I heard God say “the plan is working”.

And then – “declare the plan is working. Say this over yourself, and over the situation”.

This felt like an astounding revelation, and one I’m a little embarrassed to tell you I hadn’t even considered as a possibility.

So much of satans deceit and confusion which he would keep you bound in if you let him is INSIDIOUS. Spiritual warfare is not always, and indeed I would say often not, loud and obvious and in your face with a pair of red horns on top of it.

Sure, there’s times when something so OBVIOUSLY demonic comes at you; God knows I had some months of GNARLY night-time eventuations in the period after I fully gave myself over to Him and began shedding, shredding and carving to pieces by His grace the bits of my life and self which got to GO –

but the day to day of it? The day to day of how satan will come AT you? Is often subtle enough that, if we were looking only through our own natural eyes and mind, we would be just about convinced that this is just reality.

“Maybe I’m NOT doing enough for God to fulfil His promises“.

“Maybe I DID miss a step”.

“Maybe I AM completely off path, or at the very least continually falling off the side of the path”.

“When am I going to be finally or properly moving forward in God’s plans and will for my life?! ARE WE THERE YET MUM?”


The truth, and I don’t think it’s a shocking truth for the reason mentioned above … we really can’t and should not be looking at things through our natural eyes, our mind, nor our emotions.

Since the work which was BEGUN in us was through the Spirit, why on earth would we CONTINUE in the flesh?! (Galatians)

But yet,
without that DAILY turning to God

to seek Him
know Him
hear from Him
YIELD to Him

we naturally DO start to assess ourselves through our mind and WHATEVER PERHAPS HAS ACCESS TO IT OR WOULD ATTEMPT TO. Enter: lies of the enemy which you can say NO to or, if your mind and heart is left unguarded –


I’d been walking, praying, listening to God, and asking Him His will for the different areas in my life. “What is YOUR will Lord, for my business right now? My finances? My (future / praying for) marriage? My children? My household?” And so on.

Something had lifted in me even in framing my conversation to Him this way. Removing the focus I admit I so often have of “what should I do / act on / know” … all of which have undertones of “how do I get” … and instead wondering, well –

what do YOU desire for me in this area?

One of the most powerful prayers God has shown me to offer, and which I would say I come back to almost weekly if not more frequently, is to pray He would rearrange the desires of my heart to make them His.

Aligning to GODS will for our lives is a daily thing.

God gave me answers, when I asked about His will for these different things, but the conversation was not done.

As I kept walking, thanking Him, turning different things over, all of a sudden I heard – “the plan is working”.

I can tell you I nearly came to a full stop! It was one of those PIERCING moments with the Lord where you just go WOAH. I hadn’t even caught that I’ve been looking through a lens of GODS PLANS FOR ME ARE NOT IN PLACE YET, I’M NOT ON TRACK, WHEN AM I GOING TO GET ON TRACK AND KNOW THAT THIS PATH IS RIGHTLY UNFOLDING AND THAT HIS WORDS FOR ME REALLY ARE ON THEIR WAY DOWN JUST AS THE SNOW AND RAIN FALLS FROM HEAVEN THEY WILL SURELY HIT THE EARTH?!

(Isaiah 55:10)

Without even noticing, I’d been living in a DECEIT AND CONFUSION that I was miserably off path and needed to somehow ‘find’ or ‘figure out’ my way into Gods will.

When God said “the plan is working”, soon followed by the instruction to “declare the plan is working”, and indeed to start PROPHESYING over different areas of my life it was just …


Is that crazy? Or do you feel me on this?

Because if the plan is working … if it’s ALREADY unfolding … then Gods will IS being done … I AM on path … the things He has for me are HAPPENING … and there’s suddenly NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT OR TRY GET OR FIGURE OUT.

Woahhhhhhhhhhh. Like, to a million infinity x woah, and beyond!

As I walked back down my own street, nearly home when this revelation had come through, I spontaneously lifted my hands to God and just started praising and thanking Him. “The plan is working! The plan is working! Your plan is working God! THANK you Lord. Oh my gosh, the plan is WORKING!”. I about near wanted to go let my neighbours know. It was true CELEBRATION VIBES which God had dropped me in.

See satan isn’t concerned if we ‘know’ God, or even ‘love Him’. What he wants is for us to be SEPARATED from God, ultimately so much so that we either never receive salvation in the first place, or else eventually become so disheartened that we fail to live in Gods promises and for his glory and even one day turn our backs on Him.

If you think about it … something as simple and VAST as feeling the weight of ‘not quite being there’ with God, and thinking that it is on YOU to figure that out or somehow ‘unlock’ it … is enough, compounded over time, to perhaps result in such tragedy.

Would you like to know how this all started? Me hearing that wonderful and RIVERS OF LIVING WATER message direct FROM Him, filling and refreshing every part of me?

I didn’t feel like praying.
I was tired and wanted a nap.
I’d had a massive day, and had only a short break before I needed to go back out for the evening.

And I went on a walk and started talking to our Father anyway.

God is God, and he can talk to you anytime He pleases. But make no mistake –

your most intimate relationships, and the ones where you truly know and HEAR from somebody, are not the ones you fit in on the fly or as an afterthought.

Take the time to go before God today. To humble yourself, and tell Him what you’re struggling with. To ask Him the things that are on your heart. And to simply see what He has to say,

when you show Him how much He matters in your day.

I promise you,

He is WAITING to hear from you even now.

Oh, and? If this hit for you then start to COME AGAINST DECEIT AND CONFUSION IN JESUS NAME. Possibly on the daily, or until such time as the Holy Spirit gives you peace on that.

Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.



Are you ready to make a decision for God today? Are you sick of doing things your own way? Are you ready to become a CITIZEN OF HEAVEN, and live by grace and the supernatural equipping of the Holy Spirit himself?!

God is waiting on you. And He is ready to forgive ALL, when you accept His Son Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, and give him of your own free will the life which He has given to you. What could be more purposeful than giving your life for what it WAS given to you for, which is to worship and glorify and know God?

If you are ready to be born again, and have a new identity in Christ, pray this prayer:

“Dear Lord Jesus. I believe you are the Son of God. I believe you came to this earth as a man, lived and then died on the cross and rose again 3 days later, and that your death was a sacrifice for me and my sins. I know that I am a sinner and I thank you for dying for me. Heavenly Father please forgive me, and make me brand new. Lord Jesus, I want to know you, follow you, and live for you all the days of my life, and turn fully from who I have been. I commit to you fully, now. Please come into my heart and be my Lord and Saviour.

In Jesus Name,

If you prayed this prayer for the first time or again CONGRATULATIONS!! The Bible says the angels are having a party for you RIGHT NOW! Please message me if you’d like to share your decision, or if you have a question.


FAITH ON THE EDGE begins tomorrow. 10 days together, walking fully into the rest and fire of God, such that you finally LET GO OF TRYING TO DO and create a new way where you simply SEE how He would have you be.



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