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Purpose, Success Mindset


A few years back, early 2015 I believe it was, I went and watched David Copperfield perform at one of the casinos in Vegas. I think it was Wynn, not sure though – I’ve spent so much time in so many of those casinos (I think about 4 months total, if you added it all up, including one small case of an elopement!) that in my memory they all just kind of blend together.

The show was amazing, we had 4th row seats, we’d had a fabulous Mexican dinner beforehand, and it was an incredible night out. But the details? The magic performed? I don’t really remember much of the ins and outs of it at all! I know it was awe-inspiring, and that I went in there determined to try and ‘see behind’ at least SOME of the curtain, my sceptical mind certain that it’s all just sleight of hand and very high-level misdirection.

Which I remain (almost!) convinced it IS, but see behind it? Have ANY freakin’ clue what he was really doing or how? Not.a fucking.chance. I mean, c’mon – the man made an entire CAR appear on stage! (I remember that bit!). And not in a whole waving a sheet around while they winched one up from below the stage sort of way either. No massive smoke screens to be seen! It literally just APPEARED.

I left that show feeling like I had truly had one of the most eye-opening and somewhat disturbing experiences of my life, but most of all I left it feeling TRANSPORTED.

I was taken to another time and space, I lost all sense OF time and space and self, I was carried away, lost in wonder, and I liked, no LOVED it.

Do I need to know all the magic, or understand it? My thinking mind would definitely like to! But at the end of the day, if I really wanted to study high-level magic in the framework of being a stage magician, I guess I could. At the end of the day I don’t need or really WANT to know all the magic, but what I did need, what I showed up for, what we bought tickets for, was to SEE THE WHOLE DAMN SHOW.

Not a scaled down version.
Not a safe or socially acceptable version.
And certainly not ole Dave just up there TALKING about magic, TEACHING about it, or presenting only tricks that we could easily see through. We came for a damn show, and we got one. With bells on!

Can I tell you something which most marketers will NEVER understand, seem completely blind to and apparently insisting on disputing or simply refusing to wanna hear about?

Something which maybe even doesn’t make SENSE to most marketers and really really REALLY freakin’ should, if they’re actually serious about their message helping people … never mind about their own bank accounts filling up?!

You can twist it any which way you like, or insist it shouldn’t be about this (WOT?), or think that you and your content maybe get to be above this (good luck with that), but here is the stone cold truth:

People come for the damn show.

People are attracted in the FIRST PLACE by the show.

They definitely STAY for the show.

And they will also refer all their FRIENDS because of the wonder of the show.

Do they want inspiring and educative and practical and helpful shiz niz to help them in their biz niz and life? Uh … YUH.


Are they gonna follow you, stay with you, proudly recommend and refer you (sub-consciously knowing they gain social proof from passing on YOUR badassery), or even notice you in the first place if you deliver said inspiring and educative and practical and helpful shiz niz without the damn SHOW?


Mebbe you as a straight up from the gate up dry and staid and OH so point-by-point teacher are just so damn good that people can’t help but throw their panties at you and their credit cards as an afterthought. Maybe you’ve found a way to make millions and also help millions without an OUNCE of entertainment sneaking out anywhere. Everything just very cut and dry, as you tell ’em what you’re gonna sell ’em, tell ’em all about what you’re gonna sell ’em, and then, well sell it to ’em.

If that’s aligned AND it’s also you fully utilising your own gifts and powers, well, good luck to you. I’m sure there’s an audience out there as well for a magician who simply gets up and step-by-step teaches how to DO his tricks. For sho. But I’d say that the audience who ONLY wants to learn, and who is truly drawn in JUST by the facts, in any industry, is HELLA smaller than the audience who wants to be transported away to another place –

Losing all sense of time and space and self –

Carried off in wonder and awe –

And feels as though their very SOUL was upgraded just from being around you.

Because here is the thing about humans:

We spend our WHOLE damn lives doing. If you can be the one person who doesn’t just teaches your people how to DO more, but who also carries them away in such a way that they are ONLY in ‘being’, in the emotion and energy and the experience of the thing, well –

That shit is addictive.

Here’s what else –

Humans? We learn through performance. Through entertainment. Through story-telling. Since the dawn of time the most effective way to pass on information, and have important shiz remembered, is through the telling and acting out of stories. The SHOW baby.

Something else you may wanna consider:

Magic is not just for the traditional showman’s stage.

You want to SELL? Like a MOFO? Move people to where they can’t NOT take action?

You BETTER be understanding a few basic magician’s tricks. A bit of sleight of hand here, a little misdirection there, a pattern interrupt over here, oh what’s that now? You thought I was doing THIS? I’m 10 steps over there already baybeeee … wanna come play?

But look, maybe it’s not just about what works.

Maybe it’s not just about the irrefutable fact that he who puts on more of a show and understands how to captivate and perform sells more.

Maybe it’s as simple and as deep as this:

If you were given the gift of being able to perform –

If you know how to put on a damn show and carry people away –

And if you understand even a LITTLE about magic –

Then how in the actual all get out do you DARE to NOT UTILISE THESE GIFTS?

Nothing that is in you is there by accident.

The way to your empire, your millions, and to every other thing you dream of is and only can be to BE ALL OF YOU.

So if your natural state when you are at your most lit up and high vibe and let’s say in the company of those with whom you feel MOST comfortable and MOST able to be you is that you’re PUTTING ON A DAMN SHOW, then GIRL –

Start putting on a damn show with how you’re doing business.

And watch how it impacts how you’re doing life.

You came here to be all of you.

Quit making ANY of you wrong or bad or frivolous or not relevant.

And stop holding out on us!

The breakthrough comes from being all of you.

There is no other way.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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