Live Your Passion, Money Mindset


It’s so EASY to be rich.

In fact – the more money you make, the easier it GETS to make even more.

And not just that, but it’s so EASY to make money doing what you love –

Being who you are

Sharing your true MESSAGE with the world –

Working PRECISELY with only the kind of clients you want to work with (seriously COOL ones) –

Doing it the WAY you want to do it –

And basically just turning on the money tap anytime you please!

Being RICH is shit.



Oh, and if you wanna be rich whilst also being freaking HOT, loving the skin you’re in and FEELING amazing then sure – WHY THE HECK NOT.

I mean, really – it’s your life, choose whatever you want for it!



And also YES. You do get to choose whatever you want for your life, so if you want to CHOOSE hard and torment and never.fucking.getting there or getting there but paying a price you don’t want to pay, or getting there but then not STAYING there, once again:

Your life, you get to choose.

Do what you gotta do; whatever you decide you NEED in order to feel you meet your own beliefs, values and WORTHINESS.

If you read the above – which by the way is what I wrote to myself in this morning’s journaling sess’ – and it feels like bullshit or you want to roll your eyes or you’re waiting for the ‘catch’, then I guess you’re on the huff and puff side of success can’t be easy! making money can’t be easy! getting rich can’t be easy! how dare you perpetuate such nonsense Kat!

In which case, meh –

You don’t get it and I cbf trying to explain it to you.

We LIVE in different worlds.

But if what you just read at the start of today’s ‪#‎dailyasskickery‬ INSPIRED you, it LIFTED you, and something within you felt that YES, this is RIGHT, then let’s talk.

Let’s talk BELIEFS, and the fact that you get to choose.

Let’s talk REALITY and the fact that yours is a direct outcome of your beliefs.

Let’s talk CHOICES, and honestly:

Which ones are you making and are they serving you?


If you think it’s a never-ending battle to get rich, that you’ll never get there and that if you do you surely have to pay some TERRIBLE PRICE and beside which you won’t be able to STAY there, then that’s what you’ll experience.

If on the other hand you CHOOSE to believe that it’s easy to get rich –

That you can make money on your terms

That you can make money doing what you love –

That even the blood and the sweat and the tears can be FUN –

That you can just SHOW UP AND BE AWESOME AND BE YOU and get PAID for it –

Then that’s what you’ll experience.

From the outside looking in (and even from the inside looking out, sure!), the work I have done and continue to do, to create my RICH LIFE, has been fucking HARD.

A LOT of hours over a LOT of days over a LOT of years over NEVER stopping or saying die.

Blood and sweat and tears and pain and torment!

Near bankruptcy! Constant failure! Frequent rejection! Working 80 hours a week PLUS in order to avoid the 9-5!

Spending YEARS not really doing what I wanted, on my terms, for the people I really wanted to work with, by being me, before I finally figured out I just COULD do what I want (belief!!) and have it work.


You (or I) can FOCUS on ‘it was hard. it is hard. it’s never ending! it’s grueling and NOBODY UNDERSTANDS ME OR WORKS AS HARD AS ME. wahhhhhhhhh!’

Or we can CHOOSE to look at it a different way.

I look back and I see the PAIN and the PUSH but I have learned to ASSOCIATE that with pleasure and joy.

It’s FUN for me to stretch. To PUSH. To grow. To SWEAT. To BLEED even.

It’s FUN because I’m creating my REALITY from it.

It’s FUN because I get to CHOOSE the way I bleed.

It’s FUN because I WANT the challenge.

It’s FUN because even when it’s PAINFUL the actual RESULT is a simple choice:

Do I want to be rich, yes or no?

Yes, okay, done! Done deal, no problem!

That is FULLY how I see it. And then I just do the work, the blood, the sweat, the tears, whatever I need to DO but it’s just, I don’t know … it’s what I do. It’s an EASY exchange to get to a FABULOUS result, and the result is just something I CHOOSE to have – or not – and then do the work accordingly.

PERCEPTION is reality, remember that.

So if you need the chip on your shoulder approach to success …

If you need the world to see you SUFFERING …

If you need to be a fucking MARTYR instead of a superhero …

If you need to make a song and dance about how HARD it is …

Because it allows you to justify that you’re not yet where you want to be, or how long it took you to get there, or why it is you’re fucking fat and unhappy ’cause hey! I was focusing on my BUSINESS, that shit is HARD …

Or because you want people to SEE you that way, bow down BEFORE you for what you PAID to achieve this level of ‘greatness’ …

Or because you’re just a fucking drama queen …

Or because you just don’t GET that WAHHH IT HURTS is a choice and you can choose to LOVE the pain and see it as PART of the flow and just something you DO on the STRAIGHT AND EASY ROAD to success …

Then by all means.

DO what you gotta do.

BE who you gotta be.

CHOOSE the life you want.

CHOOSE the money you want.

Choose the CLIENTS you want.

Choose the BODY you want.

Choose the WAY you get there.

CHOOSE to SUFFER for it and to need to SHARE that suffering and to need to constantly VALIDATE your pain –

Or choose to get the fuck on with it.

To SEE the joy in the struggle.

To learn to LOVE the pain.

And to ultimately CREATE the outcome you want in the WAY you want.

If you believe –
That you can create the results you want –
So long as you do the work –
Then why not also believe?
That you can love that work?