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Why You Need to Consider Unsubscribing From My List

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“You’ve changed Kat”, they said.

“People used to get value out of your stuff …”

“You need to pay attention to the feedback … this is not how you should be doing things … you better watch your numbers because it will start to show!”

Well, I did watch them, and it did show. You can bet your bottom dollar it showed.

See here’s the thing –

I tried so hard to follow all of the rules.

I went to all the best courses, paid a ton for coaching, stayed up late and got up early to learn what I didn’t know about sales, about marketing, about “making it” online.

I pored over the sales pages, blogs, emails and social media of those who I looked up to, soaked up every word and asked myself how I could learn from it.

As I started to make headway I was careful to implement changes that should naturally come with growth. Things like boundaries, and charging the ‘right’ price, and doing all the little and big things that one must do in order to succeed online.

It was hard going, never ending, often exhausting, but I was always an eager student and so I kept on keeping on, knowing I was creating a future most would never even dream about.

And it did work … for sure … in a way.

I made money, I quit face to face client work, I was able to step up to new levels of coaching, travel, living …

I was creating status …

People knew who I was …


I was creating valuable blogs, earnestly planned social media content, teaching and inspiring and motivating and sharing my skills.

People were thanking me daily.

So why did I feel so empty, burnt out and just plain OVER it?

It’s really simple.

I forgot, in the midst of all of the doing, to be.

I forgot to just breathe, and be me.

I forgot that it was OK to say what I really think, and worse still I forgot how.

Why You Should Consider Unsubscribing From My List

I am DONE with being who I think I need to be online.

I am DONE with trying to follow the rules appointed by the Gods of the Internet.

I am done with trying to be PROFESSIONAL.

I do not CARE if I have spelling mistakes in my stuff.

I do not CARE if you don’t like the way I talk.

Not because I don’t think you are worthy of your opinion but because I know that I am worthy of being ME. And this is who I am:

I am brash.

I am VERY blunt.

I WILL email you way “too much”.

Yes I know that might make people get fed up and leave. That’s why I’m getting in first and saying – if you don’t like it, then please. Please leave now.

I will swear when I talk.

I will RANT.

I will get freaking ANGRY at you if you are not living your life on your terms the way you COULD be. I will do my damn well best to shake you up and down and make you see the LIES you are telling yourself.

I will call you on your shit.

And I will tell you mine.

I will be completely transparent, not just about what I really want (everything!) and think YOU can have (everything!) but also about what I DO have AND about the many many ways I have fucked up.

I will write Facebook posts – and emails! – that are WAY too long.

I will be clumsy, messy, even embarrassing at times.

I will not filter myself.

I will make a fool of myself.

I will – possibly – make a fool of you if you try to tell me your excuses for why you’re not living the life you want.

I will absolutely respect your right to not like me or any of this but I will also not care one jot about it. I will never try to win you back if you DON’T like the way I do business, because the way I do business is the way I do ME. I won’t ask you to change the way you do YOU either, so it’s best we part ways.

What else?

I will offer a LOT of sh*t for sale. It’s all extremely GOOD sh*t. But yes – I am a high-ticket (and higher than high value!) sales person, amongst other things.

I will roll my eyes at you if you tell me that I can’t succeed this way, and privately want to laugh.

I won’t get offended if you tell me that I’ll never get clients this way.

I will happily share around my dirty laundry.

I will give WAY more value to my clients than what the rules say I should.

I will set boundaries that work for me but then I will break them if I please.

I will laugh with you.

I will cry with you.

I will share your torment, the Mummy guilt, the fear, the self-doubt, and also the THRILL of knowing that you are out there doing what most won’t, to live a life they can’t.

I will tell you EXACTLY how I make my money and help you to re-create the same success in your business … your way!

I will tell you straight to your face if I think you are selling yourself short, buying into the myth of How Things Must Be Done on the Internet.

I will talk about MONEY. A lot.

I will work too much and not apologise for it.

Or not enough and not apologise for that either.

I will fire off my ideas and inspiration to you with little or no warning, even if I just sent you a ton of stuff that you haven’t got through.

You don’t have to read it all 

I will live in the moment … and I will press play every day.

And I will ask you to do the same.

I will do all of this not because I want to make a certain point but because to NOT do it – even to change one part of it – would be to be stating the point that I can’t succeed my way.

I teach business and lifestyle design for KICKASS women entrepreneurs. What that means is you get to create your business and life YOUR way.

There are no rules.

There are no ways that things ‘have to’ or ‘should be’ done.

I will give my ALL to you.

Everything I have.

Everything I can.

I will fight this battle for as long as I have to to in order to prove that we as women CAN have it all so long as we are willing to TAKE it all, and that by having it all?

It freaking well means having it ALL. No edits.

“You’ve changed Kat”, they said.

I’ve changed?

No, actually. I haven’t changed at all.

I just stopped trying so damn hard to make the world love me.

And can I say? It’s pretty damn awesome being no-holds-barred Kat. I hope you’ll stick around.

But if it’s too much, too full on, too in your face, doesn’t feel good for YOU. Absolutely NO hard feelings. I am not here to please – or change – the world. And I don’t think that you HAVE to like me, or my style.

I think YOU should do whatever makes you happy.

And if I’m not a part of that even in the smallest of small ways – then I EMPLORE you, for the sake of both of us, to get me out of your life.

Unsubscribe now. Press unlike. Click the link. Just leave.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


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