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I’ve always had a level of delusion about sharing the truth.

I’ve always had this part of me which, at a certain point, just – flips a switch. And all of a sudden I AM gonna say the thing I’m gonna say, come what may.

I’ll feel it start to come out, come up, and be FULLY aware that any NORMALLY sane person would swallow it straight back down, don’t think I don’t KNOW what hornets nest I’m gonna stir up when I do this stuff, but the reality is I don’t even CONSIDER whether or not I’m forging ahead.

There is no hem and haw here. Once it’s coming out –

it IS coming out. And I will burn burn burn whatever needs to be burned to the ground in doing so, and then calmly walk on out out of the ashes as it continues to smoulder in my wake. I don’t mean I’ll walk out in a phoenix rising sort of way, it’s typically more of a weighted acceptance of who I AM.

I’ve always just been the person who is going to say the thing she is going to say. Long before I started teaching the online world to ‘let the message be the message and do NOT edit or filter it’ … because this precise methodology, done consistently, was what caused my own coaching business to produce tens of millions of dollars, and my clients collectively infinitely more …

I was already doing that.

I rolled out of the WOMB doing that. Notable memories include being kicked out of Year 9 science class temporarily for refusing to shut my mouth about creation not evolution, and the time about 4-5 years after that when I just would NOT quit on a conversation with friends round the campfire. That one was more awkward as we were full bush camping and the only place I could mosey on my way to was … my tent a couple of metres away.

I’m not saying that speaking your truth is always the smart thing. For SURE there are times I can look back on and I just cringe at what I said, or why I thought I had to push a point THAT far. But what I don’t regret is cultivating a habit of I WILL STAND UP FOR WHAT I STAND FOR AND I DON’T ACTUALLY CARE WHAT YOU THINK IN FACT I WILL GO SO FAR AS TO OPT OUT OF IT COMPLETELY.

Ps doesn’t mean I don’t find it uncomfortable!! Doesn’t mean I don’t want the whole world to like me! DOES mean I just set that stuff aside, and CONTINUE MY PATH OF ALIGNMENT REGARDLESS.

After a lil hornets nest stirring on the internets this past weekend – in which I laid down in no uncertain terms what absolutely IS demonic and yep it doesn’t matter how much love and light or woke consciousness you whack on top of it and it CERTAINLY doesn’t matter how much you think it’s helped you and it ALSO doesn’t matter if your entire business is built around it … IF IT’S NOT OF GOD IT’S A LIE AND LEADING YOU STRAIGHT TO HELL … etc … you can read here if you like … …

I received a ton of supportive messages from clients and sisters in Christ just affirming truth, protection, love, and so on, and expressing sadness at the slander being thrown my way.

I shared one message and added this note to it:

“Truly this stuff does not concern me. Yes I don’t find it fun or comfortable. But my gaze is fixed on Christ. It’s none of my business what people think of me and I don’t post ANYTHING to elicit ANY thing. I just post what I am led to post, and I move on my way. I also don’t engage in comments beyond what I’m led to. I’m a messenger, it’s not my job to come off the stage I’m speaking from and personally opinionate with everyone who heard what I said and now wants to have me answer their replies. I only engage as / til led to and then I either add follow on commentary like this as led or I simply continue to the next message. (Like this blog). Come with me or don’t come with me, I don’t care. I’m not doing what I do for anyone to need to come or agree, and indeed I never have”.

A client of mine who herself has a fabulously huge platform and brand wrote me this morning and said – “I love this perspective! How did you come to the place where you’re genuinely not concerned with what other people think? Have you always been this way or did you have to work to get here? This is one of the biggest things I admire about you!”

My reply to her was this – “Gradual choice, partial delusion. Partly I have always been this way. And definitely I’ve had a lot of practice over my years online. I just think of it as … ‘no. I don’t opt in to concerning myself with what people think of me. It’s not about me”.

Here is the thing:

You get to choose how you respond to what people think or say. Just because you wrote or said a thing you are not now responsible to engage with what ANY body thinks about that thing. I see my speaking or writing as being as though from a stadium sized stage. (Because it digitally is, and physically will be! And also because it is helpful and ALIGNED for me to do so!)

Would I get off the stage of the STADIUM after I speak and come down and argue with as the case may be or endlessly back and forth reply to everybodys thoughts? LOL! I’d be backstage chilling with my peeps or headed back to my hotel and a magnesium bath! I DID what I came here to do. Now you think I have to answer your answer? That’s FUNNY.

