On the days when it feels hard to take action, you are sluggish or unsure, disconnected or in despair, simply not feeling it but yet some part of you still desires to show up, stop, and remind yourself –

I do know the moves to make.

I know the moves to make. I know how to make ’em. I am capable of starting. And I AM making a difference.

When you feel as though there is SO much to do you can’t possibly do it all even if you work every hour under the sun two times over, when you feel weighed down at just how much you wish you were already on top of and ‘should have done by now!’, stop, and remind yourself –

It’s okay to just be here now.

It’s okay to just be here now.

It’s okay to spend even a few minutes taking action.

It’s okay to make small slow moves.

I don’t have to do everything at once.

And even if I tried to – it’s not going to get me to where I want to go, and is more than likely to mean I wind up just feeling even more frazzled and as though I didn’t really do what MATTERED!

And when you’re feeling this way –

Or really, any time at all –

Here is how to do what matters. KNOW you are moving the needle. And see your success grow, in a way where it becomes inevitable for it NOT to.


Yes, I get that you could or should have already done seven hundred hours of mindset recoding work that you haven’t yet done (says who?!) but even a few minutes sitting quietly, jotting down choices, choosing your intention or outcome for the day will set you on path in a new direction.


Yes, I get that if you had have consistently shown up sooner for your craft, you would have already built that legacy of work by now and maybe a multi-whatever empire as well, but so what? Write something NOW for 10 or 15 minutes. Record a video NOW. Create something NOW. A small block of time,


is what builds that empire you’re running ’round bemoaning not having yet built. And you can definitely give a small block of time right now, can’t you?


So you should have already put endless different things in place for the selling of the things and the automation of the monies, and now you have to do it ALL AT ONCE OR ELSE? Silly … just put one thing in place right now.

Just stop. Pause. Take a MOMENT. And realise that everything you wanna build and know you ‘should’ is a very natural, indeed impossible to avoid, outcome of you just putting a small little piece of energy or effort in right now.

A little bit into your intention, your mindset practice.

A little bit into communication, saying or sharing something.

A little bit into sales activity, reaching out and offering.

A little bit into seeing the vision clearer.

A little bit into doing something you said you would.

A little bit into clearing your space.

And so on.


There will always be a lot to do. SO much that that ‘next level you’ would have already done. Apparently! But the truth is that as you become her?

You’ll realise that all she really ever did? Was wake up. Do today’s work today. Repeat.

Stop complicating things. What is the true work of today? Better still –

What is the true work of these moments in front of you right now?

Just do that.