Probably one of the most destructive thought-patterns to succumb to, become addicted to, and start to believe in as FACT, is the idea that you should have already been there by now.

What, you’re nearly freakin’ WHAT age and you don’t have your money shit / business shit / love life shit / body shit / parenting shit sorted yet? You haven’t even really BEGUN in some areas, if you’re honest? You got THAT far along and then you somehow fucked it up? A real grown-up / entrepreneur / woman / man / spiritual person would be all OVER that shit, and their hair would look better too! You loser!

Let’s get real here, even if your self-talk isn’t quite so aggressive and bluntly to the point I’ll bet that it DOES go into these sorts of places from time to time and probably more often than what you even realise.

It’s that little moment, where you jump online not quite sure what your intent is for your hustle flow right then and you notice someone who is just showing up so damn SHINY that there’s no point even trying to keep up with them. You barely clock it perhaps, on a conscious level, and yet somewhere within –

It got ya.

Your shoulders sink a little.

You feel the weight of so much damn responsibility, choice, overwhelm, possibility and SHOULD-ness wash over you.

And you just –


Suddenly, instead of getting into the purposeful action which is ALWAYS – but ALWAYS! – available to you, you’re just kinda drifting around the Internet, hoping that the meaning of life will pop up like an annoying freakin’ optin box or pattern-interrupting Facebook ad in front of you, and save you from yourself. Give you hope, an idea, direction, anything!

And you say to yourself – aloud or within or just in the way your cells respond to the focus on what you’ve NOT yet done –

‘I should be so much further along by now. God, how have I allowed ANOTHER day / month / year / decade to pass?!’

*cue extra-large order of cake. Or whatever helps you get a false lift, just for a second.

Or, it’s that time at the begin of the day when you sit down with fresh morning energy and motivation (or at the very least, a damn strong coffee!) and you know that it’s a WHOLE NEW DAY IN WHICH YOU CAN DO ANYTHING, BECOME ANYTHING, CHANGE THE WORLD! You’re ready, you’re geared up, you’re going to kick today’s ASS!

And then you start to think about everything you didn’t do yesterday –

You eye your mounting email inbox with dismay –

You scan over your list of ideas and (again!) shoulds –


To add insult to injury, your pants are too tight, your kid is going through a mega-tantrum phase which you don’t know what to do about, the relationship landscape seems vast and bleak and it’s freakin’ RAINING when you just washed the car!

It’s all too much.

SO much.

And so again, another day passes, in which you kinda do things –

You’re certainly BUSY!

And you definitely end up tired out and done.

But progress? Momentum? Feeling lit up, on fire, proud of yourself and KNOWING you pressed play?

Hmmm … not so much! Not in the way you know it COULD be and continue to promise yourself it WILL be but yet somehow seem to keep on not managing to achieve!

All of this? There’s only one solution.

NOT to get more organised.

NOT to have some kind of uber-productivity or efficiency system or schedule.

Not even to get up earlier / stay up later!

In fact, to begin with at least, not even to just do the damn work and hustle harder!

ALL you need, to start with, is to eliminate the idea that you could or should have done or been anything else by now. How the frick does this help you anyway? It takes you out of the now, you are by definition NOT present in this moment right here when you’re focused on what else you think it should have been, and you are literally DWELLING on and therefore calling in and creating more of the feeling of not being good enough / worthy / far enough along.

The truth about getting to the top – the top of course being pretty much wherever you know YOU are meant to be and will be, when you say yes to soul and living all out in alignment for YOU – is that it’s entirely an inner game.

It’s a game of resilience, tenacity, determination, a little (okay a lot!) of what most would consider delusion, and a game of relentlessly moving forward like you KNOW that that next level is your damn destiny and a CERTAIN one, at that.

The RESILIENCE thang, if you didn’t realise, is not so much about doing what needs to be done, and is very much about not listening to any of the shit that will STOP you from doing what needs to be done.

Aka, voices in your head, begone!

To move forward, to do the damn thing of being the damn thing, you must be disciplined and RELENTLESS about pushing this sort of destructive self-talk aside.

Not helpful; fuck off!

The very SECOND you feel something, whether it comes from inside of you or from some other fucker, deflate you, even a LITTLE bit, you need to shove that asshole right back to where it came from.


And then you go BACK to purpose, BACK to certainty, BACK to self-belief, BACK to the knowledge that what you feel and see inside of you is real and that you ALWAYS have what it takes and are ALWAYS where you need to be.

Why would you argue against that? What’s the possible point of that? NONE! So stop doing it.

At your core, you KNOW you have what it takes, you KNOW you are worthy, you KNOW you are powerful beyond measure. But don’t get sucked into a lie that says that to LIVE these things you need to be FEELING them. No! Those who create success beyond measure in all areas (true success; soul success) don’t FEEL it all that time! They just choose to ACT from core, from soul, from God, from higher self, from truth.

Even when they’re not feeling it.

ESPECIALLY when they’re not feeling it.

And, surprise surprise, the action of being the damn person you know you ARE –

Is what creates it.

And the feelings to go with it.

But, no matter how far along you are, the Devil’s job will RELENTLESSLY be to sway you from purpose. Don’t beat yourself up therefore, when you wake up, or sit down, and again you’re not FEELING it, and sabotage says ‘don’t bother, there’s no point, you should have BEEN there already, you’re not worthy’.

It’s not about you.

It’s just how resistance works.

And your job? Your only job?


That’s all.

And that you can always do.

So get to damn well doing it 😉