This is one of those stories where there’s a pretty good chance a lot of people won’t believe it’s real. As always, though … the message is for who it’s for.

As a leader + a messenger … I PROMISE you will make life so much easier and also your work will be of such greater and truer IMPACT if you just hand over the idea of trying to ensure your message is for everyone. It is not. It is also not meant to be. Let the message be the message!

With this particular message, as is often the case, I don’t yet know the purpose of me sharing it with you is. I trust it will be revealed to me AS to you as I write!

Another tip for my leaders –

typically, you should not know where your messaging is going til you get there. It is coming THROUGH you, you see and know and integrate it as it DOES. If you know the whole thing in advance already … and this goes for your free content AND your paid … you may want to question whether you are truly allowing the divine flow that should be coming through you. Or whether you are simply writing or teaching a thing your mind has already computed.

Nothing wrong with the latter, if that’s your choice. But IS it?

I digress.

A few weeks ago I sat in my warehouse, which is to say my office, my studio, my gallery, the house of God it is now ANOINTED to be, the physical representation of the vortex my soul goes INTO with Him … you get the point 😉

Actually I was not sat. I was walking around. Alternately kneeling or stopping on the floor. Raising my hands in the air. Doing the thing we DO when we are no longer doing a thing and instead flowing IN a thing, by which I mean the presence of God.

Entering into the presence of God is … a real thing. Of course he can appear anytime He likes without us consciously choosing to enter His presence. And … there is a very real thing TO that choice. And our desire, our yearning to GO in, to take time and space before Him, revere Him, and simply –


The latter is what I was doing on this occasion. I was ‘meant’ to be working, but when are we ever meant to be doing a thing?

Answer: never!

Instead, we should always be RESPONDING to the Spirit in us. Going where led. Running as shown. Pausing when it is clearly REQUIRED. There is nothing more fruitless than trying to go about your day when God is clearly telling you there’s another way.

And so I had stepped aside from whatever it was I thought I needed to do and had just started to – seek.

When you seek Him He WILL appear. No, not always with a clashing of symbols and a sounding of gongs and also not always with that overpowering flow which IS His Spirit falling tangibly upon you, wiping out every held onto part of you, but all in all …

the more you seek and also surrender your idea of what finding LOOKS like … the more you will find.

How do I explain to you what happened on this particular day, without some 2000 word build up? Perhaps it’s simply – say it.

I was praying. Worshipping. Singing. Lifting my hands as I paced in circles around the open downstairs area. And at this point I was kneeling on the floor underneath where the big wall art of a Bible is on my wall, one part of the renewed massive mural I have in there.

– I was not looking for anything

– I was not trying to ‘get’ something from God, or have something ‘revealed’

– I also wasn’t trying to ‘be’ something, such as holy or righteous or anything to win favour. There’s no point in that, we are MADE righteous through faith! Our seeking of God and His ways should be a by-product OF His holiness in us. And it is also a natural thing to do when we desire greater intimacy with Him, and when we fear Him.

The above are important to note in that … a powerful reason to come into Gods presence is simply – to come into Gods presence. I don’t mean we can’t or shouldn’t have things we want to ask, understand, and so on. But inherent IN that seeking is a surrender to simply – be with Him. And trust and know He will show you what you need and give you what meets your desires IN Him.

Of course prayer absolutely includes times of pure petitioning or interceding, I’m not saying it’s either / or.

I was singing the song ‘Worthy of It All’. Crying and praying intermittently at the same time. I’ve no idea about what. It was just beautiful time with God.

The refrain of that song goes –

“Day and night night and day let incense arise
Day and night night and day let incense arise
Day and night night and day let incense arise
Day and night night and day let incense arise”

As I sung, out of nowhere, so instantaneously that I didn’t even notice it begin, the entire room filled with smoke and a pungent smell.

It was upon me and all over me before I realised, but yet at the same time I DID realise. It took me a moment or two to compute and, still crying, I got up and started looking around in mild alarm. Where was THAT coming from? Was something on fire? All of a sudden it hit me –

it was INCENSE.


I actually can’t stand the smell of incense, as in the smell that wafts out of crystal-y type stores when you walk past them. It’s always made me feel nauseous. But this was a different kind of incense altogether. In semi-disbelief yet total SPIRIT belief I knew – this is God. He LITERALLY just filled this room up with incense.

Do you know what was funny? It wasn’t til some 5 or so minutes later – after the thickest of the smell passed – that I actually realised I’d been singing THAT song and THAT line when it happened. I was in too much awe at what was transpiring to even put 2 and 2 together.

In case you’re wondering – nobody else was around in the neighbouring warehouses; everybody had already left for the day. And the back of my warehouse compound backs onto a cliff. The surrounds are an isolated industrial estate which was already wrapped for the day. The smoke – which was not smoke, but incense, wasn’t coming from somewhere external. The Spirit of God moved in that room and God DID a thing to show me how real He is.

