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When you’re in the in between place, the place where you’re neither here nor there but yet you know of and feel BOTH, is when you have the ability to consciously choose in to re-coding, re-wiring, RELINQUISHING, and re-creating.

The things which no longer serve you, and which have felt SO difficult to let go of, so hard, like ‘how do I how do I HOW do I, it’s impossible, fuck!’, all of a sudden just melt away.

‘How on earth did I think that THAT was difficult?’, you wonder, as you drift dreamily in and out of the here, into and just back from the there,

noticing along the way, as you drift, as you float, as you vaguely absorb the sounds of the physical world around you, and know you could at any moment choose to snap back into it, noticing oh – !

All of a sudden!

The you who you wanted to be, who has for so long now felt SO far away, you can see her, feel her, smell her, VIBE her, but yet somehow not get a hold of all her, all of a sudden OH –

She’s right there.

It’s so obvious.

It’s so easy.

I’ll just … yes. Like that. And then … EXACTLY. Like this.

And so you move forward, you shift back, a little to the side. Dancing with life itself as you let go let go let go of the idea that there ever could be ANY separation.

Between you and God.

Between God and soul.

Between soul and higher self.

Between higher self and absolute fucking certainty of what to do, how to do it, what matters, and how to INSTANTLY be on the wavelength of fuck yes.

You always understood –

That it’s an energy thing.

That the whole game of life is a game of choose your own adventure, and that at ANY moment you have the power of choice to change

Who you are
How you feel
How you respond to life
How life responds to YOU

You ALWAYS understood, you’ve ALWAYS known it’s a simple matter of adjusting what’s running through you, in order to immediately clear the things which you’ve allowed to block you, and in order to let through the everything, yes EVERYTHING you desire.

A simple matter of I close my eyes
I smile
I tap my ruby red heels together three times,
and boom – !
I’m here, I’m there, I’m IT, I HAVE it, I’m all fucking OVER it.

ALL of it.

This is just how it is,

life on the other side.

Life for those of us who understand the never-ending dance we get to spin spin spin into, with God, with life, with soul, with self.

Each day a blank slate, a new creation, and a ‘which path will you choose’ opportunity to decide, once more, who you will be.

‘Am I the kind of woman for whom life shows up, treats her as the VIFP she obviously is, for whom money flows abundantly, like DUH, of course?’

‘Or am I the chick who struggles, who pushes, who attempts continually to use FORCE, only in the natural, forgetting that just as God gave her arms, legs, a mouth to speak, ears to hear, he also gave her supernatural and spiritual gifts and powers, and the ability to DANCE BEYOND JUST THE PHYSICAL’.

To limit, block, handcuff, or MAKE BAD OR WRONG your supernatural gifts is exactly – EXACTLY – as ridiculous as what it would be to refuse to use your arms and legs, make it bad and wrong, or use them only very very cautiously or very very occasionally.

So, who are you?

The one who has decided that life is HARD, it’s a battlefield and then you die, and who refuses to let go of the paradigm which came with that decision –

The ‘do + do + do do do do do = mediocre fucking result’ paradigm … ‘so long as I make sure I choose the exact right ‘do’ and then also DO it exactly right, and then also get a bit lucky’?

Or are you the one who looks at the ways of the world,

considers them (not for very long!),

and then says fuck.that.shit.

Or simply –

‘thank you, but NO thank you’.

‘I hear you, I see you, I’ll send your thoughts to the board (not really!), but actually, right now (and forever!), I’m good.

I’m good with believing that even though NOBODY ELSE SEEMS TO BELIEVE THIS, I’m going to be able to do what I want,

what I know I was born for,

fully on my terms,

not compromise a damn THING,

and have it all.

Without following your pesky rules,

and by making it all up as I go, because baby?

I follow the flow‘.

You can’t be both gorgeous.

You HAVE to choose, and the thing is –

You already did.

Daily, you wake up, and you OH so clearly demonstrate WHAT YOU ALREADY CHOSE.

You sing a good tune about being a believer,

but the whole thing with believing,

is it also requires actions.

So dance my darling, dance in and out of the other place, for those who are called will never stop HEARING the call, and will, regardless of how stuck and 2D they continue to choose their lives to be, at times RESPOND to the call, let go, and let flow, but sooner or later when you feel yourself fading out of THIS world,

and falling into THAT,

perhaps you might consider –

just an idea –

a little thought to ponder,

muse upon, really – !


And the reason is this:

You are a supernatural being, walking around in flesh and blood.

The everything you’ve always known is divined and aligned for you IS.

God is waiting for you to just say YES, and it is truly as simple as that; it’s DONE.

Your only remaining job to show up, day by day, and be present and in alignment with the now.

There’s nothing you ever needed to EARN, your endless DOING is futile.

It was already given to you.

It was long ago granted.


The only question is,

as you shift back and forth, wondering wondering wondering if what you feel in those occasional in between times about JUST how fuck yes it could be,

do you dare to play life this way?

The way it was divined.
The way it is aligned.
The way you’ve always known it should be.
And that it at any time CAN be.

If only you’d say yes.

Stop asking.

And start fucking trusting.

Just remember,

as you make up your mind,

stare into the looking glass once more,

and wonder who TF you are and whether you have the balls to leap yet,


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