Success Mindset


Most people who are trying to do the entrepreneur and online business thing really should NOT be. Maybe you WERE born to be a leader, a revolutionary, to change the world with your message and not.back.down, but the reality? Most people weren’t and so maybe YOU weren’t.

If things aren’t going the way you SAY you want them to then it’s really a very simple matter of facing up to the fact that either:

a) you’re not doing the work, or
b) you simply weren’t born for this, or more likely:
c) you’re not doing the work BECAUSE YOU WEREN’T BORN FOR THIS, because if you WERE freakin’ born for this you’d be DOING THE WORK AND GETTING THE RESULT and nothing and nobody would stand in your way, least of all your OWN bullshit or drama.

Yep … this is gonna be one of THOSE posts, in which I’m kind of an asshole but in which really what I care about is if this isn’t the playground you’re supposed to be in GET THE FUCK OUT.

Okay so I guess we’re starting straight in with the asshole thing then!

But here’s where I actually think this matters:

Don’t do shit you weren’t born to do.

Live your life on PURPOSE.

Find the calling you can live all day every day, 24 hours a day, and never want to slow or stop or even take a BREATH away from because the fire within you burns so strong.

MOST wantrepreneurs are floating around with a one day fantasy dream of not having to be under command or work again, of making 6-figures, 7-figures, beyond online and then kicking back on a beach with a so-called freedom lifestyle.

That’s all well and good and why SHOULDN’T you want to do fuck all with your life, ahem, sorry, automate something you don’t really care about so you can make money while you sleep and, well, do fuck all with your life …

… you see the problem here?

If you DON’T then trust me: you’re one of the ones I’m talking to who WAS NOT BORN FOR THIS, and this poses TWO pretty critical concerns:

1) you’re not going to MAKE that money so you can go sit your no doubt overweight (’cause if you’re not motivated to work all day in business you’re prob. not motivated to do what it takes in any area) ass on the beach or couch, because the way to MAKE THAT money and have the ability to choose how you then live is to BE THE PERSON BORN FOR THIS. I know, SO annoying! Why can’t you just build a nice little 6-figure hobby business and not have to live the normal life? No fair!!

2) okay there is no 2), it’s really just plain and simple YOU’RE NOT BORN FOR THIS.

So, how do you know you WERE born for this?

Pretty fucking simple, isn’t it?

You know because you KNOW. You don’t need MY seal of approval or anybody else’s. And there is ZERO doubt in your mind that you’re going to make it big ALL the fucking way.

You do the work.
Every day.
No question.
No buts.

Here’s the thing:

If you’re in this to build to 6-figures so you don’t have to go back to work after having a kid …

Or because you don’t wanna live the normal life …

And you just want to create a pretty little website, launch a program, make some money …

You weren’t born for THIS and my community is not the place for you. Frankly I don’t believe you’ll REACH those pretty little goals as success requires an ALL IN attitude.

But, there are plenty of business coaches out there teaching business-in-a-box and that you can make money on a few hours a week.

Go follow them.
Do your thing.
And who knows? If you’re really committed you probably WILL achieve whatever you set out for.

But don’t try and play in the LEADER pool or the REAL entrepreneur pool if you don’t actually see business as LIFE and you’re not prepared willing and EXCITED to hustle all day long and LIVE.THE.GRIND.

Know your limitations.

And focus on what you’re actually going to achieve based on what you’re willing to DO.

The all in life is not only not for everyone it is for VERY fucking few people.

Most simply AREN’T WILLING to do what it takes and are never GOING to even if they say they’re willing.

MOST are simply not BORN for this.

But if you’re born for this –

And you KNOW it –

And you REFUSE to fucking NOT run this thing –

Then just one challenge to you today:

Are you acting like it?

‘Cause if you’re not? If you’re not showing up, every day, no matter what, no buts, no ifs, no maybes, no regard to whether or not you FEEL like it ..?

If you’re not hustling your fucking ASS off?

If you’re not doing the WORK, all the work, all day, EVERY day?

Then baby you can SAY you were born to lead, to make and impact millions all you like.

But all you are?

Is a little girl crying wolf.

Because when all is said and done here is how we KNOW you were born for this:

You’re doing it.
You are it.
And everybody who meets you KNOWS that baby?


Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 



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