“What would I NOT do, Lord?”

“What is the new way, which is contrary to the OLD way, which is to say the YOU way, and that which I would NOT do?”

Ugh! I was getting myself more and more confused the more I thought about it, the more I thought about it the more I also knew I shouldn’t be TRYING to think about it, and yet how could I not think about it when God had given me such a clear and definite yet infuriatingly tricky to pin down an answer to instruction, namely –

“Do what you would NOT do”.

Do you want to know something I kinda hate about myself, which is to say I resist it furiously before ultimately admitting once more that I LOVE it, I CRAVE it, I am so GLAD this is who I am, now let me AT it?!

I love hate love adore thank you LORD but gosh it makes me wanna tear my hair out sometimes that I have been blessed with this gift whereby the only way I truly *get* the breakthrough, impartation, message clarity a lot of the time … is to write or otherwise pour it forth for YOU, such that it can become properly clear for ME.

Sometimes I just wanna be the person who knows the definite answers without having to see it revealed through the WERK, y’know? But the thing with being a messenger is … so often our own work – unleashing – is the cure WE need in order to move forward. In other words:

I want to know what I need to know in order to move forward, yet the only way for me to know it is to move forward. Grr! *Stomps feet and then exhales and praises God because you BET I wouldn’t want it any other way. No really!*

I’d been talking with God about some upcoming moves I needed to figure out in my business, just your everyday planning session with the Lord (I hope!), and as is often the case, I’d asked a question which could have netted a very clear actionable ‘sell or do this’ sort of answer, and instead what I got was “do what you would NOT do”.

The expanded version being along the lines of do what you would do if you weren’t trying to get an outcome.

So … stop trying to figure out what to do. And do what you would not do.

So what did I do? I immediately started journaling on what I would not do. Got about 5 minutes in and then stopped, because hm – what I WOULD do usually is journal my way to clarity or to try and figure out what God meant, so … should I NOT do that? But if I wasn’t going to figure out what ‘do what you would not do’ meant, what WAS I gonna do?!

You see my dilemma.

And have you ever noticed, in your own life? That so often the breakthrough you’re searching for is on the other side of the place where you QUIT FREAKING LOOKING FOR IT OR TRYING TO GET IT.

In the same chat with God where He said “do what you would not do”, he’d also said “get back to fun and flow and play”. Which felt like an awesome permission slip except … at that point I didn’t even know what fun and flow and play would BE!

What WOULD I be doing if it were just about having fun with it? If it were not about trying to make sure things moved forward, not about trying to figure out the next big thing, not about trying to guarantee outcomes.

What would it be if it were just about me –

tuning in to HIM –

and living my day –

in such a way where whatever it was that was meant to come out,


(Do you ever stop and consider such things? Or is every day another speed-race to ‘get there’? If the latter –

how’s that workin’ out for you?)

The thing for US is –

we simply aren’t going to revert to a life in which we don’t pour out a thing.

If we were to do that, we’d be stifling and shrinking ourselves; locking ourselves away in a little box, NOT BEING WHO WE CAME HERE TO BE.

So as much as the idea of ‘fun and flow and play’ obviously can absolutely mean get your vacay (or staycay if you live where I do!) on, have a girls day out, margs by the pool, ETCETERA …


And that’s what it comes down to, isn’t it?

The pouring out is meant to be for its own sake. It’s meant to be ‘because this is what it IS today’. It’s meant to be ‘and then I just had to TELL you – CREATE for you – or yes even SELL you – !’

As opposed to:

‘lemme figure out the ways to get the peoples to engage or pay me the monies today’.

The cold hard truth is that we did not come here to figure out how to get people doing something. We came here to simply be the vessel for the thing which will naturally propel people to BE something. If they happen to like / follow / comment / subscribe / share / BUY as a follow on to that –


But the second that stuff becomes our focus or (God forbid) our purpose, we have it backwards.

The breakthrough is when you realise that being consistent to being that vessel, and to simply doing / creating / selling / saying what you would today if you weren’t trying to get it to DO anything …

is the exact ‘method’ which resulted in the people paying the monies and the business making the millions.

Yes, I said resulted. Past tense.

Because a) … that’s only the exact approach I’ve taken the past several decades which HAS resulted in the results I’ve seen in my business and life. And b) … that’s only EXACTLY what future you is gonna wish she was somehow able to remind NOW you of in this moment. Luckily for you though, you have God there to remind you that THIS THING IS NOT MEANT TO BE ABOUT JOINING THE DOTS RIGHT.

But for this to work:

You have to be willing to choose FAITH. You have to be willing to believe that God DOES have a plan for your life which far surpasses yours. You have to be willing it is a GOOD plan. You have to be willing to believe you are taken care of in Him, provided for, and that it is NOT ON YOU.


there are plenty of people out there who will teach you that it’s all on you and you better hustle your booty endlessly to ‘get there’ or else you’re never gonna be safe, prosperous, live purposefully, etcetera.

And it’s not that I’m saying don’t show UP, and do todays work today. The opposite! But the reality is that it doesn’t and DIDN’T happen because the lens you were looking through was ‘what is going to work’?

It can only be – ‘and then I just DID my work’.

The true work.
The you work.
The FLOW work.
The this is what it’s meant to BE today work’.

And yeah,

a lot of the time the FUN bit of that, for us, is the fact that we get to finally let go again and JUST MAKE WHAT WE ARE BEING LED TO MAKE.

Once a creator,


And the message,
like the business,
as always – !

Follows the art.

“Do what you would NOT do”?

Actually a remembrance back home to what you are CALLED to do,

as opposed to the work of your mind.

In the end …

your faith CREDITS you the outcome.

Quit robbing your own bank of it.

Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.



Ohh, there is so much I want to dig into with you! So much I would love to STRIP BACK AND SEE LAID RAW BLOODY AND READY TO BE BROUGHT TO LIFE that I know is meant to come out of you!

As always, I kinda want to be able to just do it all at once with you, up to my elbows in the guts of it with you, and just seeing what happens as you finally say YES to you, the you who the world is waitin’ on but FIRSTLY –

are YOU?

Are YOU waiting to finally get to the bit where you get to just BE?

To dance and play and create and POUR FORTH EACH DAY what God would have you share?



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