Success/Success Mindset


Why shouldn’t you be superhuman? Why shouldn’t you say yes to being the most superhuman superwoman superbadass super EVERYTHING the world has every seen?

Why SHOULDN’T you be able to have it all,

with bells on,

while being hot as FUCK,

superhumanin the most a-may-zing shape ever,

and OH –

she got brains too.

#hotnerdsunite as one of my besties would say.

Why SHOULDN’T you literally be the smartest,




happy and joy-filled and also loving, giving, serving –

person the world has ever known?!

Who or what you gon’ be filled up with if not YOU?

I don’t mean you ahead of God. Obvs. Filled up with GOD and you planted IN that. In Him.

Full of yourself > owning your ALLness. All that you came here to do. Be. Have. Create. Say yes to. And unleash.

And why SHOULDN’T you be such a ridic high achiever that it is OUTRAGEOUS. Offensive. DISAPPROVAL making. And yeah – IRRITATING. To those who just don’t GET it.

That a person – ESPECIALLY a woman – should be rich. Hot. Doing work that is of massive service and value. Kind. Intelligent as ALL get out. Loving. Funny. Caring. Community minded. Learned. Accomplished. Inspiring. Silly. Irreverent. A successful investor. Fingers in multiple projects. Building multiple businesses. A great parent. Wife. Partner. Friend. Godly. Etc. It’s too much!

But why?

I look around at my own life,

who I am,

what I’ve said yes to,

leaned into,


and become

what I do, and continue to do

The fact that my friends and clients are all on this same path of ‘of COURSE I get to have it all’.

And I am SO freaking aware at times, of how … TRIGGERING this is. How audacious.

Sometimes I even find it ‘too much’. Have I really created all this? Done all this? Become all this? PLUS all the other behind the scenes things? Sometimes I wouldn’t even want to list it all out to my SELF let alone you, because it would push up against my OWN stuff about being the ‘too much woman’.

I lay in yoga class yesterday,

in savasana, at the end

Glanced in the side mirror next to me,

and thought –

Well. It IS a lot.

Multiple 8-figure coaching business. Multiple 6-figure restaurant … s. Property empire. Investment empire. Product brand. Incredible warehouse office spaced which just about makes me squeal with joy daily. NFT collection creator. About to be on the board of a billion $ company. New TV show ‘supercoach’. (Shh). 60 books published. Incredible team. Able to give so much financially and otherwise. Sponsor. Studying to be a quantum physicist. In fantastic shape. And the most important of all – God. Husband. Kids. Friends. Family. Community.

There you go. There’s the list. SOME of it.

It’s a lot.

Who would dare? Who would think they can? Who would think they SHOULD? Who would think they COULD, without it coming at the cost of … I dunno. Normalcy?

Well …




Because it’s ‘cool’? To ‘have stuff’? To prove something? To be something?


Because it’s what you see inside of you.

Let’s NORMALIZE being superhuman.

Don’t you think?

After all –

It’s only how you were made.