Here is where you start when you are not sure what you should be doing, where you should be going, or whether ANY of it actually matters,

at all.

You start with the questions. Really they are wonderments. Musings. Considerations. You don’t need to answer them to know whatever it is you need to know.

You CAN.
But you don’t need to.

Things like –

“What do I just wish it could be?”

“Where am I wearing a facade right now?”

“What cloak or coat am I wearing which should not be there?”

“What am I just so sick of?”

“What is the work that is MEANT to be occurring today?”

“What would I be doing if I were already ‘there’, and being ‘that person’, ‘that version of me’?”

The point is not to reveal something you don’t already know.

The point is to point you back to what you DO know. What can not NOT be known. What is as known about who you are as the details about you which are printed on your passport!

These things simply ARE.

For me these things are and have always been –

“I just wish I could write and speak and pour out each day whatever comes out, and that as a result of that I could inspire, educate, motivate, empower, and kick the butt of the truly driven ones … those one in one thousand people who were always just going to be DIFFERENT, and who have to be”.

I’ve written some version of that statement for decades.
I’ve had countless people (long ago now) tell me I can’t just do that.
I have done EXACTLY that and seen a business build in the wake of said pouring out which has defied most rules of business and produced tens of millions of dollars.
And any bits which have been sticky, yucky, slowed down, ‘not’ worked … have been when I forgot this basic rule.

PS. I am not suggesting that the second you start doing what you really came here to do you will maketh the millions. One big thing which I did which not many are willing to do was I walked away from all of it (money) and made a contract with God (before I even knew what I was really doing) that I would do this work every day for the rest of my life even if it never made me a cent again.

> I meant it.
> I then followed through and allowed everything around me to burn.
> My breakthrough came on the other side of my FULL surrender and submission, and my understanding that we don’t do the work to get an outcome. Do you hear me? OH, this is perhaps the most important thing about being a messenger, a called one, one who simply MUST,

pour out.


You’ve lost the game (and another year or two most likely of raging against reality) the MOMENT you are doing what you came here to do ‘so that’ you get paid, are safe, seen, etc.

Your provision is GOD.
Your safety is in HIM.
And your purpose work? Was never given to you for you to exchange it for earthly things.

I realised this a LONG time before I put God at the center of my life.

I have made millions doing what I came here to do … by fully and truly not doing it to make millions.

You’re either all in on that,
or you’re fakey faking it and looking for proof you should keep going.


“Where am I wearing a facade right now? What cloak or coat am I wearing which should not be there?”

This is … where are you imagining you need to be or do or posture in a certain way?

– If I only prettied and propered up my course materials then I’d make more sales or things would grow more

– If I only branded my IG just so, then things would take off

– Let me photo and share all the ways I’m being oh so aspirational in my fun vibey life, because … I didn’t really think about it or whether it’s ME to share those things, but apparently that’s what the thing is? And so I’ll dial up moments of my life which are either a dubious stretch on reality or else my truth is to keep private yet I think it’s helpful to share them, or else are just simply not RELEVANT to MY message and what I came here to do … and all because I haven’t dropped in on how *I* would be doing the thing if there were no rules and it were just about sharing,

what is true.

– Etc
– Etc
– Etc

If I could go back in time I would have stopped sharing aspirational life stuff about 4 minutes after I started doing it. PS my business made millions before this so don’t @ me. And I’ll include photoshoots in both those statements.

Nothing wrong with all these things. But I personally never cared about them, they detract from my writing and my message, it’s not what I came here to do, and it was aligned for a heartbeat because it was so fun and new for me to be able to jetset around and buy fancy stuff. But really …

all I ever came for was the message. Not to show you my life. My kids. A freaking handbag. Or me looking saucy on the internet in my separated-from-God and searching for who I was era. lol. I love and forgive her. But still. All of that slowed DOWN the impact of my true work.

>> What is slowing YOU down right now, which you will look back on and realise also waylaid your purpose? Course correct NOW. ALL of it. You don’t need the things. It doesn’t need to be more fancy. Neither do you. WHO ARE YOU REALLY AND WHAT DO YOU CARE ABOUT?

Next –

“What am I just so sick of?”

The simple answer on this is always … any and all things you are doing in place of or before whatever your answer to #1 would have been. I always KNEW, well before I had physical world proof that I knew, that I was just MEANT to write and speak and pour forth.

Not for an outcome …
And (this one got me off and on for years!) not with any required structure or intent, either! Just – as it came out. No matter how it came out. Because it was meant to come out!

#NotSoSideNote on how I actually make my money: I do the above, and then whack a sales call to action on the end. THAT IS IT. I do not make the sales CTA ‘match’ the message. BLEUGH. The thing that makes it match is that they both came outta me. You want something else? Ha! Didn’t think so.

Oh, and the sales CTA itself? Also just a message which came out babe. Same as the actual product. It’s ALL just things I pour out. As they’re poured out, the container they should be poured into (sales page, course, training, blog, livestream, whatever) is revealed. I don’t make anything FOR anything. Got it?

What is your version of that? And what have you been doing in PLACE of what you should be? Or with a delusion that doing so will mean you ONE day get to be who you came here to be? Lies!

Next –

“What is the work that is MEANT to be occurring today?”

Ahhh, the work. The WORK can not be contained. It can not be defined. You can not know in advance what it is. It won’t go in your pretty container. You can’t squish it in amidst a bunch of business hoo-ha which nobody actually cares about from you and certainly nor do YOU.

It just has to be ALLOWED.

>>> What do you suspect,
(read: know, deep within),
that this actually requires of you?

REARRANGE YOUR BUSINESS ACCORDINGLY. Mostly this means … stop doing pretty much everything else until or unless you are fully releasing whatever the true work is each day, by which time you will realise you don’t need to do all that stuff anymore and NEVER DID.

Augh, the TIME of your LIFE you have spent on it! But still. You can change things today.

And finally –

“What would I be doing if I were already ‘there’, and being ‘that person’, ‘that version of me’?”

This is what business should be in the first place, you know? What it’s meant to be. At least for us.

It’s meant to be that you KNOW be that person. That you KNOW prioritise what she would. That you NOW do your social media, your emails, all of it, as she would.


So … stop. You know? Just … stop.

You have one life to live. IT’S THIS ONE RIGHT HERE. This is NOT a dress rehearsal.

How much longer are you going to keep giving another day to building a life you say you’ll one day be able to move past?


Put down the wrong things.

And remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.



It’s time to build the right business, and with it? The right life.

It’s not a matter of ‘when I get to here, or here, or here’. IT NEVER WAS.

It is only and can EVER only be: AND THEN SHE JUST DID.

The Secret Garden is CLOSING, gorgeous.

I don’t know when the next open will be, I don’t work that way. When I am shown!

This is not only my low-cost ‘all in’ membership … (I teach live twice most weeks and we are ALL in day to day together in the group … plus it is THE space to be fully coached by me fully Holy Spirit LED on ALL things biz, money, life …)

but it is the place where what is FOR you,
is shown,
and brought about,

it’s time.


God gave me this for you. And you’re supposed to be in.



The Prophetic Bootcamp is my newest (also God given + instructed!) 30 day live course, and? Just a do not miss. God told me – you need to start declaring what will be. And then, not long after – you need to run a 30 day live Prophetic Bootcamp, and teach people.

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Questions? DM ME AND LET’S TALK. I love you and I’m praying for you!



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