My new book I’m working on, which I am publishing through the awesome and badass Tucker Max’ publishing house, and which I will bring to the world in a BIG way, a way I’ve certainly not been all in on with any of my previous books, is called Soul Certainty. IT IS LITERALLY THE BEST BOOK NAME IN THE WORLD!! Haha. But really. *pointed glare*

Actually it was Tucker who came up with the name, based on the fact that apparently I say it all the time as I’m messaging, explaining things, talking about what I am passionate about, ranting or rambling on. Apparently? Of course I say it all the time haha, I trademarked that shit.

Got all the domains, too 🙂

I’m about halfway done with the first draft and I’ll tell you – this book is going to change your life. It will wipe the floor with the typical personal empowerment type tone and give you a new lease on OWNING YOUR CRAZY (and also monetizing the all get out outta it!) that you didn’t even realise was available.


I can’t wait for you to read it! But since it’s not coming out until next year and all, allow me to share a few things with you right now. About certainty. SOUL certainty. And returning to what always was, and who you always were.

This is about business, it’s about money, it’s about relationships, it’s about LIFE.

It’s about unapologetically holding space for your own badassery, and showing up NOW from that place.

What, you think it could somehow possibly be valid that you have to WAIT to be all of you. That’s some weird made up BS. And not made up in the good way!

The basic facts of how it works is that whatever you see inside of you, whatever you are shown as a vision or a dream, a download, a word, is available, available for YOU specifically, and available NOW.

You can take a minute, or several gajillionty of ’em, if you like, to allow things to come to fruition, but that doesn’t change the fact that you did not HAVE to.

Because at any moment you have the God-given ability to give yourself permission NOW to be that ‘one day’ version of you.

Wanna know what else?? You also have the tools. Yep, you’ve got everything you need inside of you already, it’s a lie from fear and the Devil to imply otherwise! Fear is ALWAYS a liar, nope, I’ve checked for you already, there are no exceptions. Stop making damn exceptions!

So maybe you have some things you need to learn, or practice first, and that’s why you’re waiting.

Maybe you gotta build patience …

Exercise the faith or ideas muscle, or both …

Get comfortable with surrender …


Then wait.

But damn well do the inner work that the waiting is there for, don’t just wait because you decided to be the fool who appointed fear with a power that was never its own! (Fear has no power. By definition, FEAR HAS NO POWER. Except that which you give it).

But maybe, also, and it’s just an idea mind you, you can wrap your sweet head around the fact that you can practice patience, faith, surrender, trust, and connecting deeper to God and soul, whilst ALSO STEPPING INTO YOUR QUEENDOM NOW.

I mean –

Why not just have it all, why not right away?!

You didn’t think that practicing these things was something you’d only do until you achieved or GOT something did you?! Of course you didn’t. You know that all of this is a practice for life 🙂

So with that in mind, doesn’t it make sense to just LIVE YOUR DAMN LIFE FULLY ALREADY?

Go straight to the end goal?

Do not pass Go, do not collect $200?

It’s available!!

At the end of the day it’s really just a simple matter of whether or not you wanna keep saying yes to fear, or whether you’re going to take a deep breath, throw your shoulders back and your boobs out, hold your head up high like the sovereign being you are, and OWN EVERYTHING YOU’VE BEEN COMING FOR.

^^ when I say ‘at the end of the day’, you know I mean THIS ACTUAL DAY, right? I’m not talking in riddles here.

What’s hilarious is that you think you’re COMING for your dream life, and for being that next level Queen AF you, but the life, the dream, the vision, the downloads, the ALL of it, is already right there waiting for you!

“Where you trying to come to, girl? I’m right here! You the one refusing to acknowledge me!”

Imagine your higher self rolling her eyes at you, please, because TRUST ME, she is rolling ’em so damn hard and so damn often she might just lose ’em.

Of course she is also patient, loving, compassionate, understanding, she gets your human AF fears and how real-scary it can seem, to step into being THAT version of you, to start acting it today, my God! That is some full on shit. But don’t take her compassion and love to mean she’s not a badass bitch who will cut you if you don’t soon enough get your shit together.

I mean, it’s not as though there’s much hanging on all of this –


And here is where it gets really really simple.

So simple that even the scaredest scaredy-cat of all could do it!


Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about!! You have a situation which you’re hemming and hawing about, tearing your hair out over, throwing your face down into your hands and wailing and gnashing your teeth about, asking all your girlfriends their opinion over, journaling endlessly on, and you WERE ALREADY GIVEN THE NEXT STEP.

Yeah… YOU know. That little idea you had … that thing you wondered if you should or (eek!) COULD say or do … that crazy random nudge or wonderment … the first thing that popped into your head about it!

You’re getting freaking downloads and directives from God himself, higher self and soul right at His heels, all the TIME!

And yet you continue to peer around frantically and endlessly asking for a damn sign, a roadmap, a laminated and certified A to Z of all the things you should do PLUS PROOF IT WILL WORK AND YOU’LL BE SAFE.

Meanwhile God is up there just about ready to start raining down rotten eggs on your head because he has been SHOWING YOU THE WAY THE WHOLE TIME.

If only you’d listen.
If only you’d trust.
If only you’d ACT.

Listen to me, none of this is hard.

Sure, it feels hard, scary, impossible even! To act as the version of you who you’re one day planning to be. To have HER confidence, badassery, awesome. Her soul certainty!

But it’s all just a choice.

The switch is right in front of you.


You wanted a magic bullet, a dream life created just for you and available now, there it is!!

Your future is already guaranteed.

But you do still gotta choose it.

Take a breath.
You’re ready.
Square your shoulders.
It’s time.
Lift your damn head up Queen.
You’ve GOT this .

Flick the damn switch.

Now remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.




WARRIOR LEADER begins May 1st. Our PRE-WORK begins this week! (It is personalised to you!)

The initial price has been extended / is still on!

Here is what this comes down to though. Because it’s not really whether or not you join in the initial price intake.

This is 6 weeks in which you will be SHARPENED THROUGH FIRE TO BE WHO HE SENT YOU TO BE.

Yes this pertains to business.
It pertains to life.
It pertains to YOU.

This is work unlike anything I’ve ever led or created before.
And unlike anything you’ve ever encountered.

It is 100% God revealed. God led. And God ENTRUSTED.

It is,
quite simply,

+ your place
+ visions God shared with me for you



For the Woman With a Burning Desire for MORE, Who Is Ready to See Fire Raining From the Heavens in Every FACET of Her Life as She Says Fully Yes to Who God Designed Her to Be.


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