Alignment, Purpose


Before you read this, know that by the time I finished writing it I was crying, and it might have that impact on you too.

For as long as I can remember, way back and well before I had the name I do now, was known as “Kat”, was a writer and speaker and creator and influencor like THIS, I remember repeating one simple statement, over and over again.

I was thinking about this just now because today I’m meeting one of my earliest online business mentors, who I’ve not seen in person for YEARS, for a walk along the beautiful Gold Coast beach, and I am pretty sure I would have said it to her back in the day, at some point. We only mentored together briefly, which was in the form of my attending an in person event of hers, but it was a pivotal relationship in my online journey, and one which had a direct impact in me joining many of the groups I then did, leading to the relationships then formed, leading to where I ultimately am NOW.

So I’m excited to catch up 🙂

But anyway, this thing, this statement, this desire –

I know I didn’t actively seek this particular mentor’s help to bring it to life, my focus at the time was on expanding my fitness business, and that’s what we did.

But I was already saying it.

I said it to EVERYONE.

And I wrote it out in my journal nearly every damn day.

“All I want to do is THIS … and THIS … and YES – !


I would then expand on it, at times, get right into the details of how that would look, and I definitely remember talking the ear off of more than a few of my mentors and coaches as I tried earnestly to listen to implement what I thought I SHOULD do to make money, what the rules said I MUST do, what I actually did a damn fine job of learning HOW to do, because hey – !

I’ve always been a good student, and wanted the A+ and a gold fucking star.

But in between the hustle …

And the following of ‘correct’ online processes …

And the continual seeking to figure out who I even was, never mind what I wanted to stand for …

I would always come back to this one thing. And eventually I started to REALLY REALLY try, to express to my later mentors, what this thing WAS.

This thing which I knew I was meant to do.

This thing which was actually what I was born for.

This thing I had no fucking clue HOW!

To bring to life.

But I tried, or I started to, at least. I guess I didn’t have the ability to look to the future yet, and know –

“Hey Kat! The stuff you feel inside of you is real. Fucking ACT on it!”

Can I just say something right here, just on a side note, to you?

“Hey YOU! The stuff you feel inside of you is real. Fucking ACT on it!”


I’d be on the phone nodding my head and talking with my mentors about all the internet marketing shit that was working and basically just waiting for a break in the conversation when I could interject –

“But what I really want to do …!

I can’t even explain it – !

I just really want to THIS and THIS and yes – !


And I want it to be about THIS and THIS and THIS and oh – !


And they’d be positive about it, mostly, but positive in the way that you nod a childs head and agree –


Of COURSE the Easter Bunny is real! And he loves you SO MUCH.

And the onus for that, of course, is definitely on ME. As it always is, and only could be.

But still.

It would have been nice to have someone believe in my dream; help me figure out the HOW.

Can I tell you something?

I believe in your dreams.

I believe that what you feel inside of you is real.

I believe that you WERE born for what you KNOW you were born for.

And most of all I believe, no fucking KNOW –

The thing you just WISH it could be about?


That’s the thing.

But hey – ! If you want to follow in MY path, then by all means. Spend another 3, 4, 5 years, waiting to give yourself permission to believe, commit, and also just ACT, on being you.

Just so you know I’m not being TOO hard on yourself, I’m fully aware that most people spend a lifetime waiting to be who they are, so I’m actually pretty damn proud of myself here! But I also think … you know … YOU could just do it today.

I’m here to tell you that YOU can just do it today.

Say the thing.

DO the thing.

Create what’s IN you.

FUCK what anybody has to say about it and fuck HOW it can possibly WORK or be OKAY or make you MONEY!

Don’t you get it yet? Please LISTEN, when I tell you – !

The thing you’ve ALWAYS wanted it to be about, wished it could be about, probably journaled and daydreamed and even spoken about –


There is no other thing.

There never was.

And there NEVER CAN BE, so stop LOOKING for a way to SUCCEED by not, simply, being –


And by the way?


Just so you know my opinion on pretty much any question or fear you might have about all of this 🙂

Because here is what is true and real and absolute:

You came born with a blueprint baby.

Your purpose was written before time began.

When you were just a star in the eye of God, HE knew –


Is for this.

And he?

Is for that.

And then you come along, being all HUMAN and shit, and cross your arms and stomp your feet and insist – !

“No thanks! I know I have this amazing code inside of me that literally tells me EXACTLY WHAT TO DO and exactly how to achieve EVERYTHING I dream of, and I know that if I DO dream of something that means it’s my dream to bring to life, and I actually even believe all this stuff Kat says about just do YOU, but no, no THANK you – !


Just in case!”

And hey …

That’s cool …

If that’s what you want to do. And maybe you just need to go on your own fucking journey and I should shut up, and let you. Who am I to tell you not to screw your shit up for the next few years or more, after all – I got to go through all that heartache and turmoil myself, you should too!

But there’s just one problem with this my love.

And it’s NOT that I don’t want you to have to struggle and suffer and end up broke and nearly BROKEN, like I did, before I gave in to being ME and let my business EXPLODE and my life grow to where every freakin’ DAY I get to wake up –

Do what I love –

Do what I was BORN for –

And get paid a damn fine sight for it.

Do you want to know what the problem is, and why I can’t shut up, why I physically want to REACH THROUGH THE INTERNET AND SHAKE YOU BY THE SCRUFF OF YOUR NECK AND TELL YOU TO PRESS PLAY?

Haven’t you guessed?

Isn’t it obvious?

Don’t you SEE me doing it, every DAY?

The thing which I always wanted to do.

Which I knew I can’t NOT.

Which I so LONGED for it to be about.

Was to write –

And speak –

And create –

And inspire, educate, motivate and EMPOWER you –

To press play.

And then one day I just woke up-

And started doing it.

ALL in.

And look where I am and look where WE are and look what I’ve CREATED and if it’s not too outrageous to say look how I now get to IMPACT you.

Because I finally gave in to the THING.

And now as I type this out, these last few lines, sitting here looking over the beautiful Surfers Paradise beach at my favourite early morning coffee shop, I find myself tearing up, a lump in my throat, and my hands have started to shake.

All I EVER wanted to do was to write and to speak and to inspire and motivate and empower you to KNOW you were born for a purposed, to know you have a CALLING, to know you can have it ALL, but that if you want it you DO have to get the fuck up and go and get it.

All I ever wanted to do was to tell you –

Life is Now. Baby PLEASE –

Press Play.

And so when I see you so DESPERATELY wishing you could DO THE THING and I think back to all the years I spent in HEARTACHE trying to DO THE THING but thinking that THAT thing would never be THE thing and instead giving my life to all of these OTHER things, things which ROBBED me of my SOUL …

And when I then think of the fact that as SOON – as soon! – as I actually committed to doing MY thing and then started doing it that my business blew up, and I now literally make millions and am on my way to impacting millions JUST BY DOING THIS THING …

And when I imagine how much longer you might take before you finally GET it …

I just know all the more.

It’s not just that all I ever wanted to do was write and speak and inspire and educate and motivate and empower you to press play.

It’s that if I didn’t?

You never might.

And if there is only a SINGLE person who my message truly impacts to where as a result of listening to me they step up and live as they were BORN to live, and if I never made a single fucking cent from doing this every day, I would do it till I collapse and give my dying breath.

I would give my LIFE for it.

And I will.

The fact that it’s also ended up being the thing which got me to HERE?

A fucking bonus, baby, although REALLY – there’s no other way to GET there, but to be you.

And so I BEG you.

I PRAY of you.



And then wake up and do it –

And only it –


The thing you’ve ALWAYS wished it could be about, don’t you see?

That’s the thing.