Success Mindset


“I’ve had this conversation with SO many people, so many badasses who ultimately ‘got there’, and did the thing of creating everything they saw inside of them, and I can tell you that the way through it, and the way to move to where you want to be, is to just keep choosing to move past that, and to keep choosing to go into that place where you do already know.

And one way you can look at it – which sounds a bit funny – is just stop GIVING a fuck. Just talk about WHATEVER. And even with your sales stuff, really just keep practicing –

What if I just didn’t give a fuck? What if I truly had no fucks to give about being seen or making money, and I was just hanging out for my OWN expansion. What would that look like?”

Here’s the thing –

The ultimate way you’re going to receive, get there, be the person you dream of ‘one day’ being, is to realise that one day is already here.

That ‘she’ or ‘he’ already exists.

It’s not something you need to grow into.
It’s not something you need to figure out.
It’s not something you need to EARN.
It’s not something you need to be good enough for.
Or anything else you can come up with!

She’s in there, do you get that?

The you who is running the soul-led empire. With bells on. And the best drink in the world by her side. And the best peeps in the world all around her. Soulmate clients, soulmate biz, soulmate love while we’re at it, soulmate LIFE.

It’s only what you were born for baby.

And what? Really? Do you REALLY think, in your tiny little big-brained beautiful head (go with it), that you CAN’T ALREADY RIGHT FREAKIN’ NOW BE WHAT YOU WERE BORN FOR?

Note to self. Write it down. Tattoo that shit on your forehead! (Mirror writing, for your own benefit and also for funzies for everyone else).


So, sure, you look at me,

or my clients,

women and men and basses all around who DO already show up and do the damn thing of being all of them. Some of whom I don’t even know! Outrageous, send ’em to me.

And you think –

But she is THIS.
But he is already THAT.
But they know ALL sorts of fancy person things that I don’t yet!

Wanna know my professional response after 20+ years in the coaching world, and having had the pleasure to get to support so many badasses who are TRULY in their soul work and changing the world, and see all of their ‘ins and outs and what nots’?


That is professional certified and laminated bullshit!

It’s all just choice.


You can CHOOSE.

Right now.
To go to the place.
To be in the space.
To get that woe is me look off your face. (we can SENSE it even when you HIDE it, and it is NOT compelling)
And to get on your own damn case about WHAT YOU KNOW YOU COULD ALREADY DECIDE TO DO AND BE NOW!

Wanna know how I know for CERTAIN you already do this, already have access to it, already ARE the damn flow??

(*smug face*)

Because you already DO it when you forget to think about who you’re being, who is listening, why you’re not being seen at ‘that’ level yet, and so on.

You do it when you’re on fire in a conversation with a client, and the flow just takes over.

You do it when you get caught up in a rant and you just drop into truth.

You do it in your musings,

in your dreams,

when you lose your shit at yourself on a walk or in your journal,

or when passion takes over as you’re explaining to me, or whoever it is that you explain things to, how DEEPLY you want and know you already CAN be that person.

And in that forgetting,
to try to remember,
you just –


All of it.


But. Yes. I get it. That thing where you KNOW all of this, and yet you seem to keep dropping back into trying. You’re triggered left and right and all over the place by the people who seem to be peopling at a more fancy or glam or whatever level than you.

Your shit comes up like a fucking geyser on an almost daily basis!

What to do, if this is you?

As I said to one of my private clients earlier today, and transcribed out at the start of this piece, GO INTO THE PLACE OF WHATEVER.

The place where you don’t give a fuck.

You’re giving too many fucks. You gotta hold ’em back.

Not just in how you’re messaging. But even how you’re creating and selling.

Just let it be


Doing it for your own joy and expansion, and that is IT.

The thing is –

one day, when you’re ‘there’, that is how you’ll be showing up and it will be OKAY, because you will TRUST that you just being you and doin’ it FOR you is also what is required for the power and truth to come FROM you, and to serve as the impact you came here to be.

What we’re talking about –

is trusting that you just being you NATURALLY results in you also doin’ the things and being the thing!!

Are you willing to believe that big?

Do you dare?

I don’t recommend you dare NOT.

And here is what the ‘no fucks’ thang comes down to.

In the end, it’s very black and white and very very simple:

You either gave all those fucks for what you thought you had to do to one day get to some mystical place you never arrived at because you DON’T GET THERE BY TRYING TO GO THERE, AND STAYING IN SEPARATION.


you gave the only fuck that mattered.

The one where you said yes to being you.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 



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