Your Belief Shall Cause it to Appear

I had this moment of total clarity this morning, as I sat watching my son play soccer, my thoughts loosely wandering in the background around … something. There was something I knew which had not QUITE dropped in, which I sensed God wanted me to know – and also share – around faith.

I’ve been teaching a lot on faith lately, and the practicality of growing your FINITE belief in God.

Which is something you MUST be in the Word for, as faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word. I read a great line last night which just jumped ALL the way through my soul and it said that if the Word is IN you then FAITH is in you. The Word IS faith, literally, living and breathing. So if you want to have greater faith … just get filled up on the Word! I love how sometimes you already knew something but then somebody says it in a way where you just go –

WOAH. I never QUITE thought about it like that.

Side note: if you simply pray each morning for the Lord to quicken His Spirit to you that day, you’re gonna in GENERAL have a lot more woah moments!

God has been working on my belief in a number of different ways, and in a pretty intense bootcamp-y style fashion. This makes sense to me because a) I seek Him CONTINUALLY and in all things, b) I integrate and am obedient FAST, c) I’ve been walking out my faith in some BIG areas where there are huge supernatural outcomes occurring so obvs I just get to grow even FASTER to allow this and d) I’m meant to share what He is showing me.

Day by day,
breath by breath,
bringing what He tells me in the dark into the light! Matthew 10:27 AND it is a big big part of the specific call on my life. In fact it is most of it 🙂

So I’m watching the soccer, and I’m thinking vaguely about the live I taught yesterday on IG titled Supernatural Law IS.

Meaning … apply the law.

The outcome must appear.

It has no choice!

And I’m noting the fact that hm.

There is still this small tiny sneaky part of my mind thinking, well – “we’ll see if it really works though on THAT thing”.

‘That’ thing being … two key things I’m believing for and asking the Lord by His Spirit to bring me to awareness of greater belief and EXPECTANCY around. Which He does, continually. So, small wonder it just hit me –

you’ve still been thinking of faith, and the releasing of it (believing, speaking it forth, doing so in Jesus Name, doing so only based on the desires of your heart which you found in HIM) as a somewhat kind of jackpot type situation.

Almost as though, when your faith goes up to the heavenlies, there’s a whole bunch of holes up there – like a game in an arcade or something – and if you get lucky or word it JUST right – you’ll get it in. 50 points for you! If you REALLY nail it, you’ll get the BIG win.

Idk about you, but for me I HAVE tended to more readily believe in things which *I* have made matter less in my life.

I.e. –

I’m sitting at the mall right now in the outdoor lounge area by the water fountain. I love to sit here and write, and I love the coffee brand at the cafe here. I have a particular seat I like to sit on and it is the ONLY one out of a LOT of seats. Because it’s not only a cosy couch, but it’s the only couch which has a side table for my coffee and purse.

As I walked by I said – “That seat is mine, let it stay unoccupied til I get back with my coffee in Jesus Name”.

I believe so finitely in this working – which it did and does and here I am – that I would have probably stopped still in shock if I came back and someone was sat here. The only possible explanation for that would be if it were my future husband sat here to meet me and God had put him there. In other words … a reason God knew which transcended my decree. Since everything I ask is already submitted to God, and I submit myself to Him again daily.

Or like yesterday, when somebody made a big drumroll about the fact she was going to ‘reveal’ about me on a livestream. I INSTANTLY heard “if she goes ahead I’ll turn it to good”, He then reminded me I have authority to command her efforts to wither and die in Jesus Name (which I did, meaning … whatever she does cannot harm me) and also that no weapon formed against me will prosper … I have His favour all around me like a shield … He makes an enemy of my enemies … a few other things around protection (I hope she listens to God or her biz is gonna be on the ground) … to bless her … and then He showed me a spirit of pride at play in her, which I promptly rebuked, muzzled, bound, and threw to the ground. In Jesus Name.

This morning as I was dressing after my workout I heard – “You are untouchable.”

“Thank you Lord! I am untouchable, in Jesus Name!” And I prayed in tongues for a few moments, as led.

All of this is just … done. Zero part of me feels concern for my business, or any concern at all other than concern for her right standing with God. I just … believe.

And with the things I just believe, I do not see them as things I will get through the winning hole in heaven if I aim right or say it right. I just KNOW.

So why is it that some things – things I personally have longed for or been previously convinced may not be ‘for’ me, or things I have placed (I, not God!) conditions around of who I should have to be first – are things which I consider I gotta AIM my faith for right?

And here is what God said. I SENSED and SAW it at the soccer game. Now He is giving me the words –

“It’s because you are tying physical world principles to these things, and trying to mix them with the supernatural. Firstly, this is not a thing. Secondly, understand that in areas where you have wanted something more, longed for it more, been previously convinced or ARE in any way considering that it may be not for you … because you’ve made an agreement that it’s dependant on your worth, value, past experience, or ‘how things appear to be’ … you are still trying to figure it OUT. You are trying to figure out HOW to have faith in that area, and all of the attachments and ideas you have piled around that thing means you are stuck dominantly in your MIND and your EMOTION not your spirit, nor mine!

When you decree the lounge chair … protection … pathways for your children … creative flow I pour into you … my presence and anointing on you in what you create … or any other thing around which you have finite belief, you do so in your spirit. There is no figuring out. There is no mind (or devil, or ungodly spirit) piping up whispering you can’t, or maybe not, or at the very least not yet. You simply trust. And you easily brush aside the tiny question which may at times arise.

For these things you have more wound, thinking, emotion around, you default to your mind. And you try to GET to faith. This is why you feel like you’re aiming and never hitting the right hole. It’s like trying to barrel your way through the back of the wardrobe in Narnia. That’s not how it worked. They fell through when they fell through, not when they tried to.