The thing is …

I didn’t at that time or before that time question God’s realness. I’ve believed in God my entire life. In the times I’ve encountered Him in visions, downloads, revelations and and straight Holy Spirit fire I’ve believed in Him. And in the times I felt so distant, lost, and far away, I’ve believed in Him. I will say that since I began deeply seeking intimacy with Him as my daily norm I have had pretty continual radical supernatural encounters.

But an entire warehouse space filled with incense so thick you could just about touch it? It shattered me. It shattered any last part of me which questioned Gods promises and that He IS who He says He is. In that moment I knew as I’d never known before:

God can do ANYTHING. And He WILL do what He says He will do.

I don’t know what the point of this story is for you. I know for me it reminds me of two things in particular:

1) God IS who He says He is, and if He SAID it then it’s HAPPENING

2) I would not have experienced this had I not been in the fear of God.

Psalms 37:4 tells us that He who delights in the Lord will have what He wishes. Did you know that if you delight in the Lord you by definition fear and revere Him? You DELIGHT in His infinite magnificence … you are in AWE of Him. Therefore you will humble yourself before Him and worship Him. This RESPONSE to God, like any natural response of any person in God is … an outcome of faith. Not a work FOR it. That is not a thing.

Speaking of faith, did you know that true faith inherently POSSESSES fear of the Lord? And that without faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God? And that intimacy with God REQUIRES your fear of Him, your awe?

All of which is simply to say this.

What if it became a daily norm to be in the response to God which a deep part of you yearns for?

We never know how God will show us who He is, or how real He is. We don’t need a shocking physical encounter to know He is God. It’s a heart posture. And every DAY in Christ is a day in which you walk on water and in the miracle of salvation, never mind all that comes with it and is just CONTINUAL supernatural ‘woah’.

But I believe God does these things now and again either to instil holy fear, or to further it. And that when He does?

All we can do is further throw ourselves before Him saying ‘holy, holy, holy’. And then sharing the wonder that IS God,

and the unconditional love He has for each of us.

The choice of what to do in response to that love of course always,

being yours.

Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.



I certainly don’t have a logical flow from this post into my current offer invite for Becoming the Leader Now!

Except perhaps to say this:

There is a way that YOU are meant to show up for the work you came here to do which is just beyond thinking about what anybody is going to think or say.

I don’t know if you know this about me but how I write … what I write … how I post, do social media, do any of it … therefore how I market and also sell is simply –

let the message be the message.

Sometimes I LOVE and am on fire by what I write.

Sometimes it makes me want to crawl into a hole and hide.

Sometimes I genuinely shut my laptop and put it in the fridge for a bit or just somewhere I don’t have to look at it so I don’t have to think about how people are responding.

Sometimes I just feel MAJORLY SELF CONSCIOUS RAW AND VULNERABLE like today. Like … what are people going to do with THAT? What is ‘such and such’ particular person going to think. Yes I still think that! Don’t imagine for a second that even your most experienced and consistently showing up leader has graduated from being human. I’ve mentored most of them privately and I AM one of them and I can tell you: they have not. I have not.

I write something like this and my human mind is squirming all OVER the place. Ranging from thinking people might think I’m full of myself to people thinking I’m off in the clouds (the heavenly ones! Yes!) to people just thinking I am irrelevant, and, of course, to people thinking I write about God too much these days. And if I am going to write about God I should surely keep it more … palatable. You know – use the word God by all means, but don’t go into the REALITY of the matter.

The truth is it’s all just ‘whatever’ to me. Not because I don’t care. But because I learned a very long time ago not to question the message. That the message IS the message and that when I just let it BE the message, put my own humanness aside, and get on with it – NO filtering, editing, second guessing –


everything just works.

Not just a business in which I ONLY attract in the exact soulmate clients for me, yes even as I evolve so does who is on board, so it is ALWAYS true –

not just a business which makes millions and millions year in and year out –

not just a business where really ALL I do is just write or say or in some way unleash a thing, and then use whatever came out to build and SCALE the thing … but never by needing to concern myself with so-called marketing or internet or business ‘rules’ –

but ultimately?

A business where I can actually say that every day I just get up –

wonder ‘what are we going to do today God?’

and then I do that.


everything I was meant to do in the world for everybody I was meant to do it for just flows from that.

It’s not always easy.

And I’m certainly not perfect, even at submitting always or fully to what I know is true.

But it IS always simple.

Become the Leader Now is open gorgeous.

10 Weeks with Me to Sort Out Your Mindset, Your Focus, Your ENTIRE Inner Game Around Being HER And … TO APPOINT YOURSELF FULLY TO WHERE YOU’VE ALREADY BEEN SHOWN TO GO. The Money Streams. The Biz Systems + Practicalities. The Unapologetic Branding and Viiiiiibe. And the Whole Entire THEN SHE JUST WOKE UP AND RAN THE FREAKIN’ THING Va-Va-Voom You’ve Been Waiting On. And When I Say You … I Mean The World 😉


this is going to be fun.


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