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God gave me a revelation this morning which was oh so simple, obvious and TRUE, and at the same time?

One that makes for immediate discomfort.

One that, once known – and, trust me, there was no wriggle room here, it was known in the TELLING of it, all 4 words of it – could not NOT be known.


Immediate action must be taken where needed.
Doors that have remained ajar can be so no longer.
Things that gotta be cleaned up need dealing with STAT.
And future stuff that mayyyybbbbbeeeee I would have tried to hedge on, which was outside of Gods HIGHEST? Well. Let’s just say there’s a filter in place to put paid to THAT before the train even left the station.

And if you think about it, that’s what we all want, isn’t it?

Your mind may baulk right now at the idea of having RULES placed upon you by a God who may or may not GET your wants, your desires, your uncertainties, your cravings, your insecurities, and also the places where you just worry about being a nice person, but baby?

a) he definitely DOES get it

b) His ways are ALWAYS higher than ours meaning BETTER AND BETTER FOR US

c) worrying about being a nice person and in doing so not FULLY obeying God means you fear people more than you fear God. YOU BETTER GULP.

So yeah … I think as humans we do want to know where the line is. Where GODS line is. We want to know where the boundaries are that are FOR us. And born mavericks or not … in fact I’d say ESPECIALLY, because it enables us to grow and flow more … we want and NEED direction and guidance.

God gives us His Word for a number of reasons, and one of SO many is so that we KNOW HOW TO LIVE.

This goes up to the BIGGEST of big things,
and it comes down to the smallest of little things. Oftentimes which – are the things which lead to and direct the big things!

So when He gives a filter … a lesson … a nudge … or a straight up butt-kicking … howEVER that came to you, if you know it’s FROM Him?

You better listen.

And here’s what is SO crazy cool. One of the things I love SO much about God is that each piece of wisdom He gives me always matches BEAUTIFULLY with truths He has revealed to me even in my LIMITED earlier walk with Him, as I did business and life so desperately seeking TRUEST truth.

Today Gods direction to me was simple:

“That relationship doesn’t have God in it”. It helped me make a decision I needed to make, where I was in my OWN mind about what was right.

The 4 words I mentioned above, the ‘filter’, which followed this, being – “Is God in it?”.

What a POWERFUL question. What an OBVIOUS answer will ALWAYS ensue, when you ask it. In any situation!

I spent so many years using ‘alignment’ as my filter, God being PART of that in my life but my own will and also just my own confusion and delusion, not to mention outside influence, getting way too much say so. And even STILL it worked as a pretty cool filter.

But imagine what the real thing can do.


it’s hard at times when God shows you so clearly that things in your life, perhaps even people, need to be stripped off of it.

It can be uncomfortable. Confronting. Make you think you’re just being a meanie. And it can also trigger a TON of emotion, attachment, fear, or upset.



My suggestion?

Start playing with this as a filter in EVERY thing you do.

Just imagine how your business could be a year from now if from now on you only moved forward if you knew God was in it with you.

And then imagine the same for your life.

We came here for a reason gorgeous.

It wasn’t to do our own thing and delude ourselves into denying destiny.


And the person who should be IN that with you,

is the one who should be in you.

That’s it!


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