And –

You do not figure faith OUT. Faith is SENSED. It is in ME. I am in your SPIRIT, not your mind. By definition if you are trying to figure it out, or ‘get there’ you are not in your spirit.”

Now God knows that I love to work on reason. If I understand the principle, I will die on it, and I will not deviate regardless what I feel about it. This is more than my discipline; it’s just who I am. In fact just this week He revealed to me through my brother in Christ that I had made an altar of my principles. Yikes! So now it is not what IT IS, it is what GOD says it is. I tore that down and repented quick smart! Meaning … my principles are now Gods.

God will always work through us in ways that make sense to US. He will use your natural abilities and skillsets, and the way YOUR mind works to teach you things.

So what He showed me today around faith was very clear.

He put it into mathematical terms. (I love math. Especially quantum physics!).

By the way, this wasn’t complex. We’re not talking a big formula. God works on SIMPLE and DUH. He basically said –

“You’re viewing it as rhyme or chance or conditional to all sorts of conditions which you partly think you know and partly think you need to figure out.

It is not that. It is matter of fact. It is logic. It is reason. It is 1+1 = 2 (if we’re working with that mode of math ;)). It is the particles operates differently based on whether or not it is being observed. It is what goes up MUST come down.

If you release your faith – choose to believe, and express it with your mouth, in the Name of Jesus – it will and MUST come down. No, not ‘if it’s in my will or timing’. Just – it must. Yes you have submitted and do submit your entire LIFE to me so ALL of what is occurring in your life is in my will and timing. But these things are being continually rearranged based on your BELIEF, and your EXPRESSION of such. What you believe and EXPRESS, in the Name of my Son, MUST OCCUR. It’s like gravity. There are no other conditions.

This means that if there is some reason which I know that you should NOT have ‘the thing’ now, whatever needs to be re-arranged will be required to be AND / or – your desire and prayer or declaration or decree will change so that you are not asking for a thing which is outside of your path of destiny, and the timing for it, which I have written.

Remember that I rearrange the seasons and the times as I please as well as YOU.

Because you seek me continually, and are led by my Spirit, you will also be led and ARE being led on what you ask and how.

This is why you can know you are CORRECT, and that it IS in my will and timing. I already knew what you were going to ask, or how, and rearranged it as needed, AS I CONTINUE TO DO.

Are you willing to see it as being this matter of fact and ‘just how it is’? Are you willing to understand that THIS IS WHAT GOD SAYS IT IS?”


By the way. All of this came into my spirit in about 0.00000000000001 seconds. Writing it out took a lot longer.

Here’s the thing –

God WANTS His Word and His ways to be easy for us. It is not meant to be a tricky puzzle. If you’re figuring out, you’re in your mind.

There are endless conversations and explorations I’ve had with God which have led me to understanding THIS, and which have led to what I shared today. And there will be endless more. So whilst MY faith can’t get you to where YOU need to be, here is a suggestion which can:

Make it a daily practice to seek God no matter what, to walk in His Spirit daily, and to pray in all things.

Then you’ll be right 🙂

Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.


PS 2 things –

The Identity Switch is currently in intake / launch mode, with $1000 off. This is a full 10-month (or so!) journey with me and it is a journey into GOD. And who you are in Him. He is leading me day by day moment by moment and breath by breath such that what I thought would take a few years … to switch over to EVERYTHING I create, market, coach on or sell being from Him … has now just –

become done.

I’m so excited humbled and just in obedient YES to do this work, which was first created by ME to be my signature deep dive course, now fully NEW and from and partnered with God, His Holy Spirit working through.

At the end of yesterdays live – the one titled Supernatural Law IS – I speak quite a bit about it. And also on my stories today. The page itself – at – is pretty unfinished. If you’re looking for a whole list of all the modules / how they work it’s just not there yet. I thought I’d do it yesterday (I had to do it all new as the whole course is being made new!) but I didn’t.

I’ll do it … at some point. When God leads me. In the meanwhile, what is at the top of the page will simply speak to and through you, if you’re meant to be in.

The short version is – over approx. 10 months we’re going to go deep into true identity in God and understand how to bring through to the physical realm what supernaturally already IS.

And we will do this firstly by looking at identity and destiny path in God as a whole, and then by spending a module (each module goes for approx. a month) on each of the core areas such as purpose work, wealth, creative flow, relationships, health, and more.

Please message me if you have any questions!

I’ll also be live tomorrow (my Sunday) afternoon for Part 2 of the live on Supernatural Law, and I’ll be talking about how to get INTO true belief.

I don’t know what time that will be.

Also –

2 days ago God gave me a pure fire download on how my private client work is to look right now. It’s been being gradually revealed through some changes which have just taken place of their own (lol, His) accord through my current private client work and now He just showed me ALL of it.

Suffice to say it was a WOAH moment!

If you have any leading at all that you are meant to private coach with me … this may be the exact correct time to do it. This is all faith led, and only for those who are faith led and desire to be. It is the lowest my private client work has been priced in years, and likely the lowest it will be again. It is incredible. And it is for exactly who it is for.

Is that you?

DM me on IG or my FB personal to let me know, and / or for details 🙂



My newsletters and emails are going to change. I’m no longer going to post my blogs in full on social. And I will no longer post content on my personal Facebook.

Stay in touch on IG @thekatrinaruthshow and @katrinaruthministries, and follow me on threads @thekatrinaruthshow

My FB business page is also still active, as is the KR Ministries FB page. They pretty much just replicate IG.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play!




* I literally just shook my head and grinned just then as I too a big sigh and said out loud ‘so good God. So good!’. Do you understand YOU don’t have to do a THING in your business or life when you have Him?

It’s time to let Him lead! It’s only who you were designed to be …


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