Success Mindset


You’re either someone who relentlessly and ruthlessly chases your goals like a motherfucker on a mission and refuse to let ANYTHING sway you from them, or you’re never going to make it to where you say you want to go.

There IS no in between, you either HIT YOUR GOALS or you don’t and if you’re argument to that is that there are different ways to perceive hitting a goal then for the love of God, go and set a goal you give enough of a fuck about enough to actually STATE EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT not half-ass your proposed ideal outcome so that you can leave wriggle room for the fact you know you’re not gonna hit it.

There is no black and white, when it comes to success and ACHIEVING what you set out to be, do, create and receive.

You can offer up another opinion, if you like, but you’d be missing the whole point here which is that as far as who I want to connect with – be it personal or professional – I don’t see grey areas and so I just don’t fucking CARE about your earnest argument for why you should be allowed to.

I mean fuck, yes, think what you want, do what you want, it’s your life and you do NOT have to abide by my outlook. But if you’re gonna be part of THIS community and in particular if we’re ever to actually connect let alone work together then, well, yeah –

You’re gonna need to be on board with the same mindset of DOING WHAT IT TAKES TO REACH YOUR DREAMS that I have.

Hey, I’ve NEVER hidden the fact that this is a CULT TRIBE so don’t be surprised if we got RULES and shit up in here about how things operate, what we stand for, and what we do not!

And here’s the thing, and why I hope you’ll REALLY think about what you’re doing when you try and make ALLOWANCES, when you try and JUSTIFY and EXCUSE your failure to take true action and achieve:

If your goal actually fucking matters to you, as in you KNOW it must be part of your life, then why WOULD you let anything stop you from achieving it?

Other people’s opinions, money, time, sickness, energy, breakdown, relationship upset, fear, what the fuck EVER. You wanna GET TO THE TOP? Then NOTHING gets to be of greater import than the accomplishment of that mission.

DON’T LET YOUR BULLSHIT BE BIGGER THAN YOUR DREAMS. Even if that bullshit makes a VERY good case for itself.

Now let’s say it DOES make a very good case for itself and you feel the EARNEST NEED TO POINT OUT TO ME that sometimes there are ‘considerations’, that not all situations are the same, that every person should get to take their own approach, that it’s not like I ever had to go through what you’re going through, and so on and so forth –

My answer would be plain and simply YES, so does that stuff, whatever it is, matter more to you?

Because if it DOES, then OKAY THEN WE ARE ON THE SAME PAGE and you’re going to prioritise what MOST matters to you.

But you do NOT get to PRETEND and LIE and DELUDE yourself that your so-called success, fame, fortune, IMPACT goals matter more to you if you yourself are not ACTING on them because of your CONSIDERATIONS / REASONS / BULLSHIT / EXCUSES.

Just be God damn honest and admit that your BULLSHIT (your ‘reason’ if you want to word it nicer) is bigger than your goal!

And that’s my whole fucking point, SET GOALS YOU ACTUALLY CARE MOST ABOUT.

PLEASE do not say you want to get to super fucking rich hot and famous, and living your aligned PURPOSE, so long as it doesn’t impact your relationship / force you to rock the boat / upset people / stretch you / cause you to have to take a fucking risk or maybe even THINK FOR YOURSELF.

Just be HONEST and admit that you have other things that matter to you MORE than living your freaking purpose.

That maybe THOSE things are your true purpose, and if so then that’s okay. All I EVER wanted you to do was be true to yourself, and follow your heart; do what MATTERS.

If what MATTERS to you is conformity, checking the right boxes, compromise and colouring within the lines then that is ABSOLUTELY YOUR RIGHT. It’s your life and I hope you DO live it in accordance with what matters to you.

Of course you probably (definitely!) won’t fit in here in THIS community and to be perfectly brutally honest about it I just have no INTEREST in you as a person let alone someone I’d have to actually deal with in business, but I RESPECT YOUR RIGHT TO LIVE YOUR LIFE BY WHAT MATTERS to you.

God, I wouldn’t WANT you to pretend your purpose and impact dreams transcend other things in your life if they don’t!

My POINT is, and why I’m such an uncompassionate bitch who sees everything in black and white and has ZERO tolerance for so-called grey areas, that you just need to make up your fucking mind about what actually matters to you.

Prioritise THAT.

Don’t pretend it’s about something ELSE, don’t waste your TIME trying to get to rich, famous, SUCCESSFUL, known if you’re not actually willing to do what it takes.

Focus on what you ACTUALLY truly care most about. Give your EVERYTHING to your higher purpose for your life.

But ADMIT that you don’t have what it takes, to be the LEADER who lives unapologetically for his or her mission. ADMIT you’re not WILLING to do what it takes. ADMIT you will only go so far. You CAN be an entrepreneur and even successful in many people’s books, by playing within the lines.

Not in THIS cult tribe, as I hope I’ve made clear, but this ain’t the only place to hang out. What it IS however is the place for revolutionary fucking leaders who are UNAPOLOGETIC about their purpose and the work they were CALLED to do on this earth being the thing that matters MOST and transcends everything else.

We may be an aggressive, ranty, bitch and WAY over the top sort of group but we are also completely freaking honest with ourselves and who we are.

I’m just not the mentor for you if you can’t be honest with yourself, and also with me.

I’m not the mentor for you if you’re going to put LIFE shit or even your RELATIONSHIPS or being HOSPITALISED or needing to SLEEP or refusing to show up and leap DAILY no matter how you feel about it, ahead of SHOWING the fuck up, daily, and being the leader you were born to be.

If you have to go back and forth 100x telling me everything you want to do and wish you could be brave enough for … Over thinking
If you can’t make a fast decision
If you’re not 100% certain I’m the mentor for you

I’m not the mentor for you if you’re going to make decisions based on CIRCUMSTANCE. So you don’t have the money, the time, the skill and you don’t know how and besides you got shit going ON and your partner just ain’t sure?


And if it HAS, then admit that THAT stuff matters more to you! Don’t LIE to me and tell me you’ll do what it takes to live your purpose, when you won’t.

I’m NOT the mentor for you if you think I’m being unfair and actually even if you think I’m being a bitch because all I’m doing REALLY is asking you to value what you truly value. Would you WANT to try and half-ass your way to success if you don’t actually truly VALUE it as your highest desire?

FUCK anything in your life that doesn’t matter enough to you to go all in on it. You have one life to live and you shouldn’t WASTE it trying to climb the wrong tree.

Don’t think I write this to CONVINCE anyone either, because the opposite is true.

I write what I write, I rant what I rant, I am willing to stand up and be flayed for my truth because I WANT to polarise and divide.

I want to make it very fucking clear, who I’m here to serve, if that is YOU then I want it to be like a shining fucking beacon in a sea of sameness so you KNOW THIS IS YOUR TRIBE.

And I want to state in NO uncertain terms to those who don’t agree, don’t get it, want me to consider another approach that this is NOT the place for you so please, don’t waste your time or mind.

You have ONE life to live baby.

This is it, it’s THIS ONE RIGHT HERE.

We talk about not giving a fuck and doing what it takes, but the truth that those who KNOW already know?

We actually just give enough of a fuck about what we give a fuck about to fuck off the rest.