Purpose, Resting in God


You’re not missing something, you don’t have to finally pimp up all your stuff to look and sound like those who supposedly have made it, and in NO way do you need to get better at being somebody who you actually are not.

To put it even more directly:

In no way do you need to course correct the fact that you are not like the others.

God did not accidentally make you to think and dream and see and KNOW like you do, yet to have to conform to the way everybody else is doing it and live a life of perpetual longing for the way you wish it could be, because the way you WISH it could be,

and the way it WOULD be if you just rolled out of bed and did it the way He puts on YOUR heart for it to be,


This is not about being polarising, defiant, a black sheep, a rebel with a cause, an upstart who just refuses to set down like a proper little girl and do it like the others.

This is about the fact that there is VALIDITY to the fact that the way many people do it just makes you want to vomit in your own mouth.

And then spit it out all over their proper, pretty, polished, just so ways of dutifully following each other round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round in big ole circle of Kumbaya til you can’t tell where one began or ended and the next picked up.

That is not YOU.

That also does not automatically make the same samey ‘preneurs BAD.

Systems and the common thing can sometimes be GOOD. So long as each person there is following their true path in God, and I certainly make no assumptions about THAT because largely I DON’T THINK SO, but nope I don’t mean that general industry templates or ways of being are inherently all wrong.

I just mean –

there is a different way.

I just mean –

there is a you way.

I just mean –

the way God has put within you for it to be IS the way.

And you either will continue to give your life for everything OTHER than what it was given to you for, in an eternally failing quest to satisfy your own flesh or to meet the worlds standards and finally ‘be’ something, or –

you can start, right now today, to give your life for what it was given to YOU for.

Moment by moment,

breath by breath,

being DISCIPLINED to look away from ‘all that’,

and keep your eyes fixed forward where they should be, on God and His vision for you for NOW,

every day a new and a beautiful dance in Him.


Of COURSE it is scary to be different.

To realise that no matter how hard you try and hammer yourself into that hole you’re never gonna be like the other girls, and therefore nope – it won’t ‘work’ for you like it does for them.

But I guess there’s only one thing scarier –

giving your life, or even just the part you call business | ministry | work, for not being you.

Today, it’s time to exhale.

And to realise that permission to be you?

It came laminated and pre-approved at birth.

Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.



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