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Do you really think the way you’re showing up right now, and failing to demand of life what you KNOW you’d ask for if you actually had any real level of faith, is ever actually gonna get you where you want to go?

You, who used to be so strong, so determined, so assured, so powerful, so ABSOLUTE. Who knew what she wanted and refused to let anything stand in her way. Who had her back so damn firm against the damn wall that there was no CHOICE except to magic her way the fuck out, she wasn’t going to go down like that, no way!

And so she did what she had to do.

Womaned the fuck up, dropped her excuses, parted the damn seas, and made.shit.happen.

There was ZERO room in her mind for compromise, for falling on her face, for going ANYWHERE but up, because if she had have dropped down even another inch she would have been immersed, going under, sinking, DROWNING, and so in the instant she finally realised that that’s where it was at she flicked the damn switch and BECAME SOMETHING SHE ALWAYS WAS.

The Warrior Queen.
The badass.
The don’t fuck with me leader.
The woman whose steely gaze says I am who I say I am and life bends to ME.


You used to be like that, for a minute, maybe three. What a great freaking time it is to look back on, huh? That time when you actually went ALL in, felt ALL of your power, were on fire, unstoppable, like a whirring dervish just creating creating creating and leaving a wake of chaos and awesome behind her!

You would set your mind to specific outcomes,

KNOW that they were done,

And refuse to be available for anything less!

Holding space? ‘Manifesting’? ‘Calling it in’? Whatever! You said what you wanted, you fucking meant it, you moved forward with unshakeable confidence that of course it would happen, you didn’t flinch for even a SECOND, not even at the final hour when the damn thing still hadn’t shown up, because you KNEW THAT YOUR STEADFAST BELIEF CREATED REALITY, and so it was.

You also knew that it was ‘whatever’, when something didn’t show up, when it fell apart, when the final hour came and went and no dice.

A shrug of the shoulders, ‘whatever’. I’m a fucking Warrior Queen, NEXT. Your instant reframe reminding you that you ALWAYS get what you want, it’s ALWAYS this or something better, so if it didn’t kick in or appear, meh


I get what I want, ALWAYS. I guess I just couldn’t see the actual picture of what I wanted, so lemme know check back in with that, reset this thing; ONWARDS.

You rolled like this til it became your normal, you didn’t question it and nor did anybody else. You were the woman who made up her mind how the world should be and the world answered.

You wanted more clients? How many? At how much? What kind? Exactly? DONE.

You wanted abs by Saturday? Cool, what else?

You wanted a magical unheard of solution for something that most peeps would figure to take forever and a day and only at the cost of their own soul? You clicked your fingers, looked up to the skies, and waited patiently but with FULLY expectation for it to fall into your lap.


And I just wonder, don’t you, don’t you wonder sometimes – ?

What in the actual fuck happened to THAT babe?

Where’d she go?

Did some asshole POISON her, because this right here, this bloated and faded and soft-ass weak-bellied something something, I mean –

She KINDA looks like her.
KINDA smells like her.
Has SOMETHING of the same vibe.

Just in a really sad and sorry sort of way.

What was once power absolute, fire which would light up the heavens, a woman so strong that anybody who came into contact with her KNEW they’d better watch out, play their A-game, or just step back and give thanks to be in her presence, is now this shrunken … meek … scaredy cat … SHELL.

“Oh, I’d like to make more money … ummmm, about this much, is that okay? That should be enough!”

“More clients, yes please, yes, I think I want more clients. How many? Oh, no, well, um.”

She refuses to be absolute.
She shies away from specifics.
She keeps her head in the sand when it comes to her numbers, to observing with detachment but commitment to doing what it takes what is going in vs out, how much is required and desired, EXACTLY.
She sells herself out CONTINUALLY around what her standards and boundaries are.
She ‘loosely’ values her time and her worth. (Which is to say not at all).
She is white fucking rice, bland and acceptable and nice. We feed it to babies.

And all the while she’s telling everybody who’ll listen about authenticity, integrity, and how to be a strong badass mofo like her.

Don’t make me laugh.

You mean a strong badass mofo like the woman you are on the INSIDE but yet have for so long now let fear stop you from actually being?!

‘k, well say THAT then.

Oh, you don’t wanna? Don’t think it will sell so well? Let me tell you what is NOT selling for you right now?

Your energy girl, it is all SORTS of get-thee-away-from-me.

When your back was against the wall and your head barely above water you did what it TAKES. You let nobody and nothing stand in your way! You clicked your damn fingers and money rained from above, everything you wanted and SAID just happened because you were actually unavailable for it not to!

And now …


Fear got your goat and took it for a ride so damn far away you no longer even realise you had a goat. And you sure as fuck are NOT the goat.

It’s time for an uprising.

An uprising of YOU and YOU and YOU, kicking the ass of YOU.

It’s time to look fear front on in the eye and say THIS IS HOW IT IS BITCH.

I’m no basic bitch, and THAT is facts. But yeah, I’ve been acting it. And? So what. I’m done.

I am the motherfucking Queen.
I get what I want.
When I want.
How I freakin’ want it.

What I DECIDE becomes reality, I don’t need to sit around holding fucking space and affirming all day err’ day, or really anything else at all, but here is what I do do:


I do not adjust my actions to try and ‘get’.

I simply ask for what I want with clarity and certainty.

And then I get down to the business of living my LIFE.

Really all that happened here is you got scared of asking for what you want with clarity and certainty.

It’s not that hard to change.

Go left, your would-have-been-empire keeps crumbling.

Go right into the damn fray and watch your will be done.

There is no in between.

And you’re already showing who you are.

That’s all!


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