I Want You. Where ARE You?

Where are you gorgeous? Where are you with your message to change the world, your powerful gifts to share, your calling to UNLEASH?

I look around … every day … hoping, waiting, eagerly WANTING you, and (maybe I’ve missed it though?) I just don’t see you.

Sometimes I see a little of you –

A peek inside –

A whisper of what you really want to say, what you believe, how you think and who you are.

But mostly?


No message to shake the world with.

No great change being forged.

No TRUTH being unleashed.

And it really does make me wonder –

Are you serious? Are you serious when you talk about your big dreams, and your certainty that you can create whatever you want in both business and life if only you stand up and CREATE it? Or are you like all the rest of them. A child with a child’s fantasy.

Not realising that it actually takes WORK. Consistent, applied EFFORT.

Not willing to DO the work even if you do realise, because you’d rather be watching TV / reading Facebook / bullshitting yourself that by taking another course, learning more STUFF you’re moving forward.

I really do want you, you know. Every morning I look around the ‘net, looking for the great writers of our time; those who can move and TRANSFORM me. I want to read stuff that reaches into the depths of my soul and PROPELS me into action; REMINDS me what matters, makes me angry and raw with its truth but ultimately makes me THINK.

I look around and it’s SO FUCKING HARD to find writing like this. Most of what I see out there is SUCH BORING NONSENSE. I don’t say this to make light of your – or anyone else’s – efforts in writing something, filming something, creating something. If YOU know you’re speaking your full – raw – real – truth then THAT is what matters.

But frankly I don’t think you do feel that way about your own work.

I think you KNOW you’re holding back. Scared of what people will think. Scared of whether you’re ALLOWED to be that forthright, that messy, that BRUTAL with your truth. Scared you don’t know how and besides, what’s the point anyway and is it really worth it?

Well, I don’t know. Only you can say for sure. But I will say this:

There really can’t be ANY worse and more heartbreaking feeling than having a true message to share, true work to put out there, something burning DEEP within you that’s just CRAVING to be unleashed and just. not. doing it.

And not even trying; not really.

You can’t know for sure in advance if it will be worth if in terms of the money you want to make, the programs or offers you want to sell, how many people you want to reach. But will it be worth it in the sense that HAVING A CALLING AND FUCKING FOLLOWING IT will be INHERENTLY worth it?

I’d say so!!

I want you.

I want to wake up in the morning, go onto my Facebook feed or into my emails or to my favourite blogs and websites and read stuff that shakes me to the core. Stuff that makes me TREMBLE with how real it is. Stuff that triggers the FUCK out of me but that then causes the layers to fall away, the mask to slip, the REALITY of what I actually want my life to be about and whether I’m on path to slap me in the face.

Instead what I see from you, from the world, from just about EVERYONE?

Another boring inspirational meme.
A blog where it sounds like you’re copying someone else.
Or just flat out playing at the surface.
Something that HINTS at truth, and a powerful message but doesn’t really catch my attention – or anyone else’s – because it’s written from a place of ‘what will people think’, and ‘will this work’.

I can tell you that there’s never been a better time to stand out as one of the few who actually speak the TRUTH and stand up for what they stand for.

The internet is CHOCK FULL of people trying to make money online … be heard … get famous.

But mostly they sound like a field of baaing sheep.

The LIONS and the LIONESSES are few and far between (and by the way if you’re a lion or lioness in sheep’s clothing then you do NOT get to count yourself as who you say you WANT to be … you need to BE it, now) … so when you hear them roar or see them stand up?

You pay fucking attention.

I can count on one hand the people who are actually saying something worth listening to, daily, online right now; who I’ve come across in the past year.

On another hand those who’ve been doing it for longer, who I’ve followed religiously since I found them because of how real they ARE.

It would take me a hundred thousand hands to count all the people who have started trying to do SOMETHING online in that timeframe.

But I don’t notice them. I don’t see them. I don’t care.

And nor does anyone else.

Which group are YOU in? And which SHOULD you be in?

I want you.

I want to hear you roar, see you stand out, see you step up and claim your place at the head of your own revolution.

I want to see and feel and be SHAKEN by the truth you have to share.

I want you to call me on my shit, make me want to scream and shout at you, but ultimately call me to ACTION.

I want you to say stuff so breathtaking that my jaw is on the floor and I can’t even BELIEVE you went there, yet I’m so glad you did.

But instead what I see, when I KNOW you have all of that within you (and isn’t that the worst part; to have it within and KNOW it but to just not be letting it out?!); instead what I see is another boring fucking meme.

A pretty little quote you made up.

And a mediocre attempt to say something so you can sell something.

And you wonder why nobody listens and nobody buys.

I want you baby.

I want you so bad it hurts.

I want you there in my FACE and pulling at my SOUL and pushing me to GROW.

I want you, your true tribe wants you, your revolution is WAITING to begin, and I KNOW you want to lead it.

So I guess the only question right now is do YOU want it all badly enough to actually put yourself out there –

To stand up –

To step up –

To wake the FUCK up –

And to shake the world the way you were born to.

I’m getting tired of waiting lovely. Aren’t you?