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The thing which you have backwards, and why you continue to push your true and most soul-aligned success away from you, is that you keep on trying to build something which does not yet exist, and you therefore perpetuate a reality in which YOU exist on a completely different continuum from the empire you know is yours.

When what you need to do, is firstly to understand that it already FULLY exists somewhere in space and time, it is FULLY formed, and secondly to simply then call it in to the now, and to this plane.

It’s already there.

It’s already present.

It’s already in the NOW, just, obviously, not the same now YOU are choosing to see and to circle around in.

The fact that you CAN however see it, in your visions, in your dreams, in the musings of your journal and the little whispers of something which float through you and then quickly away, before you can QUITE grasp on, shows that it is, well –

To be seen.

And if a thing can be SEEN, no matter how much that sight is purely in the non-physical (and perhaps especially then), then surely –

It exists.


How would you see it?!

And if YOU can see it, in all its detail and intricacy and full-colour glory, and others can NOT see it, then surely that means –


(Yours and yours alone, as you are the one being shown it).

And if we can then agree that a) it exists, and b) it’s yours and yours alone or else you wouldn’t see or know of it, then surely we can also agree that it is c) AVAILABLE.

It’s a logical conclusion, I think you’ll find, at least within the mind of one who understands the BEYOND PHYSICAL, even a little.

For those who don’t yet understand it, who perhaps FEEL it, are curious, but right now confused, let’s just simplify and be clear:

Physical is just one part of who you are, one aspect of the human experience.

Emotional, mental, energetic, spiritual, to name a handful of your other ‘bodies’ or ‘selves’ all have JUST as much import.

To ignore your gifts and powers in the energetic (for example), because perhaps you find it too ‘woo woo’, you think it’s crazy or you don’t want to be ACCUSED of being crazy, and pushed out of the herd, is akin to ignoring the ability to use your arms and legs because WHAT KIND OF A CRAZY PERSON WOULD JUST THINK THEY CAN MOVE THEIR HUMAN FORM AROUND ON THESE WEIRD STALKY THINGS?!

“That’s crazy!” (someone in another time and space and place, who operates in the NON-physical predominantly) might say.


^^^ this is how ridiculous you sound, when you try to make the metaphysical, the magical, the mystical NOT NORMAL or NOT OKAY.

It is VERY VERY normal.


There’s that.

Just something to think about 😉

But I hope it makes my point, and allows me to now come back to the previous point with a deeper emphasis, that being this:

What you see and feel inside of you is JUST as real as what you see or feel or observe in the physical, and, anybody with even a basic understanding of how reality actually works would argue, even MORE so.

It’s been well proven that when we are not being the OBSERVER, ‘reality’ shifts and changes. Particles basically dancing around all over the damn place like crazy little jumping beans, doing whatever TF they want but certainly NOT doing what they’re doing when they are being observed, much like teenagers at an unattended party who instantly metamorph into well behaved little ‘butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths’ goody two-shoes the moment a whisper of an adult is heard!

(Google the ‘slit’ experiment to learn more about this)

All of which I say to REMIND YOU of what you already know for certain, on a soul level, despite what your fear-mind may have to say about it, in its quest to drive you AWAY from purpose.

What you feel inside of you is real.

It exists ALREADY, somewhere.

It is available for YOU.

It is available NOW.


So if you have a dream, a desire, a knowing of purpose, a WORK YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO, or simply something you want very badly, and you are not actively CALLING IT INTO THE PHYSICAL right now with absolute certainty and decisiveness, well –

You’re just an even lazier fucker than you thought, aren’tcha 🙂

Or, perhaps, scared.

Or, maybe, unknowing, but really –

That’s a cop out.

In fact ANYTHING which you allow yourself to use as a reason to not insist on having, doing, and becoming EVERYTHING inside of you right now is just straight up bullshit, and a cop out.

So at least, if you’re going with that –

Own it.

And make it a conscious choice.

‘I know I could, I am just choosing not to’, is a LOT more powerful anyhow, than ‘I can’t’.

It also becomes rather tiresome to admit to yourself over and over again that you’re not choosing something you want, and eventually it may propel you to the decision and action you currently avoid!

Which brings us to our next point –

Why DO you avoid?

If you want to understand how instant manifestation works, it’s very simple.

You are here.

The vision of what you want is there.

For argument’s sake let’s consider it in a mostly straight line in front of you, like at the end of a plane’s runway and you at the start.

‘It’, as we already know, already exists (at the end of the runway).

In order for YOU to meet IT, all that is needed is for whatever is on that runway path in front of you to be cleared.

If you close your eyes, or soften your gaze right now, and pause, tune in, and ASK, you will be told what these ‘obstructions to flow’ are.

Unworthiness / fear / cost, etc. To name a few.

Reasons why, in spite of the fact that you REALLY WANT THE THING AND KNOW IT IS DIVINED, YOURS, you don’t actually want the thing ’cause it’s not worth it / you’re worried it will be taken away / you’re not good enough or ready, or whatever.

Your job therefore, is simple.

Either you make your DECISION to have or do or become ‘it’ so strong that it AUTOMATICALLY WIPES OUT ALL POSSIBLE BLOCKS AND OBSTRUCTIONS, thus INSTANTLY clearing the runway and snapping the energetic (for example) into the physical,

Or, you ‘decide’ but with some form of cloudiness or reservedness which thus also requires you to have to piece by piece ‘clear’ or otherwise shed or shred the obstructions to flow.

Either way is fine.

Either way is actually very SIMPLE.

Either way also of course comes with its required aligned action, detachment, surrender, and so on.

Either way is the exact process, the cliffs notes version at least, of how you snap the other-worldly into the now, and manifest instantly.

But before you can do any of this, or remotely have it work for you, you have to understand and believe:

The empire you’re trying to build already exists.

You just gotta tear down the walls between you and it.

You can let that be easy.

Or you can decide for it to be hard.

But where you will make it IMPOSSIBLE, is if you keep trying valiantly to bring something to life that you don’t understand is already a THING, and just one you’re not yet currently choosing.

It’s already a thing you are worthy of.

It’s already a thing which exists.


It is also a thing which you absolutely have the ability to live out your entire life not choosing.

And all because you refused to acknowledge that the entire time it was right there,

Inside of you,


Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.


Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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