I just spent 30 minutes stripping things out of one arm of my business alongside 3 of my team, and it was SUCH a powerful reminder of how easily ‘not true’ things can creep into business.

Things like a couple of statements we repeat use when explaining things to our clients which, when we talked it out, are just – wrong. Not US. Not something that matches the vibe and frequency of what we DO here which is basically?

Follow the next one illuminated step in front of us, and forget about the rest.

And what’s the big deal, right? We’re just talking about a couple of little ‘how we explain things’ points which are really just WORDS. Not ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ words.

Side note: if you received emails from me on the weekend full of cursing, they were old emails which were re-used for a secret sale we were running, and I didn’t even THINK about editing the emails and also wouldn’t even have known had my parents not contacted me to tell me. Doh! If you’re not caught up, I’ve flick switched fully to God at the centre, COMPLETELY surrendered my all to Him, my entire life has changed and I’ve never been more supernaturally on FIRE, oh and yeah –

cursing is out. Speaking of wrong words ;).

Anyway –

TODAY’S switch was not wrong words per se. But as I said to my team –

“This is from the other side of the marketing tracks to who WE are, and how WE do business. And also to what our ideal clients care about. So it’s derailing us to even MENTION it.”


I love a good slashing and stripping, don’t you?!

Here is the thing with ‘not true’ stuff, and how it actually DANGEROUSLY effects where you’re going. And why it IS a big deal, a huge big deal, despite what I said earlier.

>>> You’re either on path or you’re not. You’re either faith-led or no. You’re either following your path of alignment? Or you’re cutting off supernatural flow and results by repeating putting ‘just in case’ stuff in place which has the effect of energetically SCREAMING:

I don’t really trust.”

^^^ THIS ABSOLUTELY CUTS YOUR RECEIVING BY OH, I DUNNO – 99.99%. This is #FACTS. I’ve only been doing this stuff, and coaching the best in the world to do the same, for DECADES all up.

It creeps up when you adjust what you were going to say or do or sell because you’re worried someone won’t get it otherwise.

It creeps up when you were being spirit LED, intuition FLARING, to take the time to mosey on into creative flow, but instead you fussed about with how your Instagram should look, or with doing ‘proper business things’.

It creeps up when you filter or water down your message.

It creeps up when your soul is desperate to be free to flourish, water, and be fed by the leanings of your spirit … aka to dance through your day in-SPIRE-ED … meaning: IN-SPIRIT-LED-ACTION … and instead?

You make a list.
Check it twice.
And then dutifully painfully and soul betrayingly push your way through it.

Ignoring the gurgling sounds from within as your creative fire,
slowly drowns.

My ideal clients? YOU. The ones who God put me on this earth to speak TRUTH into?

They don’t care about the should dos of business.
They don’t care if it makes sense.
They don’t even care about the details of what they’re buying, committing to, or doing half the time.
And they’re not INTERESTED in whether their day was spent productively on things that marketing gooroos say you should do, even though sure – they get distracted by this stuff at times.

What they care about? What the LIVE for? Why they’re HERE?

No, it’s not even money. DEFINITELY not. Ha! Money is just a thing that exists in large amounts in the vision of them being them.

And that’s what it IS, isn’t it?

They care about waking up every day and knowing that by the time their head hits the pillow at night? They can hand on their heart say I DID WHAT I CAME HERE TO DO TODAY.

IT WAS A WHIRLING TWIRLING I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO I AM HALF THE TIME BEAUTIFUL DANCE OF SUPERNATURAL VORTEX-Y FLOW AND IT CHANGED LIVES. I spoke what needed to be spoken. Created what I was shown to create. Was led by GOD and my own spirit PLANTED right, as I truly –

said yes to what is a true yes.

Gorgeous one,

I urge you –

Make today the day you surrender fully. Make today the day you realise that all you ever needed was to see the next step illuminated in front of you.

And make today the day you admit that where THAT is?

Is in the place you stop looking,

and just start listening,

to what is.


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