It doesn’t matter how much you’ve already achieved, what a badass next level human everyone knows you to be, whether you’re ruling the entire freakin’ WORLD with the moves you make, if there are things which haunt you and hover over you because you know they are FOR you and yet you repeatedly don’t choose ’em then the thing that nobody who is NOT you knows?

Is that it’s almost impossible for you to shake that constant sense of frustration or remorse, you flat out don’t FEEL like a crazy success even if you logically know you are, and if people knew how much time you actually spend beating up on yourself or convinced you’re weak | a flake | full of shit?

They’d be shocked.

I get that this is the bit where, if I were a proper ‘conscious coach’ or some shit, I would tell you that you’re good enough, you’re smart enough, you’re funny enough, and God damn it – people like you! Which they do … and you are … but also?

The Katrina ShowPull your damn head out of your ass and wake up.

It’s NEVER too late to rewrite the rulebook on possibility, and there is not a single thing which ANYONE out there but ESPECIALLY you cannot set their mind to and achieve. Don’t come at me with all the exceptions to this, you know that ain’t the point. You also know that the ESPECIALLY YOU bit? Is valid as fuck. And here is what else –

Just because you’ve already done so much. Created so much. Said yes to so much. Revved your life up and then put your foot to the floor like a crime scene getaway driver and pulled so damn far ahead that near nobody else can touch you. Does NOT mean you will just ‘automatically’ go ahead and do the things which beat endlessly inside of you with the continual.fucking.reminder. that you STILL did not say yes and then just DO it.

That shit you long for? Wish you could be about? Wish you already had the habit of? KNOW you need to get your discipline on with? KNOW is required in your life from a straight up living in alignment and according to your values perspective?

It’s not going to go away.

And all the wins in the world which are NOT that thing don’t count for shit if you continue to not DO that thing.

So you think it’s not possible because, lemme guess –

You don’t have any more time to spare.

You’re already WAY too busy.

People who __ insert whatever identity you think you now have to meet the rulebook of __ don’t __ insert thing you ‘wish’ you could do but ‘can’t’ ___.

You don’t know how.

If you were going to you would have by now.

And so on,

and so forth,

but please!

YOU are the person who does whatever she decides to.

YOU are the person who NEVER fails to follow through on something which is a true commitment.

YOU are the person who repeatedly has made something out of nothing, and rewritten the mofo rulebook on possibility, so why not now? Why not with this? Why not just DECIDE? WHY NOT NOW?

And the reality which you can’t keep hiding from is this:

There’s not a single excuse you could come up with which actually is more valid than the fact that in the end, if you had CHOSEN it?

You woulda done it. Become it. The end.

So –

what are you waiting for?

You wanna keep being the high achiever hiding from the fact that they didn’t actually choose their true dreams, but all of ’em?

Or you wanna stop being such a sook when you know that all you ever to do was choose?

Either way, know this: