What scares you, more than anything?

What is the thing you can’t even BEGIN to imagine yourself doing, leaping towards, saying yes to, or even taking one tiny step?

What is the idea, the message, the truth, the ‘one day’ which you have tucked away in you, so deep, so well hidden, so neatly tied up, and ready?

Ready for the day when you are brave enough.

Ready for the day when you are strong enough.

Ready for the day when you are ready enough.

Ready for the day when you are YOU enough.

What is that thing, that thing you’ve SHOVED down safely in your soul, shoved it so darn good and well that in actual fact you barely even would notice it’s there,

except for the lump in your throat,

the stumble in your step,

the fact that no matter how avidly and desperately you seek flow, and seek to give yourself OVER to flow, to be led and guided by the great I AM of what always was,

you just can’t … quite.

It’s just not … there.

It maybe doesn’t actually … exist.

That flow thing.

That soul thing.

That magic thing.

That YOU thing which you’ve always known and dreamed of, and yet never fully felt,

been in,

or lived.


Yeah .. I’m talking about THAT deeply but yet oh so known to you thing you hide.

Are scared of.

Run from.

Or just pretend doesn’t exist.

I’ve said time and time again that ‘the work is the cure’.

The work, the message, the art, the beat of your heart!

But do you know what is part of this cure?

The leaning in,

to what you’re scared of,

and to everything you think they will think of you,

label you as,

see you as,

if you show and be and say yes to all of you.

The best advice I have ever received from a mentor, and you’d better believe that with over half a mil invested in mentoring I’ve received a LOT of great advice, was this:

“Take the thing you are scared of Kat, and WRITE THE STORY FIRST”.

Or, something to that effect.

I mean, really, we’re just talking straight up politics

Control the narrative and all.

But really, we’re not just talking about sharing that ‘one most scary deep story or part of you’.

Sure, do that. It is freeing as FUCK. YOU take the skeletons out of your own closet!

But really what this is about –

Is what if it were a WAY OF LIFE FOR YOU to just be all of you.


I woke up this morning and discovered that, once again, hundreds of people are angry at me on the Internet.

I did that thing, which, as one of my long term beautiful and (duh) badass AF clients pointed out, I apparently do about once a year.

Where I post something in my sleepy not really thinking state right before I go to bed in Australia, right as the US is gettin’ its day on, and then I wake up all peaceful and slumbery like in the morning and discover the world hath losteth its shit at me.


My first inkling of it was when I saw myself tagged in a post about ‘why Katrina Ruth gets to be canceled and not me’. Haha.

“Oh dear”, I thought.

“I guess I dun gone dun it again”.

lololol. But REALLY … as usual … when I posted what I posted, I didn’t think neither here nor there about the ramifications of what I was posting.

As I wrote in my journal this morning:

I am ALWAYS safe to be all of me.

I am always safe and also RESPONSIBLE to be all of me.

I always do the work (which is actually very easy!) of being all of me.

I do my job.

I speak what comes through me.

I show up for my message.

And my life!


To me this is simple:

I am a messenger, and I let the message through.

At this point in my journey I couldn’t give a baboon’s shiny red ass about what anybody thinks of me on the internet. It is actually quite delightful to me (mixed with a little woe for the human race) when I read the comments of people losing it at me.

I have to admit I have a little more fun with it than is possible necessary. Hehe. I really am quite amused at my own wit. It has to be said I am hilarious, and to be perfectly honest I am quite tempted to post a small ebook of all my best responses.

Like … the people who aggressively tell me I am done because they are unfollowing me. Uh … okay. I will light a candle for myself. So sad. I didn’t realise you were the glue holding all of this together.

Okay, okay, will restrain myself (just) from typing all my funny AF responses into this blog.

Jokes and fun aside (and I do enjoy a good sharpening of ones knives), here is the reality:

I post my truth, whatever it is, and however I feel so called at the time.

It is literally not POSSIBLE that this is ever a bad thing.

I literally could not care LESS of it causes some kind of negative fallout. It’s NOT negative, because whatever it IS is just allowing me to be more of me, with more of the aligned peeps.

All of this comes down to one simple truth:

It is literally not POSSIBLE that me being all of me is a bad thing!

I gave up long ago on any concerns around being too much,

too real,

too polarising,

too unpopular of opinion,

too shocking,

too me.

I submitted to just DOING it. No matter what. No pomp or circumstance needed. It is EASY when you simply have a rule that you require yourself to speak and live and breathe and be your truth!

It’s your good old-fashioned close your eyes squeezed real tight and hold your breath and jump approach to business and life

And here is what else:

a) It’s legitimately NOT scary to do the things that used to or ‘should’ scare you, even when you ARE scared, once you’ve shown up this way for a while. Because you are able to see the fear for what it really is, and see beyond it.

b) You don’t and won’t get the flow rewards if you’re not willing to be all of you.

^^ it really is that simple.

Stop making it so hard on yourself.

Have a personal policy of being all of you.

Make it absolute, non-negotiable, regardless of so-called fallout or circumstance.

Follow it.


The End.

Backup plan: die without ever fully breathing.