Success Mindset

When You KNOW You Will – You Will

It sounds so obvious and faintly ridiculous, but if you want to ACTUALLY make your goals come to life you have to KNOW that you will.

Think about it:

There have been things, over the past year, or maybe a little further back, BIG things even, but also a ton of little things, where at some point prior to achieving them you’ve had a moment of recognition:

“I fucking WILL”.

And all of a sudden this thing you wanted, and hoped for, and WISHED for, and wondered if you could (or really, if you would!), became something you just KNEW:

Was going to fucking happen.


Well, duh.

It fucking happened.

It might be that you made up your mind you HAD to have that particular new handbag, or pair of jeans –

Or maybe it was an event or coaching experience you no longer allowed yourself to treat as an “I wanna” –

Perhaps it was a relationship you decided you were ACTUALLY done with, or one that you got clear was GOING to now happen, or improve.

Or maybe it was as simple as deciding you were going to have the last chocolate in the packet, but the POINT is that honey when you decide you want something and you’re GOING to have it?

You get it.

Which brings me to MY point:

Why do you even bother setting goals you don’t fucking KNOW you’ll make happen?

Why KID yourself that this will be the week you improve your diet, start working out, begin saving, actually freakin’ HUSTLE?

Why PRETEND that you’re going to start messaging each day, DOING your sales work, following up and following through?

Why DELUDE yourself that you actually give a damn about all this STUFF that you keep talking about, journaling about, ONE DAYing about?

Why not just be honest, and admit:

Right now, what is the stuff you ACTUALLY fucking want?

What is the stuff you’re ACTUALLY willing to commit yourself to?

What is the stuff you’re GOING to lay yourself on the line for this week, get your ass up for, and MAKE happen?

Write THAT shit done.

And stop LYING to yourself with anything else.

Every time you BS about being an action-taker, willing to do the work, you LOSE self-belief and respect.

Which makes it ever harder to believe in yourself the next time around.

It’s a vicious cycle of INACTION.

So, no matter how small you have to start, this week for the love of GOD:

Commit to what you’re actually freakin’ committed to.

And then do the fucking work.