Success Mindset


The asskickin’ you may want to give yourself today is that EVERYTHING you dream of one day reaching or achieving or stepping into is something that for somebody else in the world?

Right NOW already?

Is not only completely freaking possible, but is also NORMAL, and perhaps even mundane.

The stuff you put up on a pedestal,
make ‘too fancy’,
make yourself not good enough for or ready for yet,
or truly believe that there are Numerous Valid and Very Important Reasons around as to why it can’t be,

is also the exact same stuff that some other beatch is over there rolling on out of bed and yawning her way into like it’s about as exciting or fantastical as last weeks dirty old worn out socks she just discovered in her gym bag.

‘kay, so maybe not quite THAT over it, but then again maybe, and either way, here is my point:

Your one day fantasy dream is somebody else’s very very everyday normal life which they may or may not be living in grateful appreciation for and which either way they just EXPECT,

in the same way that YOU continue to expect, well, roughly whatever whatever it is you already get on repeat!

Think about that for a lil minute.

Now imagine –

What if it were NORMAL for you to make money like that?
Have clients like that?
Get your soul work out into the world like that?
Be seen like that?
Look like that?
Be loved like that?
Wake up and live and BREATHE like that?!

You feel me?

And do you feel the reality of what is already available and right there for YOU enough to actually do something about it?

Or are you so gee-darn committed to your story of hard | can’t | not yet | and so on, that you just can’t see any further than that?

Let’s bust up THIS myth, as well –

Those peeps who have ALL that going on, the ones who are doin’ the thang that you’ve said for ages now you’re one day gonna do, and while they’re at it they’re also BEING the damn thang, guess what?

They are still full of shit on their OWN stories of God knows what!

– They still hold themselves back
– They still second guess
– They still go wailing and moaning to their besties about the stuff they just seem to keep tripping up on
– They still have dreams that THEY have put up on that pedestal
– They still have bad habits they feel embarrassed or ashamed of, or silly about
– They still fart
– They still have to kick their own butt to do the damn work sometimes
– They still flake out on things at times
– They are still insecure about their message, their art, and even their very existence!

And so on!


And I bet you DO … technically … but the question is – are you embodying that knowledge? Or are you still separating people out away from you, and buying into a conditioned BS idea that them being at ‘that level’ is because they somehow went beyond all human doubts, insecurities, fears, or fuck ups, and / or that they are just that freakin’ gifted or blessed?

The truth is that the ONLY difference is that HER normal is different than YOUR normal.

Which means that if you wanna next level your shiz?

You need to quit desperately looking around for what you need to DO, or BUILD, or PUSH to differently, and you need to get really really fixated on figuring out who you need to BE differently.

Aka –

The you who already sees THAT life as normal.

How to do this is simple. I’ve done it over, and over, and over, and over again. I’ve repeatedly set my eye on the prize of what I wanted, which means what I felt was ALIGNED, DIVINED, and meant to be,

then typically tried to push-climb my way towards it,

before reaching a ‘fuck this shit’ moment and remembering who TF I am (thankfully, nowadays, for some time now, I don’t bother with that step as eventually I LEARNED!),

then handing it over FULLY,

deciding and choosing it,

choosing as part of that to just SEE it as normal (this is a practice),

doing whatever was available or possible to back that up (surround myself with peeps who see it as normal where possible, or put myself somehow ‘in that space’),

and then practicing the beliefs, emotions, feelings, thoughts, and also ACTIONS that would go hand in hand with that being normal.

One of the most important of all of which, of course, is the action of ruthlessly deleting, eliminating, walking away from anything or (yep) anyone who does not match that picture.


I have CONTINUALLY upleveled my normal this way.

But –

I am someone who does what most people won’t.

– I refuse to accept my own BS about whether or not I’m good enough, I REQUIRE myself to take a deep breath and just choose to put it aside even when I am feeling ALL the doubt (this is something which definitely has taken me longer in some areas than others. All of the points I am sharing are a practice).

– I DECIDE that if it’s possible, it’s possible for me, and if it’s not possible, the fact that I feel or see it inside of me means it is, and for me, and for now

– I RUTHLESSLY align myself to that, by shedding anything, yes ANYTHING that does not match it, internal or otherwise, and also by stepping into anything, yes ANYTHING, that DOES match it, i.e. that would be part of me or how I show up if I were there

– I don’t care about flops or failures. I mean – of course I care. lol. But I don’t go all ‘woe is me’ about it. I get curious or even light-hearted and playful about it (great shifting and manifesting vibe), and then I move on.

– I am consistent as FUCK, so I do all these things daily

– I keep my damn eye on the prize and just.keep.going, never caring two hoots about what is happening NOW, or whether I ‘got there yet’, so long as I know I am still connecting to the big vision and then doing today’s work today!

YES I fall apart, all over myself, on the floor, and so on, through all of this.

I’m human!

But –

I keep going.
I keep choosing that what I dream of and believe is God ordained for me IS now my normal.
Eventually it becomes so normal it’s hard to even remember when it was not, but usually by then I don’t even notice because I already raised the stakes!

The best bit is –

All of this is EASY!

So easy.

All it means is that each day I roll out of bed and do the damn job of being who I am meant to be BEING, the me I see inside.

Sure, there’s tears and sweat and a lil blood along the way. But it’s a helluva lot easier than going to bed every night knowing you DIDN’T do the thing!

You know?

And through this I have created the money,
from soul,
the business,
from soul,
the life,
from soul,
and now the love,
from soul,
and every other tiny and big thing in between that you could possibly imagine or think of that is hell yes for ME.

Oh, when I say soul, I mean soul planted in God 🙂


Maybe I live an extraordinary life that few would even dare to dream of.

Maybe so does ‘she’ or ‘he’, whoever that is for you.

And maybe you could too, starting right now, if you just decided it were normal.



Drop the separation.

Say yes to the flow that’s already there for you.