to ‘the thing I just wish it could be'”, I automatically then start dialling myself into the receiving of or BECOMING of that thing.

There is not a single part of what I’ve created or received which is epic and aligned which came from a place of SHOULD.

EVERYTHING wonderful I have or am was at some point just – the thing I wished it could be.

You’re always going to have an idea of what you think it – your marketing, your offers, your entire business, your entire life – has to be, and your mind will fight hard to retain and prove that reality.

Why? Simple neurological pathways shit. A road already traveled is easier to travel, than what it would be to create and travel a new and unchartered terrain. Ergo, a belief system already established is easier to keep believing than what it is to create a new belief system and then live into that.


in actual fact that has absolutely sweet FA to do with whether or not the idea of what you think is true or real IS indeed true or real, beyond the truth and realness that YOU keep feeding it with.

Which means –

the thing you think it CAN’T be, but wish it just COULD be, is in ACTUAL (certain!) fact not at ALL difficult or tricky, it’s just … not established.

Not established in a physically manifested sense,

and not established in an energetic / belief system sense.


what do you just WISH it could be?


for how much longer you wanna keep on trying to tell yourself it has to be something else?


at any point you could just give in. Admit. And OWN –

You know what? I actually just wish it could be this. AND THAT MEANS IT CAN JUST BE THIS.