And the vision is this –

You no longer have to play the game you have thus far contracted to, if you in even the SMALLEST way find that it is no longer the game for you.

You no longer have to continue to be the person you promised to be, yes even if you spent OH so many years learning everything down to the tiniest facial expression of that person, if you in even the slightest way find that they are no longer the person to be.

You no longer have to travel the road in a certain way of your business –

your money, and where it comes from or how –

the people you collude with –

or even how the very air around you interfaces with you –

if you in ANY way wake up,

eyes snapping suddenly wide open,



Can I ask you something? To ask of yourself?

What are you saying yes to right now which is no longer truth for you?

What are you STILL saying yes to which perhaps never was?

The hardest thing, for a driven soul-led maker | creator | visionary | badass ‘preneur extraordinaire like you and I, can often be – admitting where we long ago outgrew a thing which we have ever since said outgrowing continued to pour so MUCH of us into.

The most exciting thing, for a revolutionary | called one | TRUE one percent within the one percenter like you and I, can often be – acknowledging where the vision has now changed,


and operate / move forward accordingly.

I used to see myself as a top student, I continued to be a top student; the best of the best. I used to see myself as ‘destined’ to be a lawyer, I got the grades and the opportunity. I used to see myself as a high money-making personal trainer, I continued to make a LOT of money as a trainer, well before anyone else seemed to know they could do so. I saw myself as ‘of course’ being hired by big companies, both to do their in-house marketing and business development for other trainers, and also to teach / coach in house as ‘the’ person educating professionals arounds stress, lifestyle, purpose, and so it was.

I decided to see myself as a writer, and announce it to the world as such, before I knew it I was published in all sorts of places, and hey presto – was a writer!

I decided to walk away from fitness as a career, and it was the most terrifying thing ever, I decided however to announce myself to the world as founder of an online business … this was before THAT was a thing … and so it became.

I was a business coach, and so I said I was, reinforced that I was, and was.

I was whatever you see me as, and 1000 other things besides, and so it WAS.

I looked around at various points along the way, and realised – I don’t really wanna be this anymore. This is not the vision anymore. The mission has been FULFILLED! And why am I still here?


Why are you still HERE, when the mission, the mountain to climb, the vast land to triumph over, it’s all been DONE, and you, well, you got the GROWTH you came for?

And why are you not now saying yes to being THERE, that place burning strong inside of you, and saying – ‘it’s my turn now!’ – when the whispers are just gettin’ louder each day?

At each step of the journey I had to be willing to lose who I had worked so hard to be, in order to become what was calling me so greatly to NEXT be.

And the vision was always this:

I saw the thing. Ignored or resisted or tormented myself over the thing for a little bit; sometimes longer. Said YES to the thing, inevitably. As it only ever can eventually be, for those like us. And then?

I become the mofo thing.

Babe –

GO BECOME THE MOFO THING, ’cause I promise you:

in a minute and a half nobody will even realise you were ever anything but that, but most of all and ESPECIALLY –