If you want the world to respond to you in a certain way, you have to be willing to respond to your SELF in that way, and you have to be willing to do so whether or not you feel like it.

I’m not talking about faking anything. I’m not talking about suppressing or in some way not addressing your feelings or your ‘stuff’.

YOU NEVER HAD TO WAIT FOR ANY OF ITI AM talking about – being responsible to the work, being responsible to your message, being responsible to who and what (within you) you know it’s time for rather than being responsible to your stories, your bullshit, and the shit you almost convince yourself is a real reason not to step up, and do the damn thing.

The truth is that you can simultaneously be working on your stuff … healing and clearing and learning how to really feel like you ARE that badass woman … and you can still choose to operate FROM a place of being her.

The pro tip which most people never quite figure out is that CHOOSING to be her is the primary way you DO become her.

Do you really think that every amazing leader or creator who inspires you just gradually FULLY SAW THEMSELVES AS BEING THAT PERSON and so then they started a business based on it? Began to do the work? Stood up for what was coming through them? Let it have a voice because now they finally felt like they were ready and were fully owning all that they are?


The bit about owning who and what you are, and seeing yourself as being that person comes from the PRACTICE of doing so! And there is literally no way to step into becoming without first being in the practice. The often awkward, clumsy, uncomfortable, ‘who do I think I am’ practice!

So when you sit there, and you tell yourself – ‘one day I want to write like her. Lead like her. Create like her. Teach like her. Own my badassery like her. Create a business like her. Feel the way that she does about money. Feel the way that she does about herself’ – or whatever else you tell yourself – know this:

You are being given a signpost from within that you get to be her now. LISTEN TO IT. Because what you have, with every single passing thought like that, is the opportunity to shake off all the reasons not to, all the reasons you feel not ready or sure, and to just BE HER ANYWAY.

The blueprint you’re looking for is exactly where it’s always been:

In the place where you say yes anyway.

And the world will start seeing you the way you long to one day be seen, when you start seeing yourself the way your stories are trying to tell you you gotta wait for.

Fun fact:

You never had to wait for any of it.