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I know you’re scared you might not be good enough, and that if you fully shined your light the world would mock or scorn you, or simply ignore, but I want you to know:

You have permission, still, to be seen, go big, shine your light, FULLY, and be hot as fuck as well.

I know that when you really LOOK at why you continually handcuff yourself AND your art, hold yourself back, play where it’s safe and you already KNOW how to show up, stay in the space where you’ve PROVEN yourself, there’s a voice inside of you questioning whether what YOU have to say or share could ever get you to where you dream of, but I want you to know:

You have permission, in spite of this, to be seen, go big, SPEAK your God damn truth, do it to the WORLD, as well, not just this one tiny pocket, shine your light so bright it nearly BLINDS, and feel and look fucking amazing, too.

I know that when you look within –

And you lean INTO the fear

And you remove emotion or drama and simply get CURIOUS about how it is that you’ve STILL NOT GONE ALL IN, the best you can come up with?

Is fear.

That maybe you don’t have what it takes.
Maybe you can’t do it your WAY.
Maybe it will be too much work and too hard and it’s SCARY, and besides – !

You’re probably not cool enough, either.

I know.
I know.

And fear is a real thing; I’m not saying it’s not, but also, there is this:

None of these reasons are valid, really, to not chase after your dreams.

Are they?

They’re not.
And yep.
You already knew that.

Sometimes I think you … and when I say you I mostly mean me … you WANT there to be a valid reason.




Well – too bad! It doesn’t exist. You damn straight KNOW you have what it takes, and you also know that if you can see it INSIDE of you that not only means it’s possible, but also that you MUST.

God doesn’t give you a dream
You can’t fulfil
And by the way –
What you can SEE inside of you, when you journal and vision, and look, into what can BE, is not only what God has granted as POSSIBLE or ‘allowed’ for you (yes, you’re allowed, you HAVE permission!), but also –

It’s your motherfucking mission baby.

You didn’t COME here to be flesh and bones and then die.

You didn’t COME here to raise a family, get a great house and car, be a good person, then die.

You didn’t COME here to impact on a small scale, either.

All of these things are all well and good.

None of these things are the reason YOU were born, although sure – they might form part of it. (Except for the small scale thing).

You know what you came here for.
You know what you came here for.
You KNOW what you came here for.

You KNOW your fucking purpose, don’t TELL me you don’t! Sure, you may think it should sound fancier than what it does … and yes you CONTINUE to question if you ARE enough for it, or if anybody wants YOU to do that | create like that | be that | for them.

But you still know.

And you know you’re not all in on it, not even close.

Day after day, you go to bed at night, and you DIDN’T press play.

You barely even tried.

You’ve created for yourself a life where you can be ‘successful’, even acclaimed, but the truth is – you’re hiding out. In a world which protects you. From putting yourself. Out there. Where it’s scary. Where you might fall. Where you may get knocked down, 1000 more times, before you finally move forward, even an inch.

And I wonder –

When did you become this scared person? When did you decide you were going to stay in the BUBBLE? When did you stop being DARING and CRAZY and BRAVE?

What happened to you, to cause you, to be so, well –


– ?

It’s so easy, in this world, to APPEAR to be all in. It’s so easy to plant yourself IN a world where you DO look like the one who is ‘owning it’. It’s so EASY to avoid stepping into the world you know you’re MEANT to be in.

What if you’re not accepted?
What if you embarrass yourself?
What if they just don’t LIKE you?
What if your EVERY fear about not having ‘it’ is true?

Well –


And what if you never try?

What if another ONE FUCKING DAY even passes by and you STILL haven’t really TRIED?

Time is passing dear one.

The clock IS ticking.

You’re ALLOWING your bullshit to be BIGGER than your dreams.

And you’re BECOMING everything you SWORE you would not, would never, not you!

There’s still time.
You can change NOW, in this MOMENT.

But stop kidding yourself –

If you don’t –

That you ever –


You told the same story last week, last month, last year.

You believed yourself, too, at one point, that you’d change.

But the more you carry on the way you are –

The more your belief fades.

You’re boy who cried wolf-ing your own life.

And one day it really won’t matter whether or not you still believe you COULD –

Because it will simply be –

You didn’t.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


Here’s the thing girlfriend.




You came here to be all of you, be all of you now.

And now?

It’s time.


10 Days with Katrina Ruth to Wake You Back Up to You. And Unleash the Game You’re Done Waiting For.

Day 1 LIVE Asskickery shooting into your soul in just a few days time!

DAILY you + me + God + soul to follow.


Is the do/not/miss time going into you that you’re soul has been hungering for and it’s it!

Here’s how it’s going down:

> 10 Days ALL new live online course with Katrina Ruth

> DAILY asskickery | activation | bulletproof coffee up the booty (that’s me)

> DAILY journal prompts | worksheets | exercises to get you going and flowing into ALL of you


> (this is crazy!) DAILY bonuses to help you implement our IDENTITY work in different areas of your business. Money. Body. Relationships. Life! Application of what we are working on out the wazoo!

> All trainings recorded and yours to keep for life in your Katrina Ruth Members Dashboard (training times will be announced day by day as we begin. Day 1 live asskickery at XXXX. Training times will vary day to day to account for students all around the world!

> Live Facebook Group with Kat and the #KatNinjas throughout

> IMMEDIATE and then DAILY and then FOREVER AFTER switch flickin’ into YOU as soon as you say yes! (That is just how this works).

What to expect, from this time together?

Every.single.thing. you’ve always known was there within.

> Certainty. Of soul, of God, of what flow requires, of, well, everything.
> Ability to always know the right decision to make, and how to make it. NO MATTER WHAT.
> Courage and abilily and inner strength to then ACT as you need to
> Ability and soul certainty walk away. Know what to walk away from. Shred and burn. Immediately and as required. Amen.
> ALWAYS ability to access flow. Message certainty. Soul guidance on what you create, unleash, how, to whom.
> Magnetism. Activated. From within. To and from your soul peeps. In all areas.
> Money certainty, where it comes from, how to inhale / exhale it, infinitely, PEACE on this.
> Peace. In general. Where it comes from. How to be IN it. How to return to it when it seems far away.
> Moving through the ‘woods’ of business, of life, of you. Recognising it. Being okay with it!
> Leaning in. Surrender. The things that go with this. How to let it be easy, happy, a joy!
> JOY. From God. From within. All THROUGH you. AS IT WAS ALWAYS MEANT TO BE.
> Forgiveness, and grace. Where you know it comes from. How to receive it fully.
> RECEIVING. Unlocking the portals to. Opening up the floodgates. Seeing where you dial it back. Stopping that shit!
> Turning up the dial in all areas. What it means, and how.
> BEING the mofo light. Being all of it. Owning your too muchness! SWAYING with it.
> Being in the dance with God and soul and life and ALWAYS knowing your next move. ALL of that. And so much more.
> Creating. Being the artist the messenger the performer the leader the shift the YOU, who just lets it flood out. Knowing what works. Does not. How to release. Go deeper. And also? Sell TF outta that game.
> Being the leader NOW. Appointing yourself. What it means and why you’re already pre-approved.
> BIRTHRIGHT. Accessing and owning your soul blueprint. The blueprint of YOU. Of purpose. And destiny. And truth. Let’s go!

You want more?

There’s so much more.

^^ This? Is the warm-up, the first bit of what dropped through to me when I felt in to this, allowed it to come through, for you.

We will see what unfolds,
when it unfolds,
when we enter this dance,

But what this is really about, and why you know you need to be here?

You’re done with playing the game of waiting to play the damn game.

Identity, baby.


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