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The business which is going to work for you is the obvious thing.

The way they will respond is when you do the obvious thing. Offer the obvious thing. And follow the path for you that is just … obvious.

XXX I don’t mean obvious based on what’s currently trending or in any way the done thing by the rest of the peeps.

I mean the thing that is just … obvious. To you. About how it would go. Flow. Be created. And what you would just KNOW you are here to do or sell or serve with if you actually trusted … that you know.

Now let’s be clear: if you’ve been filling your head heart & mind with all manner of stuff that isn’t from God OR your own inner knowing then, well, no. You probably don’t know. You need to shut up sit down and listen for a bit. To the knowing that IS within, when you seek it.

(Ps: we all have eternity planted in our spirits and we all have a knowing of TRUTH. This applies to everything, including your business!)

Once you clear the noise, connect back to God, start actually LISTENING, maybe just lay back with your eyes closed until you start to CLEARLY SEE INSIDE OF YOU what is right –

you is then gonna know the things you already knew.

Such as:

– I don’t wanna have to think about how to get people jumping through hoops to follow or buy. I just wanna write and say the things I wanna write and say in the way I wanna write and say ’em.

– I don’t wanna then have to fuss about with how to get those things in front of peeps and be heard. Hawking my self or my wares like a monkey on the street corner. I just wanna email ’em out. Drop ’em where I feel like on the socials. In a way that is just obvious and true for ME.

– I don’t wanna have to pore over my branding or visuals or the intricacies of so-called effective marketing. I don’t wanna have to consider or compare with what styles I should use for my stuff to stand out. I actually just want to highlight my words. Or my art. And share rough raw real pics. Or whatever.

– I don’t wanna be inconsistent because once again I got caught up in an idea that I have to be something other than who I am, or present myself in a certain fancy or fashionable way. I just want to put one foot in front of the other, day in and day out no matter what, to LET THE MESSAGE BE THE MESSAGE THAT I HEARD WAS THE MESSAGE.

– I don’t wanna have to think about what special thing I need to say to magnetize people or get ’em to buy. I just want to genuinely tell them why I believe they should buy the thing. If that is what I believe. Oh, and I wanna only sell stuff I genuinely believe people should buy. In a way that I genuinely wanna sell and also deliver it!

Can you imagine how simple business would be if you did it this way?

But it’s not going to work if you don’t actually decide to fully believe you can, and then run with that thing LIKE YOU MEAN IT.

The thing you gotta understand is …

every single person who did something spectacular, out of this world, unseen, in a way that was so obviously THEM and just broke all the so called rules of business … did it by following the rules of being THEM.

I don’t mean the self obsessed ‘do it my way’ rebellious against ACTUAL truth way. I mean the surrender. Submission. And permission. To walk their actual path of destiny. Because THIS IS WHAT I CAME HERE TO DO AND IMMA GONNA DO IT.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t come here to be matchy matchy with a bunch of lost souls on the internet by doing a better job at being somebody who I’m not.

I came here to rest in God,
and be equipped and empowered by His grace to be and therefore see DONE,
what is meant through me.

And no matter what my head might have to say about it at times,
my spirit does freakin’ know what that is and is not.

I suspect,

so does yours.


Here is what I have for you and what I believe nay KNOW is going to change your business,

and your life. Because that is what it came through me for and it is simply WHAT MY WORK DOES.

1) The Secret Garden is doubling in price come the end of this week. It will still be crazy low, to mentor + coach with me live in this SPACE GOD HAS GIVEN US. This is for the woman of faith who is ready to WALK in faith in every facet of her business money and life.

I teach live usually at least once a week. All my core courses + classes are included free (usually at least one a month, ranging in price up to hundreds). Which is a bonus and an addition to the actual Secret Garden space, membership, and intimate walk with me as your coach in a place where I partner with God to teach and guide you in a DIFFERENT KINGDOM AND A DIFFERENT WAY.

This is very much the practical AND the inner. If you have any questions, DM me on IG. Otherwise … you’re supposed to be in.

2) This is free if you’re in The Secret Garden. But if you’re not sure you want to go all in ongoing with me in my membership, you can purchase this entire class for just $99 or 2 x $49. It’s my new Designed to Be a Dreamer masterclass and, quite simply,

it will reset you and PROPEL you into immediate CERTAIN action.


This is a call to arms for a particular type of leader and already crazy ON it entrepreneur.

I really love SO much my private client work. My private clients rn are absolutely crushing at a deeper surrender, flow, and thus RECEIVING of what should be. PS this is normal. As it should be. Amen. I don’t think I could ever even put into words the actual supernatural power and activation which occurs in my private client work.

The short version is: this changes everything. With speed you never even knew about. And it will give you a CLEAR AND DEFINITE PATH in every single aspect of what you are doing, being, and how.

Just over the past few months I’ve had current and previous clients: have million $ months on repeat. Lock in or see brought to finish book deals. Have entirely new businesses spring forth. Have their previous best month ever except it was in a week. Purchase properties + high end toys. Give huge amounts of money. Start showing up more fully than ever before in a way which is an ACTUAL reveal of their raw real truth and this is when they were typically already … the person everybody thought of as being ‘that person’.

What I do is bring out the next part of you who should be here now.

This is for the woman who is already successful and at the top of her game yet … knows she is barely warmed up, and despite what others think, not actually all in. This is a complete stripping back of what gets to go. And an immediate springing forth of what should now be. The tangibles. The energetic. The spiritual (duh). All of it.

Is this you? I’M CALLING YOU IN. DM me now to talk. But only if you are already that woman. And you are now ready to reveal the next and the NEW, starting firstly: to you.

4) I love you and I am praying for you! My door is always open! Remember … MAKE IT EASY, MAKE IT PART OF WHO YOU ARE, REPEAT.

Oh, and?

Life is Now. Press Play.



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