Success Mindset


Isn’t it time to admit that you don’t actually give a fuck, not even a single tiny little one, about making money, getting followers, proving that you’ve ‘made it’?

Maybe you THINK you want this stuff … who wouldn’t, right? And I’m not trying to say you DON’T want it, wouldn’t say yes, of course, if it came along presented to you on a silver platter. That’d just be rude

I’m saying –

On a fundamental level –

You don’t CARE.

You also don’t NEED.

And, even though sure, in THEORY you still WANT … actually that’s not quite true at all.

Not if the WANTING and the waiting for the want to be fulfilled, is deflecting your focus from what you ACTUALLY care about.

Try this experiment with me –

Say aloud, or write out, the following, or some version of it that perhaps YOU have thrown around in your journal or your head –

“I make millions and millions of dollars each year just for being me. I am building a multi-hundred million dollar empire! Millions of people follow me on social media. I am famous, known, influential!”

I mean … yay, right? Nothing WRONG with any of that. Maybe it does feel really good; maybe it even feels (as it does for me, these exact things) like DESTINY, and part of what is absofuckinglutely going to happen.

And yet …

Isn’t there something kind of EMPTY about it?

I dunno; maybe that’s just me? Maybe this shit IS the end goal for some people, right?

When I make millions I’m successful!

Well, actually, I did that / do that already, and it IS freaking awesome. No complaints!

But did it fill any HOLES that weren’t being attended to before I was doing it? In an indirect sense, actually yes – because HOW I got to where my biz makes multi 7-figures each year was by following and surrendering to my purpose work.

So, maybe I figured it out

But when I look to the future –

When I write about going BIGGER –

When I focus on ‘calling in’ that next level income, following, fame –

Something inside of me REMINDS me – and thank goodness for THIS! –

‘No Kat. It’s not that. YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT THAT.’

Immediately I had a powerful recognition of the truth which I, like anybody, sometimes put aside:

When I do the ACTUAL shit I care about, all in though, like ALL in, then, firstly, the money / fame etc follows, but also – I DON’T NEED IT.

I never needed it anyway …

NONE of us did.

Think about it –

The money and the power shit, it REPRESENTS something. Maybe safety, maybe security, maybe some kind of measurement of self-worth, maybe freedom, maybe fulfilment, who knows?

But, for sure, whatever it is you ACTUALLY want from making millions, impacting millions, changing the world, is actually something that MONEY CAN’T GIVE YOU.

It’s AWESOME to have a lot of money. I love it. My red-bottomed shoe wardrobe is representing with the best of them!





Actually, those are things I can give myself right here in this MOMENT; even if I had NOTHING!

To add to that though, the activities or ‘accomplishments’ that would be reflective of those things in a REAL way, not just a mostly egoic way, like ‘yay, I make this much money therefore I must be cool and worthy’ … (doh) … the shit that actually fills me up and allows me to BREATHE, well –


It’s not gonna be making more money and building more reach.

This morning I found myself writing –

‘Hmmm … what do I ACTUALLY care about?’

I didn’t in fact answer it yet, as then this post began to come through.

But, let’s answer it right here. You and I together!

Here is what I care about, and these are the actual things I direct my energy and attention to; seek to align myself to each day. Asking a question like the above one is not exactly a new thing for me to do. Every DAY I ask myself questions which guide me back to my soul, to purpose, to truth, to me.

And here is what I find I truly desire, here are some of the things –

I want to feel lit up from within.

I want to feel CHARGED with superflow.

I want to feel excited, bubbling over with joy and energy!

I want to feel PROUD of myself.

I want to KNOW I am getting my true work out into the world, letting my message and my art be the driving force, getting the fuck out of my own way and showing up for what’s coming through me. I want to know, each night when my head hits the pillow, that I DID what I fucking CAME here to do; that I let ALL of it out.

I want to feel connected to flow, to God, to source, to soul, to self.

I want to FOLLOW flow, in terms of how I spend my time.

I want to unleash.

And unleash.

And unleash.

EVERYTHING that’s inside of me, as and when it comes to me also; no pause or ‘should I’, or ‘not now’.

I want to feel proud of myself as a Mum.

I want to feel connected to my body.

I want to feel connected to nature, and the earth.

I want to BE in each moment, and I want to BE in me.

I want to feel and know I am deeply loved, I want to be IN love, swimming in it, just inside of me, and yes, I also want to be IN love and receiving that.

I want to draw on what’s inside of me for everything I need, because where else would I actually find it?

I want to inspire and empower and impact others to press play, to live according to their values, to live the life they DREAM of … so yes, impact millions … but you see how that comes as a RESULT of me being me, doing me, showing UP, for me …

What else?

I want to write so.many.books. I want a book empire. I want to start publishing a new book every few weeks again.

I want my books on book shelves.

I want to create EPIC viral video content.

I want The Katrina Ruth Show watched by millions.

I want a badass fashion and accessory line, journals, other cool swag.

I want to be on the best entertainment shows in the world.

I want to be in A list movies.

I want to be known as one of the most influential and entertaining people in the world.

I WILL make hundreds of millions of dollars per year …


The thing is, like I said at the start, it’s not that we don’t WANT the mo-ney and glory.

It’s that we have to remind ourselves of where that will COME from, and what it is we ACTUALLY care about.

It’s a simple matter of putting first things first, that’s all.

When I connect back to my truth and to what it’s really all about for me, I get excited, lit up, CHARGED with confidence, creative power, energy – all the qualities I need, actually, in order to then go out there and DO my damn LIFE!

And I remind myself that the growth shit in income and impact, that also is a simple matter of PUTTING FIRST THINGS FIRST.

The thing is, when I write a list of goals and desires like above, when I connect to my soul and what it LONGS for, it’s mostly stuff I already have and have already created / allowed.

But the bits that are not yet real in a ‘physical’ sense, I know that they will only come when I DO WHAT MATTERS.

What’s also interesting … or not really, actually! … is that when I look at the energy and emotions I want to be living in every day, and then I ask myself ‘what would I need to be doing today, in order to feel that’, it’s very obvious –






Follow FLOW, and soul guidance

Funnily enough … or not … these are also the exact things which have allowed me to build the empire I currently have, and which I know will allow me to CONTINUE to grow.

It’s so easy to be distracted by cool goals, to turn your focus to how much money you want or think you NEED, to get side-tracked from PURPOSE by worrying about how many fucking likes you got.

It is so DANGEROUS, to do that.

By definition, if you’re focused on money and fame, you are NOT focused on purpose, soul, truth. And, you’re being inefficent and kinda stupid, since the money shit will FOLLOW the purpose stuff.

For me, one of my most powerful daily practices, is to ask myself –

What would I actually be doing, if I already had it all?

Part of that practice, in order to get to where I am, and I know in order to continue to level up, is to also put aside the fear which rises up and causes us to be THROWN off path.

Your mind wants to scream at you – ‘what about this, or that, you have to, you should, if you want to, HURRY UP!’

But, how life WORKS, is that there is NEVER anything you need to DO, in order to achieve a thing or get anywhere.

Yet there is always action to take.

If you can be disciplined enough to turn your mind daily in to what ACTUALLY matters, to you, and to then choose how you flow into each moment based on that, I promise you, guided by SOUL and by FAITH, and FUCK what fear or so-called reason has to say about it –

Not only will you be and do and have EVERYTHING you ever dreamed of, but actually?

You’ll find you already do.