Of course the you who it’s now time to be lives a life which is oozing fuck yes-ery, draped in the fine threads of SOUL yes-ery, adorned with the jewels of a certain true forward path with God and with life.

Of course the you who you NOW get to be walks into her abode, her vehicle, her closet, her LIFE, and everything always just feels like – ahhhhh, and – fuck yes!

Of course the you who you’re READY to be lives in a body which is a temple of OOH yes, and lightness and strength, and flowy fluidy movement, like a sexy bendy do not fuck with me willow tree who just waltzes through the world knowing she IS the damn thing, ALWAYS, that’s all.

Of course the you who you now CHOOSE to be grows wealth like zucchinis in a planter box, just outta control fast, and fun, and awesome, and BIG. So much so that there’s just continually an overflow, for everyone!

Of course the you who you now WILL let yourself be wakes up each day, and thinks – “oh! THIS AGAIN! HOW FUCKING FABULOUS IS THIS LIFE?!”

Of course the you who you now MUST let free rocks and rolls through her day laughing, and playing, and LIVING, and breathing in the air of joy and freedom and soul, and somehow just through the very VIBE of who she is, through what flows through and from her,

work is done
gateways are opened
portals are opened
worlds are created
souls are SHIFTED
and she goes to bed each night knowing but knowing but KNOWING,

she did what she came here to do,
of course.

Of COURSE the you who it’s time to be has transcended the cute questions, and wonderments, which were helpful at some part of the journey perhaps to get her to HERE, but which she now knows have nothing to do with anything to do with the life she is choosing, saying yes to, allowing through, and now.

She’s transcended the bullshit,
realised it was never actually her JOB to worry about fallout,
and that she can simply TRUST herself to say yes to soul.

Of COURSE the you who you NOW get to be creates at the speed of LIGHT! She is a visionary, heaven sent as a messenger, a creator, an unfurler, her every exhale lays down gold!

But she knows,

it’s not HERS to concern herself with the execution so much,

and maybe not at all.

She decides the things she wants done,
chooses that they WILL be,
overrides any ridiculousness that they CAN’T be, or not yet,
lays down her law,
and assumes that the right person for the task will show up!

Or that life ITSELF will show up, and take care of the thing for her.

And so it is.

She does not hesitate on messages from soul.
Not for any reason,
no, not ever.


“When I say yes to soul,
life says yes to me.

When I say yes to soul FASTER,
life says yes to ME faster.

She has learned to not question.
Not worry about this, or about that.
And not concern herself with whether it’s all too much.

She knows –

I don’t need to slow down and breathe.
I need to wake up and LIVE!

And so she HAPPILY and MERRILY throws ball after ball after ball in the air!

Trusting that as they whirl and twirl over and above her,

the energy of her YES will cause them to be picked up, carried, created into ever new globes of fabulousness,

by the cosmos itself!

Or at the very least, the people who help her bring her visions to life.

And she knows –

I am a person whose visions come to life.
I am a person who is TASKED with saying yes to what’s inside of me.
I am a person who would be being wildly IRRESPONSIBLE,
to not just do the damn thing,
well, LET it be done,
and now.

Of course the you who you see yourself being is ready already.
For SO much more than what she has allowed.
Made possible.
Or known.

She is frustrated,
and just so done.

With saying she’s going to be such and such,
do this and that,
uplevel to THAT fuck yesery over there,
and then still not.

She is tired of circle circle circling endlessly in the same stale and somewhat grubby old pool,

the Queen of the wrong pool,

is not the life for me,

she says to herself,

as she heads off wearily for another lap.

No, she’s done with that.

She’s ready to jump right out of the fucking pool.

Plant her flag on a mountain she’d no idea even existed.

And run run RUN like the wind into the life that’s been right there ready and waiting on HER to be ready,

the whole time.

Because of course the you who you now get to be knows that anything she sees inside of her is available now,


The End.

And that all she has to do?

Be brave enough to say yes to it.

And audacious enough to burn the rest.

And of course you can do THAT.

Can you?