If you want the things you see inside of you to show up for you, to snap through like WOAH into your physical reality,

‘fuck! It just became real!’,

then you need to make a conscious choice NOW to begin backing yourself with UNAPOLOGETIC, UNWAVERING AND UNSHAKEABLE certainty that of COURSE it gets to be like this.

> It gets to be what you plan for

> It gets to be what you choose

> It gets to be what you EXPECT

> It gets to be what you normalise

> And it gets to fucking be that you square your shoulders, throw ’em back where they belong (you know the drill), and then relentlessly GO BE THE PERSON WHO GOT THAT

I say often, to the people who are closest to me in my personal life, and also to my MONARCH clients, “of course you get that. YOU FUCKING DESERVE THAT”.

Of COURSE you got that next 50, 100, 500 mil deal, whatever it was.

Of COURSE you got that sort of FULL King | Queen partnership show up.

Of COURSE you get that person.

Of COURSE this crazy ass opportunity just flew in out of nowhere at you. Of course the next one did right away. Of COURSE you have energy like that. Focus like that. FUCK yes like that. ACROSS THE BOARD.

“That is what YOU get”, I like to say. “YOU ARE THE KING”.


And I think often, when I express this, particularly when it’s very close to me, I think often in AWE, and WONDER, at how this person just chose to be this. Became what they were always going to. OBVIOUSLY. But still, also –

most do not.

And I think at times in awe and wonder and holy shit ‘what even IS this!’, ‘this is LIFE; WOW!’, about the incredible mind-blowing blessings which are in my life, in every possible way, and every day just getting MORE mind-bendingly amazing, I think BEYOND the awe and wonder, and at some point I always come back to, well –

Of course.

Of course I get this. WHAT ELSE WOULD IT HAVE BEEN. I chose this. I became it. I said yes. I did the HARD hard things. I surrendered the things I longed for most. I repeated. I CHOSE WHAT WAS GIVEN TO ME AND I GAVE MY FULL YES.

My surrendered,

but full,


The most powerful thing I have to give.

So when I am not sure,

or when my clients, who helm and lead TRUE empires, the kind that change the world on a TRUE global frequency level, my King and sometimes Queen clients who truly RUN this thing, feel unsure,

when something seems to be not working, or there is a blocked energy,

we must ALWAYS at some point go to this:


The thing with certainty is –

it’s always available.

The thing with living from it is –

You do have to choose it.