> I don’t consider it required for me to read or respond to comments on ANY thing I post. Whether or not it’s love or not love. Yeah yeah, I get that this is not smart online marketing. Who said I came here to do that?

> I DO engage deeply with my NOT paid community, so don’t twist what I’m saying. I do it without limit in my DMs. And I do it in comments as LED to. If I feel like reading my comments I do. If I feel like responding I do. When I don’t feel like it anymore, usually because I’m on to the next message rather than that I’m not interested, I stop doing it. Simple.

> I am disciplined. As an online leader, and as a HUMAN, one of my core disciplines is WHERE MY ATTENTION GOES. I am very very good at disciplining myself to not attend to things I know are not useful or helpful to me. If I feel it is REQUIRED … aka if the Holy Spirit is telling me to … then I’ll attend to it. Or even look at it. If not, not.

> I have seen numerous friends and clients lose their MARBLES over what people said about them online. I have a friend who has a near hysterical meltdown every time she receives backlash online, which she gets fairly regularly. (I also have a theory about that, which is that if you expect hate … you are gonna see it regularly). To me this is like rolling yourself in honey and throwing yourself on an ant mound. What are you doing even ABSORBING all of that? And then if you did … who on earth said you have to RECEIVE it? It is a choice to set it aside. Choosing to not be impacted by what people think doesn’t mean you don’t DESIRE people to think well of you. It just means you are disciplined to set it aside and return your focus to where it should be.

> To the extent I do read or engage in any backlash against me, I will keep myself firm and again – disciplined – around being reactive. Sometimes I slip up here. But it’s pretty rare, and if I do I pull out quickly. Mainly – I am taking only what is relevant for me to add more clarity to my original message, or to inspire future messages.

> Honestly … I just see a lot of it as the yip-yapping of a bunch of pesky little roller-skate on leg sized dogs. It’s just noise. This doesn’t mean I don’t have love for the humans beneath it, because I do. But all I year is yip yip yip blah blah blah, if it’s clearly coming from someone who is either riddled with ungodly spirits or is just spinning like a top off its wheel in their life. I have compassion for this person and a heartfelt desire for them to be PIERCED WITH TRUTH. But there’s no freaking way I am gonna feed their little frenzy; they’re doing a great job of that themselves.

> Noise dies down. It is a principle of life. CARRY ON YOUR WAY and keep doing what YOU are meant to be doing. Ashes baby, let ’em smoulder and MOSEY ON FORWARD.

> I always knew I came for a life of saying things that needed to be said. So whatever DOES go down I also just see as necessary training for what’s coming next. And y’all know I love to push myself in my workouts. That sweat just RUNS RIGHT OFF OF ME I COULD CARE LESS.

> I know who I am and I know whose I am. And that is really all there is to say about that.

So, yeah.

I’ve always had a level of delusion about sharing my truth. Nowadays, sharing GODS truth which He puts in my mouth to speak. And I also always knew it would come to that. I do not fear man but I fear meaning REVERE He who can deal with my eternity and indeed does. I also have a personal policy of just not concerning myself with stuff that is going to separate me from God, so if the choice is separate me from you / the internet or separate me from God … GUESS WHO IS GOING BYE BYE.

Oh, and I always ALWAYS trust and believe and just KNOW that this stuff only ever strengthens my brand, my business, my finances and my being. Because … it does. That is a side effect not the reason I do it. And it only ever attracts more of my ONLY right peeps in! One of the things I am asked the most is how I have such an ONLY true soulmate audience and such CRAZY high conversions for my list / audience size. Well … because I DO NOT EVER FILTER WHAT I AM MEANT TO SAY. So you are either ALL in with me or you can ALL the way out leave! I honestly don’t get why more people don’t just do this. Being all in unapologetic on who you are is a CHOICE, not an emotion!

What else?

Maybe just this:

I am deluded enough to actually think that everybody will be delighted with what I am saying.

Even posting that whole straight up fire ‘this is all demonic’ post right there on my Facebook which is still filled with MOSTLY New Age entrepreneurs was something I did not REALLY consider to be troublesome til afterwards. Lololol. I just assume people will be thrilled. And then usually the next day I think ‘ohhhhh. Hm. I guess that was possibly kind of startling for folks’. Even then I find it bizarre. You mean y’all are actually that deceived? Wow, okay, huh.


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