Success Mindset


Let’s be honest:

You’ve been slacking off.

You haven’t been setting clear and specific goals, and it’s time to get back to the business of getting serious about success.

What, you think awesome shit is going to magically fall in your lap because you think about it from time to time and occasionally make some sort of half-assed attempt to get actual results?

Newsflash: that’s NOT how it works!!

It’s time to admit that you’re bloody well sick and tired of drifting through life not sure what the fuck you’re even focused on, never mind whether or not you’re on your way, and deep down quite QUITE certain that no you are NOT on your way, not at all and not even a little bit in most areas!

And despite all of this and the fact that it’d be easy to just beat up on yourself for such appallingly consistent failure to follow through, it’s time instead to lift your chin proudly and acknowledge that you are finally ready to knuckle down, do the work, and create the results you want to FEEL as well as see.

Ready? Let’s go.

1. Commit

You need to get crystal fucking clear on the OUTCOMES you commit to creating in your business, and in your life. Here are the areas I suggest setting outcome-based goals in. Feel free to add to / change these to suit you, I’ve based them on my own which are generally suited to anyone who wants to build a personal brand and get famous for who they are, making money doing what they love:

– LIVING ENVIRONMENT / LIFESTYLE (I also include social in this)

Example (fame goal):

“I am featured at least weekly in prominent and important publications and media outlets”

2. OUTCOME focused

The above areas allow you to set BIG picture outcomes you’re COMMITTED as of now to making happen. I strongly strongly STRONGLY recommend you set your goals based on the ultimate outcome or end goal you desire, rather than on the action you think you need to take.

I personally avoid setting goals that state I need to sell ‘x’ amount of this, or do ‘x’ specific activities in order to achieve an outcome. How the hell do I (or you) know what the action is we need to take? All we can do is guess! And if it DOESN’T get us to our goal then we’ve wasted our time on the wrong action and who knows where we’ll end up but NOT THE GOAL SINCE WE DIDN’T FOCUS ON THAT!

Focus on the goal.

Reminder: tasks are not goals, they’re tasks. Know your outcomes and end goals and then simply choose your ACTIONS day to day, don’t set actions as goals and avoid setting setting specific numbers based goals unless you are 100% certain that failing to hit those numbers would mean you’d failed to hit your ‘actual’ end goal.


“I am already making multiple 6-figures per month” is one of my wealth goals. What is NOT on my wealth goal list is some kind of breakdown of where that money should come from. It doesn’t matter where it comes from, that’s not my end goal.


Once you’ve locked in your big picture goals it’s time to nail what you are COMMITTED to seeing happen in the next 30 days.

Note this is not the shit you’d like to see happen or that you sorta kinda hope you can make happen.

These are the specific outcomes you are COMMITTED to making happen.

It stands to reason that these goals should lead you towards your bigger picture goals. If they don’t, I’d be evaluating why it is you think you need to be stuck putting out fires with short-term stuff that doesn’t get you to your big vision, or alternatively looking at whether your big vision is actually what you want and are willing to create.

Example, short-term goals, notice how just like I outlined before I’m focused on the actual outcome I want rather than what I think I need to do to get there.

“I eat and workout in a way I am super proud of”

“I receive at least 200k income”

“I am proud of how I engage in my community”

“I am clear on my actions at the start of each day”.


Here is where the rubber hits the road. I love the concept, which I learned from the book The Magician’s Way, that there is never anything you have to do but there is always action to take.

What this means is that (as I inferred above) there’s no point writing a massive list of actions you think you need to take over the coming days and weeks, as you’ll very likely guess wrong, or lock yourself into rigidity which takes your focus off your end goal, and it simply doesn’t MATTER as life is now, but that despite all this there is always an action to take NOW.

I have certain tasks I do day in and day out, which I’d call habits. These are actions that have over time shown themselves to be worth repeating consistently, in some form, and include things like:

Working out
Eating in a way that makes me feel good
Messaging (blog posts, videos, livestreams)
Engaging with my community
Making some sort of offer
Playing with my kids
Time in nature/ time to stop and think or pause

The way I carry these activities out each day changes, but the habit underneath is locked in, so when I think each day about what are the actions I need to take I’m often just thinking of the specific way I’ll go about carrying out my regular habits.

Sometimes there are additional tasks to do on a daily basis, but for me success comes easiest when I actively work to make my whole life about who I need to be in order to reach those end goals.

It’s easier to just BE someone who takes care of their health and fitness, for example, or creates daily content, or consistently tracks their income, and so on and so forth, than what it is to have to try and live each day by a list.

If you BECOME the person to whom the habit is automatic then the results will follow automatically also.

Action: In the short-term your focus might need to be on habit creation, the basics that are going to get you the outcomes you want, and that could start with something as simple as putting time aside for each of your big picture areas, and then an additional time aside for ‘extra’ tasks that are just for that day.


The only way all of this will work for you and that you can become the person who GETS the result is if you immerse yourself daily into creating your life by design.

For me some of the activities (habits!!) which help me do this are:

– Some form of daily review of my goals
– Daily journaling
– Writing exploratory posts like this, or making other pieces of my content based on what I also need to hear
– Taking time each day to think outcome based about what I need to do
– Considering my lessons learned each day, what worked or didn’t work, what ‘ahas’ I had
Gratitude and growth focus, being mentally committed to both
– REPEATEDLY (however often necessary, often many times per day!) recommitting to my why and doing the work accordingly


I love how Gary Vee talks about the only thing you need to worry about is the clouds and the dirt, and nothing in between matters. For me this means I need to be constantly in awareness and remembrance of my big picture mission and vision, where it is I’m ultimately headed, and have that uppermost of mind ALWAYS, but then as far as what I’m doing in a practical sense it’s simply being focused on the now.

What is the ONE thing I need to be doing right now, and fuck everything else that comes after it.

There is very little benefit to spending time planning, preparing, writing lists and strategies of what you say you will do or think you’ll need to do. What a waste of time, and also what a way of saying you don’t trust yourself to KNOW what the important actions are to take with each passing day or even moment.

When you’re tapping in DAILY in some way to your end goals then you will always be able to determine what the most powerful course of action for the NOW is.

At the end of the day success comes down to self-belief, determination, commitment and tenacity and DOING THE WORK. So anytime you’re filling your time with shit that is NOT about doing the ACTUAL right here right now work, you’re WASTING your time and delaying your success; possibly even indefinitely.

It’s time to stop slacking off about doing the work that matters.

If you don’t have a clear picture of where you want to go and what DOES matter, take some time today to get clear on it and actually COMMIT to it, but then roll up your sleeves and get serious about the business of doing today’s work today WITH THAT BIG PICTURE IN MIND.

From here on out it is a SIMPLE albeit extraordinarily fucking hard work matter of tapping in daily to your end goals, and doing the work, ad infinitum, to bring them to life.

There is NO OTHER WAY to get to where you want to go, but the good news is I’d be willing to bet that if you knew daily where you were actually going and made some decisions about what you need to do for that day and then just DID THEM and stopped filling your time, energy, emotions with all the other bullshit, you’d realise the massive results you crave are a lot more within reach than you actually think.

The reality is you’re going to spend hours a day doing whatever the fuck it is you do anyway. It might as well start being with intent, and result-based.