Live Your Passion


What would you just start doing, right now, today, if you really just started to do what you’re meant to be doing, and fuck your fears?

You know -You start with what you have available to you today.

The thing or things which you’ve been running and hiding from, pretending are not an ACTUAL thing, while you busy yourself building your safe little pretty life.

Convincing everyone around you and NEARLY yourself that this is you being fully expressed, putting yourself out there, being unapologetically badass you, WATCH me roar!

When really –

The truth you have to lay down and sleep with each night is that what others think is your roar, your RAW, your power, your NAKED FUCKING SOUL, is the pitiful mewling of a tired and lost kitten as it wanders around, and wonders –

‘Will I ever be found?’

You, who came here to do such DEEP and powerful work, who came here to reach millions with the message that’s inside you, who came here to be a channel and a gift, you –

And creating little things –
In little ways –
To make a little difference –
And give you a little burst or boost of fulfilment –

And you wonder –


– how it is that you still feel so damn LOST inside? So … NOT filled. Not fuelled. Disconnected. Stagnant. ANNOYED. Contracted. And most of all –


‘What if this is as good as it gets for me and what if I never break through beyond this and what if I stay stuck on repeat in this damn SMALL world I’ve made forever and what if what if WHAT IF I NEVER DO THE WORK I CAME HERE TO DO?!’

Well –

What IF that?

It’s simple:

You’ll be done, dead, gone, and it will be too late.

And perhaps –

That was actually the story you came here to play out.

Maybe –

When you think of destiny, and purpose, and what you were called for, and who you came here to be, and you imagine yourself speaking on THOSE stages, reaching THOSE people, doing your work in THAT way and from THAT place, maybe –

You just got it wrong?

You tapped in to someone else’s vision, someone else’s life, a whisper and an idea of a way which was never your way to talk, but damn – !

Woulda been cool if it was yours!

And maybe your story, the one you’re meant to play out, is actually the story of nearly all who have gone before you.

The story of one who was called but never answered.

The story of one born for it who just never did it.

The bright fucking example to others of one who let their light die with them.

Yes … perhaps that’s your journey … to inspire others with what NOT to do, and with the awful awful AWFUL horror of never unleashing the thing that was given to her.

I mean –

That’s gotta be somebody’s story, right?

Somebody has to be the terrifying example of how not to live, to inspire others to GET off their ass, PUT fear aside, CREATE fucking discipline from within, and GO DO WHAT THEY CAME TO DO.

So, if that’s the case, why are we even talking?

You’ve made your choice.

Day after day you feel the nudge from within of all you’re meant to do and to say yes to –

And day after day you say no.

Arguing that you’d NEVER say no to soul, that it’s just you’re not quite at that point yet, there are things which need to be in place first, you’re getting there, no really, but REALLY –

You’re either doing the damn thing of being the damn thing or nah babe.

You’re just not.

And if we take history as a predictor of the future,

(which is generally pretty damn accurate, although of course you DO HAVE THE POWER TO RE-WRITE THE FUTURE AT ANY TIME)

– you’re never gonna.

Well here is what is REALLY fucking true –

You start today.

You start with who you are today.

You start with what you have available to you today.

You DO the damn work you came here to do from who you are now –

With what you have available –

And as best as you can.

For this moment in time.

For the people who are in front of you right now.

But with FULL submission to the FULL truth of what you are MEANT to be doing.


You’re either showing up as that version of you, taking aligned action as best as you can to match that future vision –

Or you’re not.

And say what you like, ‘believe’ what you like, about where you’re going and what is ultimately going to change, but the REALITY is that your choices are creating your story already.

So you can take your STATEMENT –

Of meaning well, of planning to, of intending to,

And you can shove it where the sun don’t shine girl.

Because your statement of intent means nothing.

When you are already demonstrating completely another thing through your actions.

And day by day,

As you build your pretty little safe life,

you absolute FAKE,

you kill your destiny

And you become,
in the company of the vast majority of those who were also called,
one who never did.

And maybe

That’s just your story

Really –

Say what you want,

Or just go prove otherwise 😉