Success/Success Mindset


When I am struggling in a particular area of my life, and it feels as though hope in that moment is nowhere to be found, my dramatic side perhaps coming out and insisting that things are REALLY REALLY BAD I’M STUCK AF AND WAHHHHHHH, my practice is remind myself that I can do hard things.

^^ let’s not imagine I’m this immediately conscious all the time. There’s usually a minute or three … sometimes longer … in which I am ALL about the drama and despair vibes.

But then. Inevitably. Mindset muscle memory kicks in.

And I remember:

YES WE CAN DO HARD THINGS. (Thank you @glennondoyle!)

I don’t know about you, but for me the hardest thing has never been the work I’ve done. The hills or mountains I’ve climbed. The endlessness of a vast project or journey. And certainly not the flops and failures, even though they’re usually not fun!

I think that the hardest thing we do, and which we get to give ourselves SO much acclaim for when we nail and SO much compassion for when we forget, is to be in the practice of practising being the person.

Not when it’s easy and fuck yes and of course, everything’s sailing along swimmingly and we couldn’t BE any happier or more certain,

but when it feels bleak

when we have no clue how or where or even what

when we are all but CONVINCED that this thing is not working and maybe never will

and, and this is my personal greatest hill to climb when I feel lost –

choosing to be the person who sees and acts from possibility even when we feel ZERO mofo connection to that, so much so that even attempting to practice the practice of being ‘her’ feels infuriating, out of reach, or sends our resistant mind running in avoidance.

If I feel lost and sad about something, my go to is to avoid BUILDING positivity. And instead repeatedly come back to the despair. Which is a great way to feed the despair, and so, I CHOOSE.

I choose even the smallest choice. Of turning myself in the direction of hope. Of a conscious practice. Of possibility. And bit by bit? I start to turn the damn ship.

Building a practice of practising being HER, is the fast track. You can do this to land and expand even greater with your money flow. With how you see yourself and are seen as a leader. With the overall vibe of your brand. With your body goals. With your relationship. Anywhere.

Who’s with me on this? Choose an area of your life where you’ve been giving in to flat-lining, or where you just know it’s time to rev shit up and you’ve been ‘don’t know how-ing’, and ask yourself:

What would being in the practice of practising being her look like today?

ONE thing. Another. Repeat. It’s not that fucking hard, and?

It’s okay when it feels like the hardest thing in the world.

I love you!

We’ve got this.