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If you’re continuing to experience pain, hurt, low-level abuse or worse, and you’re wondering why life just keeps comin’ at you like that, it seems as though every-time you think you’re on track –

With business, and being seen, heard, paid
With soulmate people, and calling ’em in
With relationships, and KNOWING you’re vibing only on the frequency of awesome
heck, with just how you go through your day, are taken care of, receive

– then it might be worth taking a moment to stop, and ask yourself to what degree you are REQUIRING the darkness to show up.


No, I don’t directly mean Satan, his cohorts, and the outcomes of their wily ways, although sure, absolutely, that too.

Really what I’m referring to though is any and every thing which seems like it just shouldn’t need to be part of your reality. It’s not aligned with you, the QUEEN, your highest and most fully expressed self. It’s certainly not divine. It’s not overly NICE. Where does it come from, and why does it keep showing up?!

It could be anything from having launches repeatedly not go the way you thought that they would or should –

To people who SAID they were gonna join your thing / pay you just going missing in action, like they dropped off the face of the earth, or are trying to –

To toxic people from your should-be-past continuing to somehow get their claws in, and you let ’em –

To random off-frequency dating situations where you wonder how the fuck THAT showed up, and who let it in –

And so on!

Well, the truth of the matter, and I know you already know this, but hear it and hear it good – the truth of the matter is that the only person who COULD let any of it in –

Is you!


God is testing you perhaps, sharpening you, or bringing you to a point where you will finally surrender, and allow yourself to be slain to Him, and to the certain greatness and ease of ALIGNED receiving which follows that.

Pro tip ::: surrender faster, die to everything, in order to receive all things … which are actually meant.

So sure, maybe it’s a test! Who can say? Certainly it is not TEMPTATION though, from God. That doesn’t come from God. Don’t forget!

But also –

Maybe it is an OPPORTUNITY to finally learn something which you seem to have been wanting to take a really really long time to learn!

You keep getting the same patterns …

The same NOT-right people who looked so good on first glance …

Random shit popping its head up which you thought you were done with and REALLY REALLY SHOULD BE …

Then maybe you wanna look at that!

And here is a simple way to remember what your soul already knows:

POLARITY will require you to always call in, MAGNETISE in, what you yourself are –

a) not allowing in yourself
b) not owning (same same, but still)
c) have not healed

You wanna push down or away your own shadows, not learn to dance with and understand them, not ask to be shown how it is to BE all of you and still know you are ‘love’ and ‘light’ and SO on track?

Cool cool, do what you want, but don’t be surprised if you continue to attract in, uh, shadows! Darkness! A reminder from life itself that WITHOUT NIGHT THERE IS NO DAY.

^^ ‘nother Pro-tip ::: one way to naturally dispel toxic people from your life is to quit freaking magnetizing them in … they will naturally be attracted to the holes / gaps / wounds / UNACKNOWLEDGED darkness in you.

Yep, you can seek to heal your wounds
Plug the holes
Acknowledge all sides of who you are

Or, you can just fast track that shit and actually do a job that works, and ask God in to do it for you 🙂

Everything else is a band-aid, at best, and often an anxiety-riddled or sabotage-fulled one, at that!

Here’s the thing:

You, operating out of your brokenness,

Out of your pain,

Out of your lack,

Out of your fear,

Out of your unworthiness,

Out of a refusal to admit that you too have the ability to be so toxic, so dark, whatever,

Or simply out of a broken-record-esque repeating of all the things which you’ve already allowed life to be about a million times over and which have STILL not worked,


In the human sense, nudging you to DEAL with them, and to own your shit, step fully into your power, embody being the Queen who you know you are.

And so on.

It’s often not YOU, the truest you, calling this stuff in –

It’s the unhealed and wounded and not good enough you, who still needs the damn reminders of her pains, in order to perhaps one day finally realise she could maybe deal with ’em, and begin to act NOW from that highest and most embodied self.

So, perhaps that’s helpful. Something for you to think about!


Here’s the thing.

You will only ever get so far on your own steam.

You are a human being operating in a supernatural world.

Are you willing to be all of you, and to let it be easy, the way it was meant to be?

Then you have to let go, surrender, release FULLY, the idea that it’s all on you, and that it’s your job to heal your shit, or to keep your eye so damn on the ball of remembering to be the Queen, and acting from.

Your job is to be guided to do the work your human self came to do, ALWAYS DIRECTED FROM ABOVE.

As a meat sack you can get so far, and have a good whack at doing some good stuff.

As a warrior of God you are given powers beyond those performed by Jesus himself, and you don’t gotta worry about plugging your own holes, about making sure you remember to show up as the healed you.

You have all the answers within, gorgeous.


It’s just –

where is the voice within coming from?


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