I coach Kings.

I work with the most powerful men in the world privately and deeply intimately to uncover and tear apart what it is TIME for.

The parts of them they have not wanted to see. Know. Feel. Understand. Or that they have accepted as ‘just how it is’.

‘Of course I feel this way about not being EVEN further ahead in my Kingdom building sooner’.

‘Of course I still have this underlying pulse telling me that maybe I’m not good enough. Maybe I won’t go further. Maybe I can’t simultaneously grow, and also be the man I need to be in my life.’

The other part of him, of course – is purpose-driven killer certainty, relentlessness, drive, ambition, he will not and CAN not be stopped. He terrifies the mediocre. And awes the great.

He REIGNS SUPREME. He is ‘the one’ who others see as untouchable. Unshakeable. CERTAIN. Absolute.

I peel through layers of his identity in moments. I see feel sense find release. I activate him into his NEXT becoming. I stare directly into his soul and calmly call forth exactly what I see, and what gets to now be.

Nobody else can do this work. Not his male mentor. Not his buddies. Not his QUEEN, if she has shown up. If she hasn’t, she soon will. But this – this is QUEEN ENERGY TO ACTIVATE HIS EMPIRE.

This is not about structure to grow what he BUILDS. This is structure to shift his BEING. Yes. He has much to be proud of. What a kingdom has been built!

But it is time for the next kingdom. The next reveal of HIM. The NEXT King he must now be.

It is time.

My work is the work of becoming the next King. It is work which COMPLETES, each time we speak. My clients, the most super powered, wealthy, and of deep impact and purpose men in the world, walk out AS him. And then we repeat.

This work is private invite + referral only. And it is for true KINGS. I am the Kingmaker.

If you wish to work with me privately at all, the window is closing end this wk. Communicate immediately, as I will no longer be available at any rate.

If you wish to learn how to do this deepest and truest work on yourself: > final days on sale.