I heard – “I am slowing you down to speed you up”.

And –

“let the thing(s) which I have already given you take deep roots”.

And –

“stop avoiding the instructions you already HAVE from me!”

And –

“stop looking for more answers now”.

And –

“be still, and know that I am God”.

And –



You’re not alone if you hear and know things and then continue to want to hear and know more things before you take action.

You’re not alone if you LITERALLY have been shown the move to make yet your mind is trying to figure out 26 moves after that, or maybe instead of it, or perhaps all alongside it!

You’re not alone if, in your quiet time with God, you are SO so certain of the yes and now and AMEN thing to walk forward in (or out of ;)), and then –

nek minute –


And certainly not God 😉

You’re not alone, in short, if you find yourself human-ing all over the place when God is doing a NEW thing in you and you, whilst fully being ‘here for it’, kinda sorta have a pattern of returning to an old thing.

Maybe just seeing if He wants you to bring bits of the old thing with you INTO the new thing, just in case! No? Anybody? Bueller?

Just me then 😉

Here is the thing:

God doesn’t strip what YOU built off of you in order to sit you in a corner and let you gather dust.

And who He has said you are the entire TIME (which you may know some of or lots of but certainly have a SENSE on to at least some degree, meaning … you sense the gifts you have, whether or not you utilise ’em or know how GOD would have you utilise ’em) …


It’s who you are.

Meaning, simply:

He DEFINITELY has a plan for you. It is DEFINITELY a good plan (Jeremiah 29:11). And He will DEFINITELY show you the way and the ‘how’ (Proverbs 3:5-6).

But He will DEFINITELY not dance to the beat of YOUR drum to define or reveal that ‘how’ because, well – His ways are higher, His thoughts are higher, His plan AND the way for it is, well – better! (Isaiah 55:8-9).

So what’s a purpose-driven high-level creator kind of a gal to do when God starts to strip big pieces of who she WAS off of her, and then perhaps just the entire skin-suit of it all at once?

Should she immediately take the way SHE knew to do things, and switch to doing them ‘through the lens of putting God first’?

Should she quit what she WAS focused on but then become instantaneously equally busy / consumed / driven by a whole new set of stuff to match her now God-centric season or persona?

Or should she stop.
And ROLL RIGHT ON IN TO THE EASE AND FLOW AND REST she now needs to learn to operate from in Christ, per Matthew 11:28-30?

If you answered the latter you get a prize, and the prize is SOZ sister, but your butt is gonna need to get used to NOT acting, NOT assuming you know roughly how it’s gonna look, NOT reverting to your own patterns and ways or even skills, just trying to put a God filter on ’em, and for the most part, possibly, well –

not doing anything much at all.

Have you ever been out in the ocean catching waves, and managed to do so by deciding that even if a wave wasn’t coming you would just act as though one WAS, and ride that baby? Or by catchin’ it even though you just missed it?

It sounds stupid. And would result mostly in you getting smacked on the head or simply dumped all over the place at best.

It would also be tiring. Annoying. And at NO point in such behaviour would you experience the true FLOW of being carried along.

This is just … logical.

So why, if God is revealing a new thing to you, and you KNOW it’s time to walk into a different season, would you try to get it going rather than wait to catch and be CARRIED by what He is letting swell up for you?

The thing is …

If you are too busy doing the YOU thing, repeatedly picking up ideas or habits because surely you should be doing SOMETHING while you wait on God, then you absolutely can and likely WILL miss or at least drastically delay the NEW thing.

The scripture doesn’t say “Behold I will do a new thing, I will force it upon you even when you don’t make time and space for it, and repeatedly fail to trust and believe me”.

It says:

“Behold, I will do a new thing.
Now it shall spring forth;
Shall you not know it?”

Behold: look. Watch. Observe. Ain’t no time for that if you’re rushing around trying to create waves yourself.

‘Shall you not now it?’ Well – no. You shall not know it if you’re not in the pause and the trust to see, sense, or catch it. It SHALL pass you by.

“I am slowing you down to speed you up”.

If you feel this in your spirit as being not just for me but also for you, then simply this:

Say yes.

And capture any thoughts which tell you that you’re losing ground and better keep on top of things at the very least ’til God tells you the whole plan.

It doesn’t work like that.
It’s never going to work like that.
That is exactly why you are HERE, like THIS, desperately wanting a different way.

Answer the call.
That’s all.

And don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.



1) lil livestream replay is up for you on my IG @iamkatrinaruth (now my sole / new IG). Our topic today was YOU picking up + carrying things vs. being propelled by what God has for you. Plus various Kat rambles.

2) The Secret Garden is …
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It’s also really my only ongoing place to work with me. All of my new smaller self-guided courses are available for sale separately, but that is not live with me, and those are included automatically in your Secret Garden membership anyway.

This week, amidst all the changes, God nudged me to restore The Secret Garden price to its original, meaning it went down by 50% this week and will stay as such for the foreseeable. You can do upfront for the whole year with me, or pay month by month. If you join this week I am gifting you a 1:1 session.

3) If you missed it, I’ve quit my coaching biz + the pursuit of ambition + success in general. That does not mean I’ve quit the internet. It is a perspective shift, and a stripping off by God of an identity I cultivated around being ‘that girl’ online. I am SO so happy to walk out of that skin and just soften further into who God is showing me I am!!

I am continuing to post random bts thoughts + musings on my personal FB, but will shut my biz FB page down. I will dominantly post on my new IG (above), and at some point will start using X over @FaithFireFlow. I also keep getting a nudge on TikTok but rn am avoiding that.

4) I LOVE YOU AND I’M PRAYING FOR YOU. I’m so glad you’re here on this journey with me.


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