I lost my shit a little this weekend. Someone had the downright STUPIDITY to message me that she couldn’t take action on her business right now because it had to take a back-burner to her husband’s; she didn’t have a man by her side supporting her like I do.

Let me tell you something: your excuses may be VALID but that doesn’t mean they won’t cost you your success.

And by the way? I built this fucking business 5 minutes; often 5 SECONDS at a time. With a partner / husband who was NOT around at the time; he worked 80+ hours a week back then. During pregnancy and with a newborn. Then during the next pregnancy whilst living in hospital; having been told I might die during childbirth. And during EVERY FREAKING SECOND in between.

 In the moments.
 In the pockets.
 In the hours WELL into the dead of the night, and the earliest of the morning.
 In every.single.moment it took.

By myself.
Being told I was crazy.
Questioned as to what the hell I was doing.
The USUAL fucking stuff that anybody who actually has what it takes understands.

Because I ‘had’ to do it that way? YES. You do what it takes.

But also because I couldn’t NOT, because I am THAT FUCKING FOCUSED on my success and my message that NOTHING will get in my way or be an excuse worthy enough to slow me and whilst I GREATLY value the support I now have in my business I sure as fuck didn’t get here on a bed of roses.

And here is the reality:

It STILL ain’t no walk in the park, much of the time. BUT I WOULDN’T HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY.

That is the POINT of doing what you’re called to do.

 You can’t not.

Right now? I’m writing this on a plane – 2 hour domestic flight jammed into Australia’s NOT favourite airline seats on the only flight out – with one kid passed out on my lap, another one repeatedly throwing shit at me and laughing. I’m literally typing with stuff all over my head where he threw it.

BECAUSE I CAN’T NOT. But also? This video is pretty much an everyday snapshot of how I do business, in some way shape or form. YES there is a lot of high-end glamour awesome fun. But there is also the freakin’ TRENCHES, without which you do not GET to where I’ve got.

Here is the reality:

If you’re not in this game to work your freaking ass off until you die, then you’re not in this game, you’re sure as fuck not part of MY community, you don’t have what it takes, you’ll never make it, you’re not WELCOME here and you should leave, now.

Sure, you can go and do whatever the fuck it is that hobbypreneurs do these days; I’m not saying you have to leave the entire face of the INTERNET.

Pinterest has got your back for sure, with your pretty memes and your pretty programs and your pretty perfect website and your pretty fucking boring NOTHINGness of a message.

I bet you can even make a nice little 6-figure income, eventually, so you don’t HAVE to go back to work after popping out a kid or two, and if you’re really *smart* about it you can even automate that shit so you don’t have to talk to the people who pay you, or anything!

It’s not as though you came here for a purpose, anyway, or to actually want to help people.

So sure, do your thing, cross your i’s and dot your t’s and do it JUST.SO. following all the rules of what a FEMPRENEUR should do, but here’s a handy hint as to whether or not you and I – or my entire community of REVOLUTIONARY FUCKING LEADERS WITH AN ACTUAL FUCKING PURPOSE – will ever get along:

(Firstly, if you resonate with the word fempreneur we’re pretty much done from the get go; make that FULLY fucking done and for the love of God do NOT say that word out loud in my hearing!) –

You’re either all in –

Or all the way out.

And if you’re not all in then honey you are SO freakin’ far out that to be perfectly honest with you I don’t even know you’re there.

Don’t want your money.
Don’t want your time.
Don’t want to KNOW even one.single.thing. about you or your carefully constructed business-in-a-box which you hope you can escape the normal life from ’cause honey the TRUTH is (and you do know this deep down; time to stop pretending) YOU WERE BORN FOR NORMAL.

So you’ll never fit in.
We’ll never get along.
You bore me.
And I infuriate you, with my too MUCH ness of everything, of all of it, and my REFUSAL to back the fuck down from my mission of actual.fucking.meaning.

So yeah … the whole DON’T WANNA GO ALL IN THING … meh. Not so much. Can’t. Won’t. Will not. Ever.

But here is where we know we are SOULMATE FUCKING CONNECTED, you and I.

You believe in the hustle.
You believe in more.
You believe in ALL the fucking way.
Sleep? Sure, when you’re dead. Or just FASTER, obviously, and as the Man (Arnie!) would say.
Hustle? Is your EVERYTHING. Because you actually give a damn. Because you actually have a pulse. Because you actually fucking BELIEVE in what you’re doing, it is your breath your soul your all your ONLY.

I hear the whispers you know –

Don’t think I don’t.

“She’s too much.
 Enough with the PUSHING.
 Enough with the always having to be ON.”

I hear you, in your head in your mind to your friends and sometimes to me –

“It’s just, I have this … thing … I’ve got stuff going on .. it’s legit and I just CAN’T do those hours … I’m not like you .. my life isn’t like yours … I have … STUFF!”

What stuff IS that, pray tell? The stuff you would give your life for instead of the stuff you were BORN for?

You, with your stuff and your EXCUSES which no matter how valid they ARE (and oh, I KNOW they are real!) can still not outweigh the REALITY that IT’S THEM OR YOU.


The truth:

Hustle is FLOW!

And the hustle, the push, the get up at 4 and the stay up till 2 and the never.fucking.stop and the GO all the time is the ONLY way to live.

If you’re called.
If you care.
If your life is to MEAN something.

Because you ‘should’ or you ‘must’?


Because you can’t not.
Because it is only.
And every.
You were born for.

And because you actually fucking care enough to LIVE LIKE YOU’RE ALIVE.

And because you actually fucking KNOW what you’re here to live for.

And because you actually fucking GET that to not?

Is to not live at all.

You think you need this, or that. 8 hours sleep, just the right amount of rest, to slow down, to BREATHE. YOU DON’T KNOW THE MEANING OF BREATHE. To breathe is to LIVE.

How can you EXHALE when you don’t even know how to INHALE and breathe IN all that the world has for you?

You’re walking around –

And you’re dead.
Your life is meaningless.
And you know it.

And if that’s too MUCH for you, then good. We’re not on the same page. Which is to say we’re not even in the same book, the same library, the same WORLD.

And you’ll never make it.
Not because you can’t.
But because you choose to see the world as something in which ‘work’ is an obligation, a duty, a thing you have to do in between living your life.

And because I – we – here – realise that our work is our life.

And that without living what MATTERS

We’re not living at all.

I agree, fully, that to get up early, stay up late, push ALL THE FUCKING DAY LONG AND NEVER WANT TO STOP, for a missive you don’t burn for so strong you can’t NOT is abhorrent.

Why would you give yourself to something you don’t BURN for?

Which really does leave us with just one thing:

Why don’t you just live for what you burn for?

And then, if you want it?