Normalise A Continual Flow


You’re looking at it from the wrong perspective, through the filter of “what do I gotta give in exchange?”, when in actual fact it is only ever “what do I choose and then who do I go and be because that is who I must be?”

You’re breathing at 2% capacity, careful little sips in and out, measured, appropriate, permissible, and right. Sips which, somewhere along the way, you or perhaps the world you listened to told you –

Yes. That is about right. Just like that. No more!

You’re keeping your arms rigid against your body, your posture held tight, your shoulders tucked slightly, you are FURROWED.

When your natural way of being is to fling your arms out wide, Sound of Music style, breathe in and out great gusts of air, and just LET THE MAGIC FLOW.

You are focusing on things like “where do my next sales come from?”, and “how do I hit that income goal?”, and “what am I not seeing about getting more people on my webinar, more people reading and watching me?”, and “how many of them converted last time, so what should I expect or aim for this time?”

When none of that has anything to do with ANYTHING, if only you’d just live in your magic, live in the place where the peoples show up and buy BECAUSE THEY SHOW UP AND BUY, and whatever your ‘do’ is along the way … is just what you happened to be led to do. That time.

You are listening to the people who have told you:

“You can do art as a free spirit wanderer in THIS pocket of your business | life | the internet | the world, but not over here. Over here you must do things properly! Here is what properly looks like!”

You are ignoring the fact that properly just so happens to never ever ever feel like you.

You are telling yourself that means you are sabotaging, bad human!

You are turning your back on your creative genius,

because for some God-forsaken and TRULY bizarre (if only you’d think about it) reason it feels safer to place yourself in a container,

lie down very still so as not to hit the edges!

and be sure not to pop your head out more than every once in a while,

than what it does to choose and trust and back and lean EVER further into the path of saying yes to your own particular brand of crazy.

You are adapting your message to suit the masses, to convert or cajole over more of ’em,

when you only ever came here for who you came here for, there are enough of them anyway, and besides which they won’t even see or notice you if you don’t be you!


Gorgeous one.

Supernatural one.

Free spirit crazy wanderer one.


The path of ‘should’, and ‘right’, and ‘proper’.

The one where you check your numbers twice morning and night, and adjust accordingly.

Yes. Some people do GREAT business this way. Yes. YOU can do … ‘great’ business this way. Unless by great you mean,

the business of your heart your soul your cells your DNA the cosmos your truth.

You have this incredible incredible magic in you. I see it. I feel it. It almost overwhelms me with intensity at times! It is THROBBING. Pulsing. Bloody. Raw. WILD. Springing forth. Yet being shoved back in every time it tries to spring too far. Or being told –

another time. Just not today. Not like that. We don’t have time for that right now, we can’t afford that right now, we have proper things to do right now!

Do you actually believe, hand on your heart, that the way for YOU to truly flow with the depth of what is in you, meant to come through you, and also meant to come TO you, is because you crunched the numbers right? Made the adjustments right? Thought and planned and tweaked? Is that the story you will look back and tell?!

I went against my own soul, I fought to sustain myself because I realised I had to live on only careful sips of air, as I bit by bit joined dots, and followed rules, and built structures, and did things. But it’s okay, it’s fine, I adjusted, I feel good!

Arms never spread to the wind.

Breath never fully in and out.

Creative genius on the bench for life.

Is that the story?

Are you actually not made of gold and fire and God flowing through you and IMMEASURABLE power and strength and knowledge given you?

And if the latter …


Spread your arms wide. Inhale exhale fully. And for the love of all things flow and Holy, just DECIDE.

DECIDE a continual flow of sales is normal.

DECIDE a continual flow of flow is normal.

Decide a continual flow of YOU is normal.



Quit tormenting yourself with the idea that you’ll ever be free to be you,

when you so clearly refuse to subscribe to the idea it could be true.