How to Achieve Your Biggest Life Dream
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How to Achieve Your Biggest Life Dream

If you don’t know your ultimate vision for your life, every passing idea or thought might seem worth pursuing and you’ll never really get anywhere of note.

Instead of having a clear purpose and focus and moving day by day, with certainty, towards LIVING that vision, you’ll magpie your way around your life jumping here there and everywhere with your attention, time, finances and energy.

I guess you could say that means you get to experience lots of possibility and imagine yourself reaching endless different wondrous outcomes, but in the end if you don’t actually fulfil your potential or eventually REACH said outcomes, is it really worth it?

What it comes down to is this:

You can give your life over – and perhaps have been already – to being filled with potential, possibility, ideas and excitement but yet never actually GETTING anywhere … but hey, you had energy, you had drive, and you sure put a lot of effort in! …

Or you can set out with complete determination and certainty to achieve your biggest life dream AND DO IT.

Either way you’re going to put in time, energy, money and emotion.

Either way the days are going to keep on keeping on.

Either way, one day that final bell is going to toll and when you look back you’ll see what you gave your life for and you’ll know whether you gave what you REALLY wanted, your all.

Can I ask you a question?

Right now, today, yesterday, this past week, this past year, have you been giving what you REALLY want your all?

Or are you hopping from idea to idea, jumping on the magic bullet bandwagon of whatever the gurus say is working these days, comparing yourself constantly to others and trying to follow in a pathway laid out by someone who has no idea of your talents, your passions, your greatest desires and who is very likely themselves NOT working towards creating YOUR biggest life dream?

If it’s the latter, the good news is you’re not alone.

But it IS your fault.

Of course most people live their entire LIVES this way, even the so-called driven people or those who are trying to pave their own way via a self-made business, a life by design.

And I guess you’re still ‘better off’ than the person stuck in a rote-life of day after day after day doing what they’re told so they can keep a roof over their head and the college payments for the kids on track.

But if you DO have a big dream –

And you’re NOT giving it your all and your absolute focus and attention –

Then you really need to wake the fuck up and get your shit sorted, don’t you think?

Here’s how.

1. Know What Your Freaking Dream Is!

It’s just not good enough to say you want to be successful, rich, famous, free. Even if you attach money goals to that or general goals around how you want your fame to appear it’s NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

If you want to achieve something epic and amazing and truly live your ULTIMATE dream for your life, then (hold onto your hats with this one!) you’re going to have to KNOW WHAT THE DREAM IS.

Action: So right now, pause the read, grab your journal or a new file on your device right here and write your BIG dream out like you’ve never written it out before. In full mad messy glorious detail! What do you really want and what are the SPECIFICS of it?

2. For the Love of God, Don’t Filter Your Dream

It’s pretty fucking simple okay:

Your dream is your dream.

A watered down, greyscale or in any way ‘safer’ version of your dream is not your dream.

Just own your dream, okay!

Action: reassess what you just wrote. Did you write it ALL the way big? Are you holding back because of what you believe is possible? Anything is possible! You’re YOU! You have INFINITE potential; but you do have to turn the freaking tap on!

3. Who Cares How? Are you Committed, or Not?

Right now, do NOT worry about the how. Just COMMIT TO THE DREAM. If you’re not committed to living your dream, come what may and regardless of the ‘how’ then you’ll never get there anyway.

The very cool flipside of this is that if you make it a MUST, you make up your mind right now that this shit is going to HAPPEN and no way no how will you EVER back down, then you will get there.

It really is that simple.

Action: decide right now that it’s a must. Write out your ultimate vision again, a 1-2 sentence version, and write it this way – “I now make it a must and I fully commit to creating ______”

4. The Bottom Line

Now here’s where it gets interesting, and here’s where most people lose their way.

The bottom line has to remain the bottom line. The bottom line of course being WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT, which is to say living your ultimate dream life right?

This means that every bright shiny new idea you have needs to be run past a filter of whether it moves you CLOSER to your ultimate dream or not. If it doesn’t move you closer, it IS moving you further away even if just by virtue of the fact that you just got a day older!

So if your ultimate vision is to create an incredible difference in the lives of X thousands of people but you put that dream on hold because you had a great idea for a Kickstarter project that could make you a FORTUNE, overnight, then you are being a silly silly old magpie. And whilst ‘anything’ is possible in theory and maybe one day one of your mad ideas that you let yourself jump into for a minute or a month will pay off, is your ultimate dream to magpie your way through your life on the odds that one day something will work, or is your ultimate dream your ultimate dream?

Action: take a look over your list of stuff you think you need to do or want to do. RUTHLESSLY go through the list and delete anything that isn’t directly connected to reaching your ultimate vision.

5. If You Were Already There …

Reaching your ultimate vision is going to be far less about what you DO and far more about who you choose to BE.

Action: If you were already that person and LIVING the dream, how would you –

  • Walk?
  • Talk?
  • Think?
  • Communicate?
  • Take care of yourself?
  • Negotiate or do deals?
  • Think about your own capability?
  • Where would your money come from?
  • Who would you hang out with?
  • How would you show up on social media?
  • What would your typical day look like?
  • What sort of support would you have?
  • How would you stay accountable and on track?
  • What would you do for fun, relaxation, adventure?
  • How would you invest in your future?
  • What sort of relationships would you have?
  • What would you do for spiritual growth?
  • For emotional sanity?
  • For learning and development?
  • How else would you make money?
  • What sort of travel would you do, and for what?

The more of these sorts of questions you ask and answer and the more frequently you do so, the faster you will BECOME the person you need to be in order to live the life you say you want.

6. What Are You Scared Of?

Apart from lack of focus and clear direction then committed to, the most common reason we don’t achieve our big dreams is fear. So let’s just lay it on out.

Action: what are all your fears associated with reaching your dream? For each fear, is living as though that fear were going to come true (which is what you’re now doing) worth never achieving the dream, yes or no? Unless you can NOT live with the ‘worst possible outcome’ of giving your all to your dream then you know what you gotta do right? Move forward in spite of the fear!

7. I Don’t Know How to Get There

Repeat Step 5 daily, multiple times per day and anytime you find yourself unsure of how to move forward. Find the right people, books, support groups, mentors and so on to help you answer these questions if you in any way can’t.

When you don’t know how to move forward the MOST powerful thing is to tap back into your big vision and who you would be if you were already there and then act FROM that place.

8. It Has to Be Today

You have no more time left to live the wrong life okay?

It doesn’t matter what else is going on.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve already committed to.

It doesn’t matter if it means changing your mind or going back on your word.

The only thing that matters is DO YOU WANT TO LIVE THIS DREAM?

And if you do?