Success/Success Mindset


Maybe the reason you haven’t consciously claimed the REALLY big next level things which pass through your mind, the stuff you think of and wonder about and yet can’t seem to draw a line in the sand around, is that some part of you wonders if you’re really allowed to just choose that big?

CAN YOU REALLY JUST KEEP CHOOSING MORE?Maybe some part of you wonders if you’re really allowed to just keep choosing that big.

Maybe you don’t draw a line in the sand and just GO there on that next level stuff because surely you’ve already demanded enough from life, received it or made it happen too, and, well – surely you’re about hitting the limit by now.

Maybe you don’t just decide to consciously claim the SERIOUS uplevels which pass through your mind because at some point enough has to be enough, and, well, what if you reach the bit where you decide something and – it doesn’t happen!

What if you DO choose too big, and you get thrown back down again, and it’s proven once and for all – you pushed the boundaries sister! You should have been happy with everything you’d already created! Now you’ve just gone and made things ridiculous, and so it’s only fair you be put back in your place!

Maybe you’re scared that parts of your old identity will resurface again, and patterns from the past, of sabotage, or things falling apart, or you NOT following through on what you chose, will take over!


despite everything you teach and preach, and in actual fact deep down, KNOW –

you’re worried that there is a stopping point to this whole abundance and expansion thing.

And that you’d best be careful.

Or else you’ll reach it.

And so it’s safer to stay where you are. Incremental improvements only!


You, the woman who spits pure fire and gold, the powerhouse leader, the magic-maker creator, the one who sees without eyes, and plucks dreams from the skies on REPEAT …


EVERY part of you knows that whatever you anchor in and decide?

Gets to occur. WILL result in expansion and flow and floodgates opening. WHAT ELSE COULD IT BE?

You know, that in spite of all the unspoken (and OH so common!) sub-conscious fears and limitations about reaching some kind of point where you actually decided too big …

That no such point exists.
That no matter how much you say yes to, you’re just gettin’ started.
That you can’t out dream God.
That life ALWAYS has more for you.
That the better it gets, the better it gets to get and keep on getting.
That EVERYTHING you see inside you is real, available, available now for YOU, and also?

Is a motherfucking responsibility.

It is a motherfucking responsibility for you to shine as bright as you damn well dare, and then 1000% BRIGHTER.

It is a motherfucking responsibility for you to rise and KEEP on rising.

It is a motherfucking responsibility for you to CONTINUALLY break through your own upper limits, and make it a PRACTICE to, with immediacy, say YES.

No matter how big. How crazy. How what the fuck even is that. How ‘who does she think she is?’, or ‘how dare she?’ you’re scared the response may be. No matter how much it pushes against the edges of your own previous limits. No matter how much it blows the fuck past the edges of where you thought there WOULD be a limit.

This world NEEDS you to normalize going higher, choosing more, choosing GREATER, choosing ALL that is there for you.

You cannot simultaneously believe in infinite immeasurable power magic and abundance,

and think that at some point there has to be a limit.

One thing is not energetically harder, nor better or more, than any other.

It is ONLY your conditioned mind and thinking which would tell you this.

If you already played in a world where it was normal to be superfuckingnatural and ACTUALLY have it all, and then choose again, and never stop choosing –

and you KNEW that it was as responsibility to do so, and that the more you say yes the more you open up beyond what you can even FATHOM –

and you KNEW that your YES moves mountains and will ALWAYS reveal the how,

followed by a greater flow than you’ve ever experienced before –


Babe –